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Oh Na-mi’s Full Profile

Name: Oh Na-Mi (오나미) Date of Birth: May 28th, 1984 (Age 35) Birthplace: Gongju, South Chungcheong, South Korea Occupation: Comedian, actress Debut date: 2008 Agency: JDB Entertainment Education: Bachelor of Theater and Film, Dongyang University Religion: Protestant Official website:

Oh Na-mi’s Homepage – cyworld @skal7996 – Oh Na-mi’s Twitter @skal7996 – Oh Na-mi’s Instagram

Facts about Oh Na-mi

She graduated from Sangseo Elementary School, Gongju Agricultural High School, Woosong Information College, and Dongyang University She is known as gag woman She debuted in 2008 in KBS’ Gag Man She won the Rookie Award at the 17th Korea Entertainment Awards in 2009 In the same year, she also won the KBS Entertainment Award in the Rookie of the Year in Comedy category

Oh Na-mi’s Filmography

Oh Na-mi’s Appearance in Movies

Hello Ghost (2010) – woman on the bus Save the Green Planet! | Minyeo-neun goerowo (2003) – No-ah’s wife

Oh Na-mi’s Appearance in Drama Series

Kangnam Scandal | Gangnam Seukaendeul (SBS/2018-2019) – top star Oh Na-Mi (cameo) Mask | Gamyeon (SBS/2015) – department store customer (cameo) Cunning Single Lady | Angkeumhan Dolsingnyeo (MBC/2014) – a woman at the bar (cameo) Full House Take 2 | Poolhawooseu Take 2 (TBS-SBS Plus/2012) – stylist Drama Special Series: Hair Show | Heeoosho (KBS2/2011) – Hyun-Young My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox | Nae Yeochineun Gumiho (SBS/2010)

Oh Na-mi Transformation Into SNSD’s Taeyeon

Oh Na-mi received a stunning makeover with a style reminiscent of SNSD’s Taeyeon. OnStyle’s Get It Beauty 2016 cable TV channel released footage titled “Oh Na-mi’s Transformation into Taeyeon” exclusively on Naver TVCast. This program focuses on offering its guests makeovers.

Oh Na-mi not only had make-up but adjusted her hairstyle too. It depends on the angle for the Taeyeon-like appearance, but what’s real is that Oh Na-mi looks quite different. The video ultimately spread through the web and social media platforms. Netizens watching the video unanimously praised Oh Na-mi’s looks. Check out the video of her transformation below!

Korean netizens also commented on this topic, as reported by Pann.   What do you think about the makeover?

