Before going any further, here’s the list of KEP1ER members’ official positions and non-official positions that you should know:   KEP1ER’s debut was very enthusiastic, so many fans have been supporting their activities throughout time. However, do you know what positions KEP1ER members have? Do you also know that not all members have official positions? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about it in the article below!

The Reason Why Only 5 Members Have Official Positions

KEP1ER members’ positions, according to Dispatch, sparked a heated debate. The reason why only 5 members have their positions confirmed is also being questioned by netizens. This group did not announce the official positions of the members after their debut. Although KEP1ER has 9 members, only 5 of them have their positions confirmed in the Dispatch article. Netizens are confused because the positions of the remaining 4 members including Huening Bahiyyih, Hikaru, Youngeun, and Yeseo are yet to be announced. In particular, netizens are wondering why Dispatch confirmed KEP1ER’s main vocalist and lead dancer but ignored two other important positions, main rapper and visual. Positions such as lead or sub-vocalist/rapper also do not appear. This resulted in fierce controversy and caused the company to face criticism for alleged biased treatment when KEP1ER first debuted. “Wake One deliberately did not announce KEP1ER members’ official positions from the start to encourage Shen Xiaoting. Chaehyun’s center position has been confirmed by the PD of the show, end of the discussion,” commented a netizen. “Wake One should stop messing with official positions. Shen Xiaoting didn’t do anything wrong, don’t make other members’ fans hate her,” added another netizen. “Youngeun and Hikaru are both versatile but still don’t have an official position? Even the lead dancer? Also, who is the main rapper?” said another. “Dispatch confirmed the lead dancer but not the main rapper? What nonsense is this? Why are they being selective?” concluded another. What do you think about it? Does every KEP1ER member need their own official position?

KEP1ER’s Yujin and Mashiro as Leader and Co-Leader

In a live performance by the nine members on November 18th, 2021, KEP1ER’s Xiaoting as the MC announced that a leader selection would be made. Then, as a result, Yujin was chosen to be the leader of the group, while Mashiro was chosen to be the co-leader who will help Yujin with the tasks. Previously, fans hoped that Choi Yujin or Sakamoto Mashiro would be the leader. During Girls Planet 999 both of them demonstrated good leadership skills. Choi Yujin then called Sakamoto Mashiro who was lined up as co-leader because she felt she needed help.

KEP1ER’s Xiaoting as Lead Dancer

Shen Xiaoting as the only member from China announced several official positions obtained by KEP1ER members. The only major position that was also announced was that of lead dancer Shen Xiaoting, causing netizens to suspect Xiaoting of getting preferential treatment not only from the company but also from Dispatch. With this position, they can lead the choreography by dancing in the front position during group formation. KEP1ER’s Xiaoting was appointed as the lead dancer and you can easily spot her position in the center. The Lead Dancer is highly skilled, but is considered secondary to the Main Dancer. They usually have several vocal parts, and are often seen dancing near the group’s Main Dancer.

KEP1ER’s Youngeun and Huening Bahiyyih as the Vocal Line

KEP1ER’s Youngeun and Huening Bahiyyih did not have official positions when they debuted, but their current positions are based on the distribution line they get for each promoted song. Fans have assumed that they would get a position as a vocal line. People praise the vocal stability and Huening Bahiyyih who is no different when performing on stage or backstage. Fans also say that they sound like they’re eating their CDs for breakfast, thanks to their amazing vocals and catchy skills. KEP1ER’s Youngeun also surprised listeners with her low and charming voice during her performance on Idol Radio. However, when she performs on stage, her voice is noticeably higher.

KEP1ER’s Dayeon and Hikaru as the Rapper Line

KEP1ER’s Dayeon has also confidently proven her rap skills by showing off her rapping skills live. Without any background music or auto-tunes, Dayeon’s voice sounds exactly like the audio version. Thanks to her good rap skills and charismatic stage performances, the 19-year-old female idol has attracted many fans in a short time. Just like KEP1ER’s Dayeon, Hikaru also has a position as a Line Rapper. She has proven her talent since her appearance on Mnet’s Girls Planet 999. KEP1ER’s Hikaru has practiced really hard in Korean, especially memorizing Korean rap lyrics in hopes of debuting as an idol.

KEP1ER’s Chaehyun as a Center and Main Vocalist

Among the members, KEP1ER’s Chaehyun is the most talked about in the K-Pop community. She gained fame as a former SM Entertainment trainee who is said to have visuals similar to Red Velvet’s Irene. Kim Chaehyun who has won first place at the end of the program has officially taken the center position in the group. However, many stated that KEP1ER’s Chaehyun was not treated like an idol with a center position. Many fans pointed out that KEP1ER’s Chaehyun is the real center of the group so she should be encouraged more. With beautiful visuals, fans hope that she can get the right spotlight and shine again.

KEP1ER’s Yeseo as the Youngest Member

The last member, KEP1ER’s Yeseo, is a talented maknae and had previously debuted as an idol and also a member of Busters. Kang Yeseo was 14 years old when she joined Busters and managed to release her first single with Busters titled “Starlight”. In 2021, Kang Yeseo resumed her dream as an idol after leaving Busters a year earlier. Kang Yeseo became a contestant on Girls Planet 999 and successfully debuted as a member of KEP1ER. Even though KEP1ER’s Yeseo didn’t get an official position at all, you could say she was included in the vocal line. Well, that’s all the information about KEP1ER members’ positions. Even though some members haven’t gotten official positions, let’s hope they get fair treatment when promoted, and let’s keep sending love as much as we can to KEP1ER. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media, and stay tuned for more, interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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