Yoo Se-yoon’s Full Profile

Name: Yoo Se-yoon Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, September 12th, 1980 Debut: 2004 Age: 39 years old Weight: 65 kg Height: 170.9 cm Blood Type: O type Education: Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts Major: Department of Broadcast Productions Management Company: Koenstars Instagram: kkachi99 Twitter: kkachi0912

Music Career

Yoo Se-yoon collaborated with hip-hop artist Muzie and formed a comedic band duo called UV. UV created music with funny lyrics and promoted their music through their special program on Mnet Music channel titled UV Syndrome.


UV debuted in 2010 with a single album titled Do You Wanna Be Cool. The band’s name in Korean is spelled as an acronym for married men. UV’s lyrics are hilarious and their music is catchy. The duo released an MV for the single titled “Sorry, I Can’t Be Cool.” The single was a hit and earned them popularity since their debut. UV has released 26 singles since their debut in 2010. In April 2019, the duo collaborated with GOD’s Joon Park to produce a single titled “Misecho.” Through the single’s lyrics, UV criticized the concentration of fine dust throughout Korean atmosphere. In 2019, UV lived in polluted sky and they wished that the future Korean citizens will be living in clear blue sky. They said when they lived in polluted sky their wives were always angry and became scary. UV appeared as regular members in the music program Mnet’s The Call Season 2. The program airs every Friday since July 2019. UV has performed in several series of Water Bomb Festival. The duo performed live in Water Bomb 2018 Busan, MBC Water Bomb 2019 Busan, and Water Bomb 2019 Gwangju. Full Discography  


Other than being a successful TV host, Yoo Se-yoon is also a prolific singer as well. He started releasing songs as a solo artist since June 13th, 2012, starting with a single titled “Yoo Se-yoon Art Video.” He has managed to record more than 30 singles throughout his singing career. His singles are mainly parodying the many aspects of Korean life and pop culture. His second digital single was titled “KKattalk” which poke fun at Korea’s most popular instant messaging platform KakaoTalk. The single’s MV was released on October 18th, 2013 and featured Lim Boram as a female singer. Yoo Se-yoon started his monthly project of producing singles for every month since January 2015. His project was called Monthly. Yoo Se-yoon was inspired from the similar monthly project of releasing new singles by Yoon Jong-shin. At first, he was the singer of the singles but later he participated as a writer while other artists participated as singers.

Comedian and TV Host Career

Yoo Se-yoon began his path in the entertainment industry as a comedian in 2004 through KBS’ Comedian Open Recruitment program. At the 2005 KBS Awards, he received the Best Newcomer Comedian Award. He formed a comedy trio called Ongdalsaem with two other comedians, Jang Dong Min and Yoo Sang-moo. Ongdalsaem trio gained popularity when performing in tvN’s Comedy Big League but when they performed on their own podcast program, they often used derogatory comments toward other persons and were criticized for their harsh comments. Yoo Se-yoon has hosted many popular TV Programs, such as Radio Star Abnormal Summit, SNL Korea, Beatles Code, Witch Hunt, Weekly Idol, I Can See Your Voice, and The Call. Currently, he is the main host of Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice Season 6, jtbc’s Sky Muscle, and a regular member of Mnet’s The Call Season 2.  

Yoo Se Yoon in SNL Korea

Saturday Night Live (SNL) Korea is a late-night TV program for sketch comedy. The show was aired on tvN and was adapted from the similar American TV show. The icon of SNL Korea program is comedian Shin Dong-yup. Yoo Se-yoon joined tvN’s SNL Korea as a fixed member in April 2013. In March, he was invited on the show as a guest and left a good impression on the viewers with his comedy style. The news of Yoo Se-yoon joining SNL as a regular member was met with good reception by SNL fans. SNL producer believed that his duet with SNL icon Shin Dong Yeop would bring more fun sketch comedy. Yoo Se-yoon appeared as a permanent member of SNL Korea from Season 4 to Season 9. In one comedy sketch of SNL Korea, Yoo Se-yoon and actress Kim Gyu-ri performed a parody of Trouble Maker’s “Now” MV. Trouble maker is a duet project of Beast Jang Hyeon-sung and sexy symbol 4minute’s Hyuna. The parody MV was very hilarious with zero percent of sexiness.

Yoo Se-yoon in Master in the House

Master in the House is a TV program starring Lee Seung-gi, Lee Sang-yoon, Yang Se-hyung, and Yook Sung-jae. During the program, cast members spend time together with respected figures who are known for their knowledge and wisdom. Yoo Se-yoon appeared in the eighth and ninth episode of SBS’ Master in the House Season 2. As a master, he showed his house and introduced his wife and son to the viewers. When introducing his wife, he said she is the most beautiful 44-year-old woman. The program was aired on February 24th and March 3rd, 2019. The topic of Yoo Se-yoon is his creativity. He said that there is nothing wrong with being too different from others. Creativity developed from being different from others. The beginning of creativity started when a person became curious about the reason behind another person’s non-ordinary actions.

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