It was her appearances in variety shows that earned her a lot of attention. She co-hosted several beauty and fashion related TV shows. In the programs, fans fell in love with her shy and lovely character. Find out about Goo Hara’s appearances in TV shows from this Channel Korea article. Stay tuned!

Goo Hara’s Appearance in Secret Love

Secret Love is a 2014 Korean mini-series drama starred by all KARA members. Goo Hara appeared in the first episode and acted alongside actor Kim Young-kwang. In the drama, Goo Hara and Kim Young-kwang must perform a kiss scene in the middle of the street and in front of more than 200 citizens.

Goo Hara acted as Hyun-jung, a normal-looking and hardworking college student. Her character is very shy and lacks confidence. Later, she finds out that she has a disease and the disease can’t be cured. Her days are limited, and her chance for love is surely gone. However, she gathers her courage and plans to spend the remaining days of her life doing everything that she wants. Coincidentally, she rescues a guy from drowning when traveling by herself. The hot guy turned out to be a rich guy who travels alongside her and helps her forget the disease. They end up becoming lovers and go into a sweet romance.

Goo Hara’s Appearance in City Hunter

Goo Hara made her small screen debut when appearing as the president’s daughter in the 2011 drama City Hunter. At the time, KARA’s members were in a contract dispute with their agency DSP Media. However, DSP Media agreed to let her pursue an acting career.

In City Hunter, Goo Hara acted alongside Legend of the Blue Sea actor Lee Min-ho. Goo Hara acted as Da-hye, the half-blood sister of Lee Min-ho. In the first half of the drama, she has a crush on Lee Min-ho’s character but later falls in love with another man. Goo Hara uses her father’s position to charm and attract Lee Min-ho. She asks him to be a tutor for preparing for a university entrance exam. Rather than focusing on school subjects, she nags and stares at him to get his attention.

On the set of City Hunter, Goo Hara received praise from the drama director for her acting and her natural beauty. She appeared with minimal makeup at the first character reading session.

Goo Hara’s Appearance in A Style for You

Goo Hara teamed up with Super Junior’s Heechul as co-hosts for the 2015 variety show A Style for You. Other than Heechul, Goo Hara’s juniors, SISTAR’s Bora and EXID’s Hani, also appeared in the program. On the TV show, all of the idols were given missions to create their own fashion style from limited items without advice from professional stylists.

The Goo Hara and Heechul duo showed lovely chemistry throughout the program. They knew each other since their debut, and they were friends for a very long time. In the program, Heechul treated Goo Hara as if she was his girlfriend rather than his best friend. During the pre-shooting session, Goo Hara made a shocking confession. She said, “Heechul looked more handsome than actor Won Bin.” Heechul was surprised when he heard her confession. He joked, “Please don’t tell me that. Because of your confession, I will get many insults from K-pop fans.” Later, Goo Hara added and smiled, “I don’t care, it was my personal opinion.”

Goo Hara’s Appearance in Seoul Mate

Goo Hara revealed her precious house for the first time when appearing as a guest in the 2017 variety show Seoul Mate. On Seoul Mate, celebrity guests hosted foreigners during their short visit to Korea. The foreigners came from different countries, and the celebrities must act as lodging owners who cater to the foreigners’ needs. Goo Hara decorated her house with a North European style. She loved the white and black décor and had her house painted mostly in cream white while her kitchen was painted in black. Her house was basically a 1.5 story house with a nice cozy space for resting and watching TV. It was spacious with minimalist furniture.

She was all smiles when introducing her house. Her house looked extremely clean and neat, but she kept cleaning the floor because she was very nervous. Goo Hara said that her biggest worry was communication. She had many English books, but she had no confidence when communicating in English. She secretly wished that all of the guests would come from Japan because she could speak Japanese very well.

When welcoming the guests, Goo Hara forgot to introduce herself. The guests were three beautiful girls from Sweden. The girls didn’t notice her when she opened the door. After arranging their luggage, finally, she got a chance to introduce herself. When she said her name, the girls immediately recognized her. They even mentioned her group, KARA, and her appearance in the drama City Hunter. Goo Hara smiled brightly and proudly because her popularity was known all the way to Sweden. Goo Hara was always a bright and cheerful character in every drama and variety show. Her smile was contagious and brought a happy vibe to everyone who was watching her. Find out other articles about Goo Hara at Channel-Korea and don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.

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