Not only are music, lyrics, and appearance important, choreography holds special attention because it add flavor and energy to K-Pop music. One of the famous Korean dance choreographers is Junsun Yoo. He became known for his powerful and energetic dance moves. He collaborated with younger sister, Oh My Girls’ YooA, and made several dance videos for his YouTube channel. Find out more about Junsun Yoo’s profile and interaction with YooA in this Channel Korea article. Stay tuned!

Full Profile

Name                   : Junsun Yoo Date of Birth         : March 12, 1994 Place of Birth        : Seoul, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea Zodiac                  : Pisces Instagram            : junsunyoo Company             : 1Million Dance Studio Facts

His sister is YooA, the popular member of the girl group Oh My Girl He’s a member of Troupe group called The B.I.Ps He has almost 130.000 subscribers on his YouTube channel


Junsun Yoo started dancing from middle school, at the age of 15 years. During his teenage years, he had difficulties in studying. His little sister encouraged him to learn dancing to distract his attention from studying. After learning to dance, he might find more interest in studying. To his surprise, he found out that dancing was very interesting, and he fell in love with it. He worked harder in dancing instead of studying in school. Initially, his parents were against his dancing activities. However, his father become very supportive of his decision and supported him financially. It turned out that his father wanted to be an entertainer when he was at a young age. His father encouraged him and gave him blessings to continue his activities. He got inspiration for doing choreography from everything. Mostly, he wanted the lyrics of the music to match his choreography. If he had a good day, he could make choreography in just three hours. He practiced in front of the mirror and kept finding dances moves that fit well with the music. When he thinks or plans a dance choreography, stamina is the most important thing. He said “The more I use my body, the power are getting weaker.” Aside from body strength, he also said that the mind is also important. To make a good choreography, he has to combine the mind and the body. For someone who aspires to become a dance choreographer, Junsun Yoo urged to specify each person’s specialty. Other than specialty, confidence and mindset are also important aspects in dance choreography. Regarding his sister YooA, he said that his career has nothing to do with his sister’s popularity. The news evolves very fast, and news about their sister-brother relationship disappeared almost immediately. However, both cheer each other up and support each other. The wonderful thing about being a dance choreographer is that dance involves freedom. Every dance choreographer says that their job is fun and nobody is unhappy. Choreographers are able to earn money for doing something that they like.

A Brother From Oh My Girls’ YooA

Junsun Yoo is the older brother of Oh My Girls YooA. They have the same interest in dance choreography and music. It was YooA who introduced him to dance, and encouraged him to learn to dance as  a way to overcome difficulties in studying during his middle school days. YooA and Junsun Yoo choreographed several dance covers that were posted on his YouTube channel. The videos gained massive numbers of views for the excellent choreography. Fans are envious of their brother and sister relationship. It is a good thing that Junsun Yoo and YooA shared common interest in dance and music.

1 MILLION Dance Studio

1Million Dance Studio is a music choreography company that was formed by choreographers Lia Kim and Timon Youn. 1Million Dance Studio was formed on December 1st, 2014, and is based in Seongdong, Ttukseom Road, Seoul. 1Million Dance Studio has a YouTube channel with almost 2 million subscribers. The company joined YouTube and started posting videos of their instructors on February 6, 2015. 1Million Dance studio has collaborated with famous K-Pop artists such as Jay Park, Girls Generation, 2NE1, Hyuna, and others. Some of their instructors are Ria Kim, Mina Young, May J. Lee, and Junsun Yoo. The company divided classes into three different categories, with three different mentors.

Mnet’s Hit The Stage

Junsun Yoo participated in the latest episodes of Mnet’s Hit The Stage and collaborated with Girls Generation’s Hyoyoung. The dance duo earned a combined 142 votes. However, their victory didn’t last long. Feeldog team covered Rihanna’s Work, and gained 10 more points than Junsun Yoo and Hyoyoung’s team. During an interview, Junsun Yoo said that Hyoyoung contacted him before collaborating on Hit the Stage. Working with her brought happiness and removed all of his fatigue. Viewers admired Junsun Yoo’s dance skills and his handsome, idol-llike appearance. That was all the information about Junsun Yoo. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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