In this article, we will discuss and get to know one of the ITZY members who is very charismatic and powerful if we pay attention to the performance on stage. Ryujin or the member who has the full name Shin Ryujin has also been known for much longer because she has made appearances in several well-known survival shows and also appeared as one of the models in a BTS music video. Ryujin is also rumored to be dating NCT’s Haechan. Are you curious about Shin Ryujin’s more detailed profile? Let’s scroll down this article and find out more about Shin Ryujin!

Shin Ryujin’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Shin Ryujin (신류진) Stage Name: Ryujin (류진) English Name: Joanne Shin Date of Birth: April 17th, 2001 Zodiac: Aries Blood Type: B Height: 164 cm Weight: 49 kg Hometown: Seoul, South Korea Education: Practical Dance of Hanlim Multi Art School Agency: JYP Entertainment Official Sites: Instagram (

Shin Ryujin’s Discography

Let’s find out some songs from ITZY starting from their singles and mini-albums since their debut until the last one was released:

Shin Ryujin’s MixNine Era

The beginning of the story that made the name of Shin Ryu-jin into a huge topic was her appearance in the MixNine survival program. She became one of the trainees of JYP Entertainment who stole the attention of the general public. Apart from her incredible vocal abilities, another supporting factor is her killer visual. Shin Ryujin was once one of the contestants of the survival show MixNine, which was broadcast on JTBC in 2017. She appeared as one of the contestants with very special talents and potential skills for an idol. Ryujin’s appearance also often received praise from the audience, especially Yang Hyun-suk who became the CEO of YG Entertainment and was amazed at the appearance of the girl who was born in 2001. As for one of the highlights of Yang Hyun-suk’s praise of Ryujin in MixNine, it was the talk of many people. “Too bad you are now in JYP. I want to steal you (to enter YG),” continued Yang Hyun-suk who made other trainees surprised. But this Yang Hyun-suk idea reaped a lot of scorn from the netters. Meanwhile, it’s no wonder that Shin Ryujin is fought over like this. The trainee came in first place with a score of 90,758 points among the other female participants. She also became the first trainee to beat a male trainee and now masters the overall ranking. On the other hand, the netters also criticized Yang Hyun-suk’s attitude which was considered arrogant. “Just mind your artists,” wrote a netter. “Make good things with what you have now. Why be greedy when you don’t have much talent,” said another netter. Many netizens think that JYP Entertainment is far better than YG Entertainment. “She is too good to be wasted in an agency like YakGuk (referring to YG Entertainment). JYP is millions of times better,” commented a netter. Ryujin’s appearance when present as one of the contestants on MixNine was not too flashy. Short black hair and a quiet look. But if she smiled even once, people would definitely fall in love with her immediately. Her aegyo is also very cute. When outside the stage, Ryujin prefers not to wear makeup. It’s beautiful and fitting for her young age. However, when performing on stage, she can change her image from plain and cheerful to instant fierce. Since the first episode of MixNine, she successfully stole the spotlight with her ability to dance to the song “Look What You Made Do.” At that moment, she got praise from Yang Hyun-suk for her excellent dancing skills and very sharp technique. Ryujin’s body dance and flexibility even made Seungri, the guest judge stunned, as did Park Jin-young. After getting such compliments, the name of Shin Ryujin was immediately at the top of the search engines. Her name is also a hot topic in various fan forums.

Meanwhile, in her video recording when present as a MixNine contestant, Ryujin said, “I feel a little depressed because I’m worried about tarnishing the JYP name, but because I’m ready with the name JYP Entertainment, I have to try it and get into at least the top 9,” she hoped. Another charm that Ryujin has is her deep voice. You can clearly hear it in the song “Really Really” from WINNER that was performed by a team of female trainees in the survival show. Ryujin was the number one contestant for the women’s team at JTBC’s MIXNINE 2017 but could not debut because her team lost to the men’s team. Beside that, Ryujin was chosen as the center in dancing to the jingle of MixNine titled “Just Dance” and she also made it into the Top 9 Female Team during the survival show. MixNine is arguably the best phase of Ryujin’s career because she got a lot of support and achievements during her journey of being a contestant in the TV program held at JTBC.

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