From 2016 to 2017, she appeared in the TV drama The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop, and performed alongside the handsome actor Lee Dong-gun. The two actors had a good onscreen chemistry on the drama. It appeared that the couple fell in love with each other during the filming of the series. Their on-screen romantic relationship soon developed into real romantic feelings, and they fell in love with each other and got married on May 2nd, 2017. On December 13th, 2018, Jo Yoon-hee got a special offer to host the popular variety show KBS2 TV’s Happy Together Season 4. On her first episode as a variety show co-host, her beloved husband, Lee Dong-gun, was invited as a surprise guest. Find out about her cute reaction when she has to find her husband behind the curtain. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Jo Yoon-hee and her husband’s appearance on Happy Together. So stay tuned!

Choosing Her Husband Behind The Curtain

As a new host, Jo Yoon-hee was given a challenge to identify her husband from behind one of four different curtains. The segment tried to imitate the popular program Hidden Singer. Behind the curtains, three fake husbands had to try hard to imitate her real husband, Lee Dong-gun. On the segment, Jeon Hyun-moo acted as the MC, since he is the original host of Hidden Singer. Behind the first curtain, the hidden fake husband tried to imitate her husband by introducing himself, “I am Lee Dong-gun”. However, his voice lacked confidence as he introduced himself as Lee Dong-gun. Jo Yoon-hee laughed at his introduction. The hidden husband number one later said, “After finished shooting, let’s eat delicious food. Fighting!” She hesitated, and thought hidden husband number one was her real husband because, normally, her husband always gave her encouragement and always asked her to eat delicious food. Hidden husband number two greeted her and introduced himself as Roa’s father. She said that hidden husband number two also seemed like her husband. Behind the third curtain, the hidden husband greeted her and called her baby. He also encouraged her, and asked her not to worry and enjoy her new work as a Happy Together MC. Jo Yoon-hee also hesitated when she heard the hidden husband number three. She said that her husband also called her baby. Hidden husband number four introduced himself and greeted her in an awkward way. She immediately recognized that hidden husband number four wasn’t her real husband. She said that hidden husband number four spoke too much and too fast. She said that hidden husband number four was surely not her real husband. When hidden husband number four showed his silhouette, Jo Yoon-hee was surprised and recognized her husband face and nose immediately. Finally, she chose hidden husband number one as her real husband. It turned out that hidden husband number one was senior actor Choi Won-yong. For the second try, she chose hidden husband number two. It turned out that hidden husband number two was her co-host, Cha Eun-woo. On the third attempt, she chose correctly. It turned out that Lee Dong-gun was hiding behind curtain number four. She guessed correctly when his silhouette appeared in front of the curtain.

Their Life as Newlyweds

Their newlywed life was filled with love and affection. Jo Yoon-hee said that she saved her husband’s contact number as ‘Prince.’ Lee Dong-gun often gave Jo Yoon-hee tulip flowers as a gift when they were in a romantic relationship. Lee Dong-gun forgot their first anniversary due to his busy schedule. They went out for dinner and ate pork feet. He enjoyed his dinner, but completely forgot their wedding anniversary. In the end, he realized his mistake and realized that the night was their first wedding anniversary. On the following morning, before he went to work, he gave Jo Yoon-hee a lovely tulip bouquet. Lee Dong-gun said that when he was awake at night, he looked at Jo Yoon-hee’s face. The moment he saw that she was sleeping well, he felt that everything would be all right. Jo Yoon-hee said “It is like watching a drama. In a drama, we are married couple, and in real life we are also married couple.” Lee Dong-geun confessed about how he fell in love with Jo Yoon-hee. During the shooting, he became comfortable when working and being around her. When the shooting was completed, he realized that they would not see each other again every day. At that time, he realized that he had fallen in love with her.

Reacted To Old Photos From Each Other

On the segment of past stories that guests wanted to erase from their memories, Jo Yoon-he said that she wanted to erase the Happy Together episode when they participated together as guests. On the episode, both Jo Yoon-hee and Lee Dong-gun appeared as guests to promote their recent drama. They acted as a couple on the drama. Regarding Lee Dong-gun, on the episode, she said that he was unfunny and he couldn’t make her laugh throughout the shooting. She said “Lee Don-gun and me have no things in common, and our characters didn’t match each other”. Now that they are a married couple, she regretted her blunt comments, and she was sorry to him for saying those words. On the segment, Lee Dong-gun wanted to erase the memories about his times as a singer. He debuted as a ballad singer, but later tried a new genre, dance music. He felt embarrassed when looking at his past videos. However, Jo Yoon-hee said that he was very cute at the time, and said that he didn’t change at all for almost 20 years.

How Would They Be When Bickering?

After giving birth to their son, Joo Yoon-hee felt that she started losing some of her memory. She made a plan to take their daughter to a culture center three times every week, and her husband went to the center with them. However, her husband made a mistake and was thinking that they must go the culture center three times in a month. Because of the misunderstanding, they didn’t talk or look at each other for several days. Lee Dong-gun made the first move to reconcile with his wife. He started making fun and played with her to relieve her anger. She immediately smiled when her his husband made the first move to make up with her.

Jo Yoon-he as The New MC for ‘Happy Together’

Regarding Jo Yoon-hee’s first appearance as the new MC for Happy Together, guests gave their opinion about her positive character. Her husband, Lee Dong-gun, said that she is good at talking bad about other people. Talking bad is not a good thing, but in variety show, talking bad about someone in a honest way is needed to made an entertaining atmosphere on the shows. Actor Choi Won-young praised her immediate reactions in variety shows. Other than good reactions, she gave happy virus guests to viewers with her active personality. Reactions to guests’ comments is very important in variety shows. The senior actor said that her reactions were funny and gave a good vibe to the whole atmosphere. Actor Oh Eui-sik said that her presence in the variety show would invite many celebrities. When Oh Eui-sik and Jo Yoon-hee collaborated on a radio program, various Korean celebrities appeared on the radio program. Oh Eui-sik hoped her participation in Happy Together would attract many celebrities, especially those celebrities that rarely appear on variety shows. That was all the information about Jo Yoon-hee and her husband’s appearance in Happy Together Season 4. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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