I.M wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a scientist. Black, White, and Purple are among his best colors. His favorite animal is the Jaguar. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about Monsta X’s youngest member, I.M, so, stay tuned!

Monsta X’s I.M’s Full Profile

Stage Name: I.M (아이엠) Birth Name: Im Chang-kyun (임창균) Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae (the youngest member) Date of Birth: January 26th, 1996 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Height: 175 cm (5’9″) Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs) Blood Type: O

Facts About I.M

He was the 6th trainee to be announced as a member of Monsta X (after the survival TV show No Mercy). I.M was born in Gwangju, South Korea. He has an older brother. He joined another trainee in No Mercy during Mission 4. (When it was announced that he would become a new trainee, other members were not very happy with this decision.) His father is his role model. He lived abroad a lot during his childhood because his father was a scientist and his work required him to travel around the world. He lived three years in Boston and he live four years in Israel. He has an English name, and His English name is Daniel, when he lived in Boston, he was usually called by the name Dany. He once wanted to pursue a career in science and education. He can speak English fluently. He was supposed to debut with another group in 2014 (Nu’Bility), but the plan failed at the last minute since he decided to leave the group. He was a Starship Entertainment’s trainee for two years. Due to living abroad, his English is fluent (He is the best English member in Monsta X). He still likes to travel and his favorite place is Osaka, Japan. In the hostel, he is the most quiet member. In an interview, I.M confirmed that he loved mirroring. When he was young, he had dissected rats in his father’s lab. His father owns a garden. The cellphone is in vibrate mode. He spoke a little at the hostel (rather than a lot). It was the most difficult for him to approach Wonho (he said it was because Wonho was white and handsome). He said that Joohoney was the easiest to approach because they were both rapper. His family likes all members of Monsta X. He said the Grandfather Stone (a statue on Jeju Island famous for its big nose) was something that resembled him. He doesn’t know if he has a phobia. Shownu gave him the best first impression. He is not jealous of the members’ personal connections. He does not want to stay inside and he prefers to be outside. (One time, during Weekly Idol and he complained that Monsta X stayed in the room too much). He was originally left-handed. Once, when he wakes up he usually checks his schedule. One of his nicknames is Kookang (puppy) and was given to him by Wonho. I.M said that he was more nervous when he performed “Mirotic” by TVXQ than he did in the No Mercy final. (160612 Monsta X Cut (TVXQ! “Mirotic”) @ MCD Backstage) When he was asked why he kept biting Shownu’s arm, me. M said: “His arms are nice.” (Monsta X at After School Club) He can touch his elbows and nose with his tongue. He kept the skin moisturizer in the dorm fridge (which he shared with Kihyun). He likes playing games with Kihyun. He wrote many song lyrics with Jooheoney. He said that he always prays before eating. His favorite color is white. He doesn’t like spicy food. One of his favorite songs is “Lucia” by Daman. One of his favorite English phrases is “Do what you like and like what you do.” He was so careless that he lost his wallet when they toured the world. His hobbies is Writing songs, hanging out with his band friends. Among Monsta X members, he said that he was the closest to Joohoney. He gave 10% of his first salary from his performance with his group to the church and spent some of his parents. He love the candles and the “mood” they spread. Hyungwon once said that he watched me staring into the candle’s flame. (Monsta X Asta TV interview) Definition of love for I.M: “Give up the most delicious thighs. It values ​​someone more than yourself. “(Sparkling Magazine Interview) He is left-handed. However, when he plays sports he more often uses his right hand. During an event (KBSWORLD K-Rush FB Live) he said that if he were a girl he would date the leader of Shownu. He was closest to Joohoney because when he was new to No Mercy, everyone really didn’t like him and Joohoney was the person who shared the most words with him. I.M is friends with Daewon (former Madtown) and Eunjin (BIGFLO) from UNB. His Ideal type is “I just see that person’s personality.”

