Lee Haeri has plenty of fans and admirers due to her excellent high-pitched range voice. Having plenty of experience as a musical singer, she always sings songs with deep emotion. She said that her strength in singing lies in the delivery. She has tried to deliver her emotions to the audience through the songs. Her song renditions leave the audience emotional and tearful. Her voice is suited for ballad songs. Haeri has also participated in several musical variety shows where she was able to deliver an emotional and unforgettable stage performance. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain everything about Davichi’s Lee Haeri and her top songs and unforgettable performances in music variety shows. So stay tuned!

Full Profile

Name: Lee Hae-ri Date of Birth: February 14th, 1985 Place of Birth: Daegu, South Korea Occupation: Singer Genres: K-Pop, Ballad, Soul, Musical Label: Stone Music Entertainment Group: Davichi Height: 163 cm Weight: 45 kg Zodiac: Aquarius Blood Type: B Twitter: @tweethaeri Instagram: @dlgofl85 Facts

She majored classic piano at Kyunghee University. She hasn’t finished her college education. Haeri can play the piano. Haeri has two younger sisters who are twins. Her nickname is Hae Pa ri (Korean name for Jellyfish). As a solo artist, she can better concentrate on singing. As a Davichi member, she can make perfect harmony with Kang Min-kyung.


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KBS2’s Immortal Songs 2

Lone Path Lee Haeri sang one of the hit songs from Onions’ first LP record. Lee Haeri was chosen as the first performer in Episode 128. All performers hated to be selected as the first performer, but unfortunately, she was selected. During the interview, she confessed that her age was approaching thirties soon and she felt a slight burden in becoming thirties. Recently, she loved to sing sad songs. It was the reason she chose “Lone Path.” She also said that she hasn’t won any rounds in Immortal Songs for quite a long time, so she is determined to win. Her performance received a lot of praise from other rival singers. Yurisangja commented that old songs were recently reproduced for musical theatre and her voice turned the song into a masterpiece. Another singer, Jung In said that her voice was beautiful and elegant and reminded her of the beautiful emerald Green Ocean. Invisible Love For her performance on the third anniversary special of Immortal Songs 2, Lee Haeri went on the stage as the last performer of Episode 153. She had to defeat Ulala Session who managed to collect the most points. Ulala Session’s performance was very entertaining and it was like a show ending performance. Lee Haeri sang a song from Shin Seung-hun titled “Invisible Love.” She said that the Shin Seung-hun songs are extremely difficult, especially “Invisible Love.” She felt it while doing a rehearsal for “Invisible Love.” As she entered the stage, the crowd was amazed by her goddess-like appearance. She performed the song with accompaniment from an acoustic grand piano. Even though she performed the song wholeheartedly she couldn’t defeat Ulala Session’s performance. To You Lee Hae-ri performed a song titled “To You” in Episode 235, Kim Kwang-seok’s 20th Anniversary. Kim Kwang-seok is a legendary Korean ballad singer who passed away at a young age. The episode was aired on January 23rd, 2016. “To You” is one of her favorite songs and she was excited to be able to perform a hit song from a Korean legend. The audience praised her natural and impressive performance as if it was her own song. However, this time she also failed to get the final win.

White Wind In Episode 53 of Immortal Songs 2, Lee Haeri and other contestants had to perform songs from Sobangcha. She had to compete with other singers like K Will, Sonya, Ulala Session, Ailee. She entered the stage with extreme confidence. Lee Haeri showed her sexy dance moves by seducing the male dancer at the center of the stage. She showed the audience that other than singing ballad songs, she is able to sing rhythmic songs and allure the audience with her dance moves. She defeated the other contestants and won first place in this episode.

Walking in the Rain Lee Haeri won in Episode 28 of Immortal Songs 2 by performing “Walking in the Rain” from 7080 OST special. She started singing in a slow tempo and accompanied by an acoustic grand piano, mesmerizing the audience and leaving them in tears. In the middle of her performance, the tempo was increased and rhythmic beat was added. Suddenly, the atmosphere became lively. The audience shook their heads and clapped their hands. The crowd, and other contestants stood on their feet as soon as the song ended. It was a captivating performance from her. Without a doubt, she won the 7080 OST special episode.

JTBC’s Sugar Man

In Episode 22 of JTBC’s Sugar Man, Lee Haeri and Song Seung-yon competed to show who is the better singer. Lee Haeri, as a member of Yoo Jae-suk’s team, performed “Nothing’s Wrong,” while Song Seung-yoon, as a member of Yoo Hee-yeol’s team, performed “I Can’t Forgive.” In this episode, Song Seung-yoon’s performance was terrific. She was able to sing and hit high notes continuously with ease. Lee Haeri with her slow rock song couldn’t compete with her rival’s performance. She lost because her song selection wasn’t fit for her voice.

MBC’s King of Mask Singer

Lee Haeri showed her amazing vocal skills to the audience in King of Mask Singer. She appeared in 4 episodes and got through to the fifth performance. She appeared as Puss in Boots. Snow Flower In the fourth round, Lee Haeri performed a song from Park Hyo-sin, “Snow Flower.” “Snow Flower” is a remake of a Japanese song with a similar title. She delivered the song with her own style as if it was her original song. The audience was shocked when she hit the high notes with ease. Although her face was covered, her singing style was always the same. She has a unique style of bending her knees and clenching her fist when singing those high notes.

Theater Musical

Lee Haeri has participated in 3 musicals throughout her career. She performed in the musical Tears of Heaven on December 13th, 2010. She had difficulties in carrying a conversation in English. The musical is about the love life of a Vietnamese girl during the Vietnam War. Her character had to interact and carry a conversation in English. In Mozart L’Opera Rock, Lee Haeri took on the leading role, Constanze, who loves Mozart, the great composer. Constanze is a lovely girl who marries Mozart and loves him unconditionally. In 2014, Lee Haeri played as Seol-hee in a musical theater titled Hero. The musical Hero was based on the Korean independence movement from Japan in 1909.

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