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After debuting as a movie actress, she debuted as a singer in the idol group Heart Rabbit Girls. Heart Rabbit Girls was an idol group consisting of five members. All members were active actresses who performed in movies, dramas, or theater plays. The idol group debuted in 2013 by releasing a single titled “Love Angel.” Han Ji-eun is regularly appearing and performing minor roles in dramas and movies. She earned a breakthrough role and performed as a single mother in the drama Be Melodramatic. The movie received praise for the portrayal of Korean women in their early thirties. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with an explanation of everything about Han Ji-eun’s appearance in the movie Real and the drama Be Melodramatic. So stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

Han Ji-eun’s Profile

Name: Han Ji-eun Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1987 Place of Birth: Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province, Korea Height: 167 cm Weight: 47 kg Blood type: B Management: HB Entertainment Education: Dongduk Woman University. Department of Broadcast Entertainment Instagram: hanjieun0603

Facts About Han Ji-eun

Former member of character idol girl group Heart Rabbit Girls Han Ji-eun wants to act alongside actors Lee Hyung-hun and Song Kang-ho She was cast from 4200 people to perform in the 2017 movie Real She co-starred with two handsome actors Lee Je-hun and Lee Jong-seok in the movie titled Ghost

Confirmed to be Dating Rapper Hanhae

Online media news reported that actress Han Ji-eun and rapper Hanhae have been dating since December 2018. The couple was introduced through mutual friends of the two. The news surfaced in July 2019 while Hanhae was serving in the military. They were already in a relationship for around eight months at the time. Initially, Hanhae’s agency, Brand New Music, denied the report and stated that it was impossible from him to date since he was registered in military service. Here’s the statement from Brand New Music, “Hanhae is currently still in the military, there is no way that is true. After confirming with Hanhae himself, it is correct that they are dating, but because he is in the military, we want to be cautious of putting the dating label on him. Please postpone the timing of the article release until the end of the year.” However, on August 11th, 2019, Hanhae himself confirmed that he is in a relationship with Han Ji-eun. Han Ji-eun’s agency, HB Entertainment, confirmed the couple’s dating news.

Han Ji-eun’s Filmography

Here’s some filmography of Han Ji-eun! Dramas   Movies  

Han Ji-eun in Real

Real is a Korean movie based on a webtoon directed by young director Lee Sa-rang. The leading actors for the movie are Korean heartthrob Kim Soo-hyun, senior actor Sung Dong-il, former f(x) member Sulli, rising star Han Ji-eun, recognizable supporting actor Lee Sung-min, and villain specialist Jo Woo-jin. The movie was premiered on June 28th, 2017. Real is the last movie appearance for late Sulli. Kim Soo-hyun performed as Jang Tae-yong, a problem solver and successful businessman in an imaginary dark city who runs a large casino, much like Bruce Wayne and Gotham City in Batman. He discovered that he found a dark personality inside of himself and contacted a doctor to erase his other personality. He followed the doctor’s plan but he faced unwanted consequences from the plan. Han Ji-eun played as Han Ye-won, an actress and fiancée of Jang Tae-yong’s dark personality.

Han Ji-eun in Be Melodramatic

Han Ji-eun performed as the leading female role in jTBC’s drama Be Melodramatic. The drama was released on August 9th, 2019 and was on the air for 16 episodes. Be Melodramatic was the first drama project for director Lee Byung-hoon who directed the 2019 mega-hit movie Extreme Occupation. She performed the role of a single mother, Hwang Han-joo, aged 30 years old who struggles to raise her child and works as marketing staff. She has two best friends: both are also 30 years old, that are single and are working in an entertainment company. The drama is based on Hwang Han-joo’s emotional struggle in maintaining the balance between raising a child, a career and her relationship with her best friends. Han Ji-eun’s character, Hwang Han-joo, was a tough girl in her college days. She got married to a man but divorced him after finding out his shortcomings.

Latest News About Han Ji-eun

A post shared by 한지은 (@hanjieun0603) on Dec 16, 2019 at 9:47pm PST She posted a picture of herself taken exactly a year ago. Han Ji-eun collaborated with radio DJ Jung Sung-gyu for the Sunday Music Drama that was aired every week at 8 a.m. on Good Morning FM. The rising star actress deserves another leading role in her future drama or movie project because she has a talent and looks to entertain the viewers. That was all the information about actress Han Ji-eun. Keep rooting for her next entertainment journey! Supporting her all the way! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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