I.M in No Mercy

MONSTA X was formed from a survival program. So, MONSTA X is a little similar to Wanna One, WINNER, and iKON. These groups are champions in survival programs held by their agencies or television shows. Well, MONSTA X is a band formed from contestants of the show No Mercy, which is a collaboration between Starship Entertainment (MONSTA X’s label) and Mnet (Korean TV Station), that took place in December 2014. Unlike Wanna One, that was formed from 101 people, No Mercy only had 12 contestants, namely Kwang Ji, GUN, Yoo Su, Seok Won, Yoon Ho, Min Kyun, and the rest are MONSTA X members now. Initially, the MONSTA X member who had the stage name I.M was an additional participant, but instead, I.M was chosen as a permanent member of MONSTA X. I.M entered the No Mercy survival program in the middle of the screening. Well, when I.M entered the survival program, he was briefly opposed by the other No Mercy contestants. In fact, he was like “ignored” by his brothers in that program. However, I.M remained firm in his stance until he finally debuted with MONSTA X. When he debuted in No Mercy, he was annihilated. However, after his debut, I.M was very loved by all MONSTA X members. In fact, I.M became very close to Joohoney who used to not like him as well, during the pre-debut era, but now they are both very close like siblings.

I.M’s Debut with Monsta X

Monsta X was formed by Starship Entertainment through the 2015 reality show No Mercy. I.M debuted with MONSTA X on May 14th, 2015, with their first EP, Trespass. In March 2017, Monsta X released their first studio album and final part of THE CLAN series, The Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter. In April 2018, Monsta X’s Japanese single “Spotlight” received an official gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

MONSTA X’s I.M’s Tattoo

According to the Moonbebe (as called for MONSTA X’ fans) I.M has hidden the tattoo on his body! Judging by some close-up photos circulating among fans of photos taken together on Twitter recently, I.M’s tattoo is a phrase written on the upper back / left shoulder. Fans have interpreted the message as reading: “People who want to wear the crown, bear the crown” or shortened to, “People who wear the crown, bear the crown.” Also a synonym phrase for: “With great power comes great responsibility,” fans found what appeared to be an I.M tattoo appropriate and commendable.

I.M’s Glorious Abs

I.M’s Mixtape

Scent (2019) WHO AM I (feat.YESEO) – I.M (MONSTA X) (2017) Fly Away With Me (2018) I.M X Elhae – Horizon (2019) I.M X Joohoney – BeMyFriend (2017)


“Madeleine” (with Brother Su) (feat. J.Han) (2016)


[2015.02.05] No.MERCY Part.3 (#1 0 (Young) (MAD CLOWN, Giriboy, & Jooyoung ft. Jooheon, Kihyun, Wonho, I.M. & Seokwon) [2015.02.12] No.MERCY Part.4 (#1 Interstellar (I.M, Hyungwon & Jooheon ft. Yella Diamond)

Eyebrow Piercing

Monbebe: Wonho perform with the lip piercing pleaseStarship, Wonho: pic.twitter.com/EWGXPcAJ34 — yogurt。#FOLLOW (@hyungwonope) October 26, 2018

— unbleached changkyun (@unbleachkyun) October 29, 2018

Dating Rumors

Netizens have gathered evidence to claim that something happened between MONSTA X’ I.M and WJSN’s Luda. Can netizens convince you with the evidence of the rumors below? First, netizens pointed out that during the broadcast, I.M mentioned WJSN by saying ‘Would You Like’ (a slogan used for WJSN), indirectly hinting at WJSN and dancing their choreography, while members watched and laughed. Furthermore, in a fansign event a fan gave questions to Luda in the form of a post text, Luda also answered about her ideal type, “Someone who is left-handed who is good at using chopsticks”. The post text was then exchanged with MONSTA X’ fans, then the fan said that I.M was left-handed and he was known to be proficient in using chopsticks. Netizens also commented: “Who is bluntly revealing that they have the ideal type of someone who is left-handed? It’s the same as he expresses it openly” “The ideal types are too much. One of the fans closed recently” “There are lots of lefties in every agency” “But he (I.M) followed Cheng Xiao, not Luda.” “On the radio [Luda] said that her ideal type is someone with wide shoulders, and has good eyesmile”

Latest News of Monsta X’s I.M


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