Crown J is under Fly Boy Entertainment: the independent record label he established in 2008. Later, Crown J once again returned to the United States to expand his global musical career. Let’s get to know him throughout this Channel-Korea article below!

Crown J’s Full Profile


Name: Kim Kye Hoon (Hangeul: 김계훈) Stage name: Crown Jewel or Crown J English name: Kevin Date of Birth: November 12th, 1979 Blood Type: O Weight: 74 kg Height: 180 cm Education: University of Santa Monica, UCLA (Dropped Out)

Facts About Crown J

Crown J studied abroad in the United States since a young age, and continued his education in the Department of Economics at the University of Santa Monica, then transferred to UCLA. He had an interest in basketball but had to return to South Korea to fulfill his mandatory military service. During the military service, he found music as his passion. On March 8th, 2006, after his military duty ended, he released his debut album ONE & ONLY, co-produced by prominent K-Hip-hop artists such as MC Mong and Dynamic Duo. On August 17th, 2007, he released his second album Miss Me? after WGM in 2008. He was in a virtual marriage with singer Seo In Young in the popular MBC variety show We Got Married in 2008 where they were called Ant Couple. “Ant Couple” became popular in the show WGM and released a digital single together titled “Too Much.” Crown J released the first mini-album titled FLY BOY and participated in a string of collaborations with fellow hip-hop artists and pop singers in 2008. He was also featured in two songs of Seo’s first single Cinderella. He and Seo left We Got Married in early January 2009 and released his second digital single “I’m Good” on July 13th, 2009. He returned to the United States in 2009 and released the English version of “I’m Good” featuring American rapper Young Dro on July 13th, 2009.

Crown J’s Discography


One & Only (2006) Miss Me?… (2007)


Fly Boy (2008)

During their virtual marriage, some drama happened even though they became a popular couple. One of the reasons that made this pair popular was Seo In-young’s temper. Some people commented regarding her bad attitude in We Got Married that if he had a girlfriend like Seo In-young, he wouldn’t be able to spend even one hour with his girlfriend. Seo In Young admits that she also felt the same way and feels sorry for Crown J, her virtual husband. In an episode of Mnet’s 4 Things Show, she actually apologized to him about the way she acted in WGM. After the show We Got Married, they launched a new song titled “The Best.” In this song, they mess around on the bed and look like a real couple as Seo In Young wears no make-up and is dressed in sweats, and Crown J’s with his shirt off. The song “The Best” is about a duet sung to the “best” person in their lives. After this, they reunited to become a couple again in a television show, only this time they had a honeymoon in Dubai. The staff confirmed that they will no longer continue their virtual relationship again due to some reason.

Crown J’s Latest Song

As a result of his scandal related to marijuana, Crown J has been on a hiatus for a while now. The most recent song he has released is actually titled “Made It” and it was released shortly after his collaboration with Seo In Young for the song titled “The Best.”

Latest News of Crown J

Rapper Crown J has been on a hiatus from the music industry due to the marijuana-related scandal. He is planning to release one song every month. There is also a rumor that he will sign with a new agency but this has not been confirmed yet. Crown J made a comeback with the song “Hajima” which in English means “Don’t.” That’s all about rapper Crown J and the story of his career. Cheering for Crown J and his career in the music industry and anything he wants to pursue. Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts in the section below!

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