Oh Na-mi and Heo Kyung-hwan’s Relationship

Heo Kyung-hwan and Oh Na-mi enjoyed great success on the TV shows as a virtual couple back in 2016. Oh Na-mi has shown her feelings for Heo Kyung-hwan since she was a rookie actress. Even after they became a virtual couple, Oh Na-mi alone was the one who showed love. And what about Heo Kyung-hwan? Is it a one-sided love? In one of the episodes of Happy Together that had invited five comedians including Jang Dong-min, Oh Na-mi, Heo Kyung-hwan, Kim Ji-min, and Park Hwi-soon, Oh Na-mi revealed, “Having a chance to live with Heo Kyung-hwan makes me really happy these days.” She also said she will not stop complimenting Heo Kyung-hwan, while Heo Kyung-hwan just stayed silent. Jang Dong-min, after listening to Oh Na-mi, said, “Heo Kyung-hwan is too mean to Na-mi.” Well, it’s a known fact that Oh Na-mi had a crush on Heo Kyung-hwan. And we have tracked the interesting and exciting presence of the pair on this dating reality show. He has a heart firmly shut and she who always opens her arms to him. Their push-and-pull-like relationship in the miniature looks breathtaking to be seen. Oh Na-mi had been interviewed by Lady Kyunghyang in 2010, confessing beforehand her love for Heo Kyung-hwan. The unachievable Heo Kyung-hwan has been like the real life of a ‘class president oppa’ until then. Handsome looks, as well as Busan men’s special characteristic, ‘manly man’. Oh Na-mi was just one of the comedy hoobaes at the time, he was clearly out of her league. She could not even get to him at all. She did find a chance that was like sheer luck, though. Because the two of them entered and became a couple on a dating reality show, JTBC’s With You Season 2 – The Greatest Love. No script, no set-ups! One hundred percent real! It is the beginning of a passionate relationship between the two of them. Here are their interviews as translated by [email protected], taken from the original article by Lady Kyunghyang, @cherrylee.diary. What are your thoughts about each other, seeing that both of you are well-dressed today? Oh Na-mi: Heo Kyung-hwan looks cool, of course. I’m satisfied. Since oppa is already handsome. Heo Kyung-hwan: The dark make-up feels unfamiliar, but I think Oh Na-mi looks better in lighter make-up. A natural and fresh look suits her. Personally, I prefer oriental styles that have got Han Hyo-joo-ssi’s feeling to it. While broadcasting, I have even seen Oh Na-mi’s bare face, but it isn’t bad. When requested to be in talks for a couple program, what were your feelings? What is the reason you chose to appear? Heo Kyung-hwan: I really didn’t know that my partner would be Oh Na-mi. In any dating variety show, the partners don’t know the identities of each other. There is no reason to set me together with Oh Na-mi, who I see often. Moreover, I could not be more suspicious, as there is already a comedian couple appearing in another similar show, so I couldn’t imagine at all that my partner would be a comedian. Oh Na-mi: Even when I appeared in front of him, oppa was like, “Oh Na-mi is the fake one, my partner must be appearing separately,” while I believed it. Heo Kyung-hwan: I thought the production crew was playing with me. I thought Oh Na-mi would go “ta-da! I’m actually your friend” when she appeared. The fantastical dating show that I dreamt of shattered at that moment. Oh Na-mi: “Oppa would probably run away”; it was a thorough secret between the production crew and me. Heo Kyung-hwan: End up, I’m not an alive person on this dating shows, but like “it’s a matter of work, of course, let’s do it enjoyably,” accepting it comfortably. Oh Na-mi: It’s definitely not entirely work. Just by doing nothing special, romance could happen too. If this keeps going, we might end up filming on an uninhabited island! The past Oh Na-mi had someone handsome as her ideal type, but that hasn’t changed at all lately? Oh Na-mi: It was like that for a while. I don’t really judge faces nowadays. I would like someone who has sense in their words, and also respects what I do for a living. You guys talk as if you guys are married. Oh Na-mi: That’s right. I think about marriage too, and my ideal type in real life. Furthermore, I haven’t been able to date after becoming a gag woman. It’s as if I’ve lost what it takes to date. Heo Kyung-hwan: There seem to be many ‘okay’ people around Na-mi-ssi. Cool people are just right there, but why don’t they get together? Do they all feel the same way I do… Oh Na-mi: You’d say that because I don’t say it, there are people I like too! Actually, there are many male viewers who have good feelings towards the Oh Na-mi-ssi seen on the shows. ‘She looks prettier when in love,’ as heard; doesn’t that mean that you’ve regained how it feels to be in love? Oh Na-mi: That’s right. As I do this shows, little by little, I’m feeling more alive. What to do to be appealing towards the man you like; I am able to express better when imparting such advice towards people around me. Could it be that it feels like a surge of happy virus? Come to think of it, males who see my current self and my different sides seem to really like it (laughter). Heo