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Goo Hara’s House and Real Estate

In 2012, KARA’s Goo Hara reportedly purchased an old house located at the most prestigious and expensive spot in Seoul, the Cheongdam area. Goo Hara purchased a three-story building and transformed it into a five-story, modern-style building. She bought the estate at an estimated price of more than 1 million dollars. According to reports, she purchased the building in cash without taking any loans. In 2015, she sold the building and received close to half a million dollars profit.

At the peak of her career, she already owned various valuable estates. In 2015, Goo Hara bought a 5-floor building located in the Nonhyeon area for the price of almost 3 million dollars. The total area of the building was 574.97 m2. She received rental fees for various spaces in the building. The building tenants included cafes and salons. The building is located at Dosan street, Gangnam area, Seoul. According to the report, she sold the building for twice the original price.

During an appearance in tvN’s Seoul Mate, Goo Hara revealed her luxurious house. It was a 1.5 condominium located in Paragon Vill, Nonhyeon area, Gangnam district. The house was designed in a North European style and included a functional fireplace. The house consisted of four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The first floor housed a kitchen, a closet room, and a master bedroom. The second floor housed a TV room and a guest bedroom. The total area of the house was 182 m2 and its estimated value was close to 1 million dollars in 2018. Other than the condominium, she also owned a five-story apartment.

Goo Hara and KARA produced more than 30 albums and numerous singles. The albums were sold mainly in Korea and Japan. Aside from records, KARA received endorsement and commercial deals for years. Goo Hara produced 1 mini-album, Alohara, each in Korean and Japanese and singles during her solo career. She wrote the lyrics of her single “Hello.”

Goo Hara’s Investment and Net Worth

Goo Hara was an excellent real estate investor. She bought old buildings at cheap prices, renovated them, and sold them at much higher prices. In 2012, she bought an old house, made a new building, and sold it for almost twice the original price. Not only did she receive the profits, but she also collected rental fees from tenants for two years. In 2015, after selling her first building, she bought a 5-story building that included a basement and 4 floors for close to 4 million dollars. For two years, she collected rental fees from offices, cafes, and saloons before selling the building for nearly 5 million dollars. According to the reports, throughout her career, she had collected nearly 10 million dollars. At the end of her contract with DSP Media, the agency claimed that each KARA member had received 300 billion KRW or around 267,000 USD.

Goo Hara Law

After the sudden death of Goo Hara, her brother, Goo Ho-in, initiated a petition to change Korea’s inheritance law. It appeared that he initiated the petition to prevent parents who neglected their children from claiming the children’s wealth. Goo Hara’s mother had neglected Goo Hara and her brother as children. She showed up at her funeral and later asked for her share of Goo Hara’s wealth. She hired a lawyer and demanded the right to receive half of Goo Hara’s fortune. According to Korean law, the birth mother has the right to inherit the wealth that was left behind by her children. There was also a case of a mother receiving a share of her daughter’s wealth who died because of cancer even though the mother abandoned the daughter. The actions of Goo Hara’s mother earned her backlash and criticism from Korean citizens. After her mother left Goo Hara and her brother, they were raised and cared for by their aunt. At the time, Goo Hara was only nine years old and her brother was 11 years old. Goo Hara’s brother, Goo Ho-in, successfully gathered 100,000 signatures and urged lawmakers to revise or introduce a new law on behalf of Goo Hara’s name, the Goo Hara Act. Goo Hara Act was finally approved and passed in 2020. Since the Act was new, it couldn’t be applied to Goo Hara’s case. Her mother received 40% while her brother received 60% of her wealth.

Goo Hara was one of the most successful idols of all time. Despite the scandal and off-stage rumor, she deserves respect for achieving so much at such a young age. Find out other articles about Goo Hara at Channel-Korea and don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.

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