In IZONE, she is a member who occupies the positions vocal, lead dancer, and rapper. She is one of the members who are in the maknae line (youngest member). Before making her debut with IZONE, Yujin first starred in several advertisements and became a model in various Music Videos of several famous singers. In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you to IZ*ONE’s beautiful and talented member, Ahn Yu-Jin.

Profile of IZ*ONE’s Yujin

Stage Name: Yujin (유진) Birth Name: Ahn Yu-Jin (안유진) Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer Date of Birth: September 1st, 2003 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 169 cm Weight: 48 kg Blood Type: A Instagram: @_yujin_an

Facts About IZ*ONE’s Yujin

Yujin is from Daejeon but currently lives in Seoul. She once attended the SOPA (Seoul of Performing Arts) theater and film department, along with fromis_9’s Jiheon. Yujin is close to Jiheon from fromis_9 because they are from the same agency and are of the same age. Yujin’s official color is Blue. She trained for 1 year and 4 months. She got down quickly in the rankings and she was expected to be eliminated. Her specialty is hip-hop and piano girl. She enjoys shopping in Gangnam. Yujin is the “vitamin” of IZONE. (Fan signing November 3rd, 2018) Yujin is good at sports. (Idol Room) Yujin’s favorite ice cream flavor is green tea. Hitomi’s father is a fan of Yujin. (IZONE Chu Episode 2) She appeared in the MV “Rain” Soyou X Baekyun,” MV “Just U” Jeong Se-woon, MV “Thirsty” Mad Clown Ailee X Mad Clown, and MV “Oppa” Yoo Seung-woo X Sandeul. Before appearing in Produce 48 Yujin was already a famous face from her appearances in CF. Yujin was a participant in the King of Mask Singer as ‘Icycle.’ She was the youngest participant in King of Mask Singer at the age of 15 years and 104 days. Yujin appeared in Space Idol as a Special MC in episode 31. Her company is Starship Entertainment. Ahn Yu-jin has a bunny tooth that adds a unique charm to her sweet smile. Her position in IZ*ONE is rapper, dancer and lead vocal.

Yujin’s Pre-debut Story and How She Became a K-Pop Idol

Being a famous K-Pop idol seems to be the dream of most Korean young people. Of course, the Hallyu Wave that is rampant in the world makes them even brighter. In droves, many people are trying to audition for the sake of reaching their dreams as idols in Korea. After passing the audition they do not immediately debut easily, they have to undergo a training period that can not be ascertained the period of time to be able to debut. All K-Pop idol members both from girl groups and boy bands have their own stories from the road to becoming a K-Pop idol. Like recently, member of girl group from MNET’s Produce 48, IZONE’s Ahn Yu-jin shared her experience and stories about how she became an idol like now. Yujin and her friends decided to attend one of the year-end award ceremonies and left the city of DaeJeon to Seoul, South Korea. Before that, on her first ticket, she managed to get a pair of tickets standing in the first row! When at the awards ceremony, she could see the artists right before her eyes; they received awards for their hard work. Yujin felt that moment was very touching and emotional, then she decided that she also wanted to do something like that for just a moment. When she returned home, she told her mother that she wanted to be an idol. At first, her mother thought that it didn’t make sense, but she told Yujin to try her best to become a K-Pop idol. Yujin began looking for ways to become a K-Pop idol on the internet (online) and noticed that there were auditions that she can apply to via emails. Therefore, she sent clips of her singing songs, her pictures, and selfies to an agency that houses talented idols. After sending the files to the agency, she was immediately contacted by Starship Entertainment to take an audition to become an idol. Her mother thought that most of the children passed the first round of auditions and when they arrived at the company, she was confused as to why the place was empty. The staff told her that only Yujin would audition and thus said, Yujin had to dance, sing and also do a camera test. After that, the agency said that she was accepted as a trainee there. Within a month of being a trainee, she participated in the music video of the SM Entertainment project, SM Station titled “Rain” which was sung by SoYou and Baekhyun from EXO. She entered Starship Entertainment and participated in making music videos and contact lens advertisements, ACUVUE in 2017. And the company sent her to participate in Mnet’s Produce 48 in 2018 and she made her debut as a member of IZONE at the end of October 2018.


Yujin in Produce 48

Ahn Yu-jin is a Starship Entertainment trainee since 2017. She joined the survival program Produce 48 in 2018. In the final round of Produce 48, Ahn Yu-jin was ranked 5th with 280,487 votes.

Dropped Out From SOPA

To achieve success, there are often sacrifices that must be made. As was done by one member of IZONE, Yu-jin. IZONE’s Ahn Yu-jin announced a shocking decision. The idol who was born on September 1st, 2003, decided to move out of her place to study, Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA) to focus on her career. The decision, according to the agency, for the sake of focusing on promotion with her group, IZONE. On October 25th, IZONE’s Ahn Yu-jin was confirmed to be leaving the high school majoring in art, Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA). The Off The Record Entertainment agency stated that the decision was taken after a long discussion between Ahn Yu-jin and her parents. No longer the status of a high school student, Off The Record Entertainment ensures Yujin continues to get an education through homeschooling. In addition, in the future, she will still take the qualification exam. A source from Off The Record Entertainment said, “Ahn Yu-jin, her parents, and the agency carefully discussed Ahn Yu-jin’s current situation and future for a long time. We decided to go towards independent study, study at home, and then take the qualification exam so that the level of education is recognized.” The source continued, “We respect the wishes of Ahn Yu-jin, her parents and we will do our best to support her wholeheartedly so that she can fulfill her wishes.” IZ*ONE is currently stopping its activities indefinitely due to the controversy over voting manipulation by Mnet‘s producer-director. They even postponed the release of their latest album scheduled for release in November 2019.

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