Kyung-hwan: Aren’t you trying to suck out my energy? I’ve formed a (layer of) defense because of you. Women don’t even think of trying to get closer to me. Just looking at me, I’d only think “Oh Na Mi-ssi actually seems like an okay person,” “it’d be great if it turns out well.” A feeling that always sticks to me even when Oh Na-mi isn’t around? Some A while ago, I was just going my way but whoever saw would yell: “Oh Na-mi!” Oh Na-mi: I experienced that too. When I walk alone, people will go “Heo-bong’s wife, where did your husband go that you’re walking alone?” Hahaha. Heo Kyung-hwan: (Deep sign) I was wrong. Seems like it won’t be with Korean women. I should find the self that won’t export this show. Comedy vs reality variety, which type of show is easier? Oh Na-mi: Comedy is definitely easier. Since you just have to follow a script and act it out. For reality, there’s no choice but to bring in my emotions. Besides, though I’m happy that I’m doing this with someone I like for real, on the other hand, I get more tired because I’m consumed with emotions. I can’t even sleep well the night before we meet. Heo Kyung-hwan: Please sleep well and come. Or your make-up will get cakey like how it keeps happening. I also think comedy is easier. As I age, I express myself better and more easily to women, but to Oh Na-mi, it’s impossible even if I put 100% of my heart to it. I think Oh Na-mi is seriously shaken. For the sake of not giving false hope. Oh Na-mi: I’m fine with it. Don’t worry about that kind, just accept this situation. Heo Kyung-hwan: In the 2-pyung* big area left in my heart, through a narrow relationship, that’s a little… *About 6.61 square meters. Does that mean that, in the future, you won’t leave any room for Oh Na-mi-ssi? Heo Kyung-hwan: To me, appearing in the recording location is giving enough room. If I didn’t want to, it’s possible that I won’t turn up at the recording (laughter). I’m joking. Lately, my friends have been shrewd, telling me Oh Na-mi is pure and nice. Even throughout broadcasting, I’d like to become a bit more daring. That’s why there are parts where I’m deliberately putting distance in. While a couple, have you discovered a new charm from the other person which you never knew about? Heo Kyung-hwan: It seems that Oh Na-mi is quite good at cooking. Also, seeing that she maintains her figure, her self-management in her spare time has turned out well. Someone said, “I don’t seem to become prettier no matter how I apply my make-up,” so people who are less uptight contrastingly have tried their best. I’ve also been on a health program, where it was diagnosed that I had a lot of obesity genes. I have a complex about my short height, so my self-management is easy, while Oh Na-mi seems to be formidable. Oh Na-mi: Kyung-hwan oppa’s other name is tsundere, right? He’s seemingly thick, but on the inside, he tends to take care (of people). Rather, when the cameras are turned off and it’s just the two of us, he’s even more caring, with the greatest care. He even contacts first. Come to think of it, it’s the truth that I do get confused about whether this is a broadcast or a real relationship. What do you think about women who approach aggressively? Heo Kyung-hwan: If they are expressing their honest feelings, I don’t think they’re bad. Timing is important in love. It’s fine if that matches. Oh Na-mi: Someone gave me this piece of advice before I started on this show. If you like him, be aggressive. Really like, if that someone is suffering alone with an internal disease and can leave you any moment, express it with no regrets as soon as possible. If it turns out well, you can only feel thankful. I’m more comfortable now after suffering in silence. For your relationship, is there something about Oh Na Mi-ssi which you’d like to fix? Heo Kyung-hwan: There are many misunderstandings about skinship between men and women. Unintended skinship exists too. When Na Mi-ssi laughs, she does lots of skinship. There are times where it’s a charm that sometimes, men approach invitingly. You got that, Na-mi-ssi? Oh Na-mi: I’m not too sure. It was definitely unintended skinship. I have the habit of grabbing onto something when I laugh. Heo Kyung-hwan: Then don’t touch me, just grab my hand like you’re grabbing a doll’s. Do you think you can predict how your relationship will go in the future? Oh Na-mi: I’m doing my best, as much as I’m not regretting, I will show a variety of charms. I think I’ve opened about 40% of this guy’s heart. In the future, if everyone keeps cheering on me, will I develop more than half – more than 60%, I anticipate that. Heo Kyung-hwan: Me too, whether the direction to my heart will be known, “will it open,” I have anticipation. I will entrust it to Oh Na-mi-ssi for once. Na-mi-ssi said 40%, but honestly, right now it’s without movement, firmly shut. Like a Swiss bank vault. It’s meant to open in the first place. A famous thief once said, “it’s not completely locked, if you can open the safe, then open it.” That represents my heart. Their dynamic is indeed interesting, right?

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