Lee Chae-ryeong, famously known as Chaeryeong, used to be a contestant in the show K-Pop Star 3 before she became a member of ITZY. Since before her debut, people already paid attention to her due for her talent and her beauty. Moreover, after she was introduced as one of the ITZY’s members, people were excited to get to know more about her! Are you curious about Chaeryeong’s profile? Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the beautiful Lee Chae-ryeong from ITZY!

Full Profile of Chaeryeong

Real Name: Lee Chae-ryeong (이채령) Stage Name: Chaeryeong (채령) English Name: Judy Lee Date of Birth: Yongin, South Korea, June 5th, 2001 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Age: 19 (Korean age) / 18 (International age) Height: 168 cm Weight: 46 kg Blood Type: B

Interesting Facts

Chaeryeong has an older sister named Lee Chae-yeon, who is a member of the girl-group IZ*ONE, and a younger sister named Lee Chae-min. Chaeryeong’s nickname is Chocolate Holic, she also loves to eat delicious food. She was officially debuted with ITZY on February 12th, 2019, as the main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist Before debuting with ITZY, Chaeryeong had been a trainee for five years. Previously, she was involved in the survival shows K-Pop Star 3 and SIXTEEN with her sister, Lee Chae-yeon. She’s good at writing and composing music, and is fond of ballads. She loves to watch movies and dramas and her favorite movie genre is Romantic-Comedy. She also loves to dance with her senior’s music, such as TWICE, Cherry Bullet, and (G)Idle’s, and also loves to upload some of her dance covers She has her own room in ITZY’s dorm. She goes to Hanlim Multi Art School (Departmen of Musical Theatre) and Kyw Dance School One of her habits is touching her hair, and she doesn’t like winter.

Chaeryeong in K-Pop Star 3

As mentioned earlier, Chaeryeong used to be one of the contestants in the survival show K-Pop Star 3 in 2013. She wasn’t alone there either, she joined the show with her sister, Lee Chae-yeon. During the show, both of them were praised for their amazing dancing skills! After her appearance on K-Pop Show 3, people were more impressed with her and looking forward to her upcoming skills in the future. With a good-looking appearance and magnificent dancing skills, Chaeryeong was proven to be one of the ‘It girls’ in the K-Pop industry! Even though neither she or her sister made it to the end of the show, they got another special achievement, which was being recruited by JYP Entertainment together as trainees!   Watch one of the Chaeryeong’s appearances in K-Pop Star 3 here:

Chaeryeong in Sixteen

Moving on to her journey through girl-group survival reality show SIXTEEN, from JYP Entertainment! Following by her departure from K-Pop Star 3, Chaeryeong became a JYP Entertainment’s trainee. After being a trainee for nearly a year, she joined the survival show SIXTEEN along with her sister, Chaeyeon, in May, 2015. SIXTEEN was formed by JYP Entertainment for female trainees in JYP Entertainment to get a chance to become a member of TWICE, an upcoming girl-group from JYP Entertainment at the time. They had to undertake some missions and also compete with the other contestants to show off their abilities. Unfortunately, she got eliminated from the show.     Watch one of the Chaeryeong’s appearances in SIXTEEN here:

Official Debut with ITZY

Before ITZY’s debut, JYP Entertainment revealed some teaser images of the ITZY members, including Chaeryeong, for the Dalla Dalla‘s single. She was looking as beautiful as usual with her hologram outfit!   Finally, on February 12th, 2019, Chaeryeong officially debuted with ITZY, the girl-group formed under JYP Entertainment! In ITZY, she has positions as the main dancer, vocalist, and lead rapper. She also appeared along with other ITZY members in the music show M Countdown, and won with the single Dalla Dalla. Watch Chaeryeong’s appearance as an ITZY member here: ITZY – DALLA DALLA


Chaeryeong with Her Sister, IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon

Chaeryeon also has siblings, two sisters named Lee Chae-yeon and Lee Chae-min. Lee Chae-yeon, famously known as Chaeyeon, is a member of IZONE. Both Chaeryeong and her older sister have been through all of the struggles of the K-Pop industry before they  debuted with their respective girl-groups. Chaeryeon and Chaeyeon were on K-Pop Star 3 together in 2013, and also SIXTEEN in 2015, since both of them were trained under JYP Entertainment. Even though neither of them made it through K-Pop Star 3 or SIXTEEN, they wouldn’t give up easily. It’s proven now, Chaeryeong has successfully debuted with ITZY and Chaeyeon was successfully debuted with IZONE after her struggle through Produce 48. People might be curious about their relationship, right? There have been several occasions where they have shown off their cute interaction as sisters. One of them was when Chaeryeong was about to debut and people were talking about her promoting with ITZY, against her sister. She revealed, “I’m excited to meet my sister on stage. She always advised me to promote with confidence.” Another moment was when they were attending the same event and they accidentally ran into each other! They were at ISAC, Idol Stars Athletic Championship. When the IZ*ONE member was entering the gymnasium, Chaeryeong must’ve seen her sister and immediately stood up and shyly approached her. When Chaeyeon realized that Chaeryeong was there, she happily pulled her sister into a warm hug! They’re such cute siblings, right? Let’s take a look at other moments of Chaeryeong and Chaeyeon before and after debut here!       And also, you can watch some of their moments together here!

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