Coming as mysterious vampires, ENHYPEN’s story will be presented in Dark Moon: The Blood Altar. Let’s take a look at the characters in Dark Moon: The Blood Altar, as well as the stories.

ENHYPEN Members’ Characters in Dark Moon: The Blood Altar

It’s exciting to watch ENHYPEN turn into manhwa characters as they usually portray various characters that are not possible in real life. In Dark Moon: The Blood Altar, ENHYPEN members play seven vampires who attend Decelis Academy. Here’s each of the characters ENHYPEN members represent.

Heeseung as Heli

In Dark Moon: The Blood Altar, Heesung plays a character named Heli. Heli is the main character who is described as a warm-hearted vampire who has a lot of patience. He has telepathic ability so he often talks to his brother without the exchange of words. The appearance of a mysterious girl, Sooha, makes him feel a sense of longing. Heli is the first character to be introduced in Dark Moon: The Blood Altar and the first one who meets Sooha.

Jay as Jaan

Jaan who is played by Jay is the type that is solid as a rock. He can often seem a little closed off and blunt. This makes it hard for others to get close to him. But despite his cold appearance, he deeply cares about his brother and he is someone who is considerate and thoughtful. It’s just that he needs a little time to show his true feeling.

Jake as Jino

While Jaan is the type of vampire that has a cold personality, contrary to him, Jino is someone who openly expresses what he is thinking and has an extroverted personality. This extroverted and upbeat personality makes him able to make a lot of friends and be popular at school. He also doesn’t really care whether a person in front of him is a human or a vampire and he treats them equally. He has a special ability that is to control fire, so it’s possible for him to save his brothers in a crucial moment.

Sunghoon as Solon

Solon is calm and confident by nature. He is the intelligent one and somehow can come across as arrogant and mean. He seems to be confident, but actually, he feels inferior to his brothers and believes that he is fundamentally different from his brothers. While trying to hide his inferiority by acting cool, he is also trying to hide a huge secret.

Sunoo as Shion

The other one who enjoys making friends is Shion who is played by Sunoo. Shion is the childish and troublemaker one. He likes doing his own things in his own way and is very honest and straightforward with his feelings. Sometimes this honesty makes others feel uncomfortable but he doesn’t care whether his brothers think it’s complicated or not. He wants to befriend Sooha despite the objections from his brothers, especially from Solon.

Jungwon as Jakah

The leader Jungwon plays the character Jakah in Dark Moon: The Blood Altar. Jakah is the smartest one among the seven vampire brothers. He’s quick and knows how to make rational decisions. It helps him to be able to protect the identity of his brothers while they live among humans. He believes that he needs to do more to protect his brothers.

Ni-ki as Noa

The youngest among the seven brothers is Noa who is played by Ni-ki. Noa is a character that has a lot of potential. He can control the darkness and there’s nothing he can’t do as long as he makes good use of his power. As the youngest vampire, he wants to be as cool as his brothers but sometimes he can be a little hasty or clumsy.

The Mysterious Character: Sooha

The protagonist and character that drew the most attention among the seven vampire brothers is Sooha. Sooha is a mysterious girl who just enrolled in Decelis Academy. Sooha is often mistaken as a vampire because she possesses superhuman strength. Despite this superhuman strength, she should live in tragedy because when she was a child, she was accused of killing her childhood friend Chris who was killed by an unknown vampire.

The Plot of ENHYPEN’s Webtoon Dark Moon: The Blood Altar

The story of Dark Moon: The Blood Altar takes place in Decelis Academy in Riverfield, a prestigious academy tailored for special students offering night classes. In Dark Moon, vampires and werewolves are against each other, and there are also two kinds of vampires, good ones and bad ones. But the ones in Decelis Academy are the good vampires. The story revolves around unexplained occurrences that continue to happen in a nearby town and Sooha’s journey of finding her true self along with her friendships, both with the vampires and the werewolves.

Chapter One: Explained

Chapter one of Dark Moon: The Blood Altar opens with a scene of a boy who is later known as Christ in a coffin with a bite mark on his neck. The villagers surround this body and whisper, they accuse Sooha as the one behind Christ’s death because the only one who they thought to be a vampire is Sooha, but little did they know that Sooha herself hates vampires because they are the ones who have ruined her life. The only person in the village who isn’t afraid of Sooha is Christ as he approaches Sooha first and asks her to be his friend. He even asks Sooha to prove that she is not a vampire by biting him on the neck, which Sooha declines at first, afraid that something will go wrong because she sometimes has fears that she is without her knowing, a vampire. But after she saves Christ from fire, she starts to trust herself and tries to bite Christ. The next scene is blurred because it shows Christ lying in a coffin with a bite mark on the right side of his neck. On the first day in Decelis Academy, Sooha encounters Heli, a vampire who is seemingly trying to hide his identity as Decelis Academy is very strict about their rule which prohibits vampires in school, though it’s weird how the school operates as a night school, unlike any other school. Dark Moon: The Blood Altar is a story that is not only released as a Webtoon but also in Wattpad. The story is overlapped with what’s happening in the Webtoon and Wattpad. In Wattpad, Sooha doesn’t really know about vampires and refers to them as ghosts instead, while she still possesses great ability. Her encounter with Heli also doesn’t come instantly when she joins Decelis Academy but months later when Heli saves Sooha from an unknown creature that tries to attack her while walking alone. Though the stories are a bit different between the Webtoon and Wattpad, both are surely enjoyable, especially for an ENGENE and those who enjoy reading fantasy manhwa. So, are you ready to binge-read Dark Moon: The Blood Altar? Or are you curious about ENHYPEN’s information? Check out Channel-Korea’s posts for a complete guide to ENHYPEN and don’t forget to kindly share this article so more people can read Dark Moon: The Blood Altar!

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