To satisfy your curiosity about Theo, in this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with everything you need to know about Theo, including his profile and his interactions with his sunbae (senior) N.Flying. So, keep on reading!

P1Harmony’s Theo’s Profile

Name: Theo (테오) Chinese Name: Cui Taiyang (崔泰洋) Stage Name: Choi Tae Yang (최태양) Birthday: July 1st, 2001 Birthplace: – Height: 179 cm (5’11”) Weight: – Blood Type: A Zodiac: Cancer Chinese Zodiac: Snake Nationality: Korean MBTI: ENFP-A Debut: 2020 Group: P1Harmony

P1Harmony’s Theo’s Fun Facts

In P1Harmony, Theo has the position of vocalist. Theo is the 2nd member that was revealed as a P1Harmony member. He thinks that he feels happy when he sings, so he chose to be a singer. Watching baseball, fishing, and volleyball are Theo’s hobbies. When he auditioned, he sang Crush’s song titled “Beautiful”. On My Wedding Day is his favorite Korean movie. Theo is a big fan of Dean. He really likes Ramen and burgers, especially for a mild-flavored Jin ramen and McSpicy Shanghai Burger. Theo wants to hold a concert at Seoul World Cup Stadium. He would really like to become a real musician because he wants to try any genre. Theo and Keeho are like best friends so their fans say that they are in a love-hate friendship. One of his favorite songs is “Still Alive” from Jung Dongwon. He really adores the shape of his eyes.

Theo and P1Harmony’s Debut

In general, most K-Pop artists make their debut by releasing their first single, or being a music video model for other K-pop singers. But Theo’s group is really different from others: they made their debut by starring in a movie titled The Beginning of a New World. The sci-fi movie tells the story of 6 boys who are spread into different dimensions that gather together to save the world from the violence and the deadly virus that has been released, by using their powers. This movie released on October 8th, 2020, is their first step in starting their career and none of the members had any acting skills before. Then, their songs were released before their release of the title track. On October 28th, 2020, Theo and the group made their debut by releasing their first mini-album Disharmony: Stand Out with “SIREN” as their title track. You have to watch Theo and the group’s MV by clicking play on the video below!

First Comeback “Scared”

On April 20th, 2021, P1Harmony made their first comeback by releasing their 2nd mini-album Disharmony: Break Out, and the title track named “Scared”. The song contains Hip-Hop Rap with an R&B melody, and the song tells about calling people to be brave to come out of any fear and injustice. For this comeback, they used a dark sporty concept with Hip-Hop rap. Theo and the group made their first comeback stage by appearing on M! Countdown a day after the song was released. Do you want to see Theo’s performance in this comeback? Well, here is the video of him!

Theo’s and N.Flying Members’ Interactions!

Theo is the vocalist of P1Harmony, he often sings in various idols’ songs every time he does a live broadcast to talk with his fans. One day, in one of his live broadcasts, he mentioned his senior (N.Flying‘s Seunghyub) and he said that Seunghyub bought him a meal from a convenience store a few times. He really admired his senior so he would also do the same thing for his juniors one day. Then, when Theo started to play N.Flying’s “Spring Memories” for karaoke, suddenly, N.Flying’s Jaehyun came to him and Theo was really shocked. Jaehyun said: “I heard our song being played.” Then Jaehyun asked Theo what he thinks about the song (N.Flying’s song)? Nervously and respectfully, Theo said that the song is really nice. Jaehyun realized that his junior was nervous and he asked it. Theo answered that he is really startled, and he thought that Jaehyun was one of the P1Harmony members. Jaehyun then went and gave him support, while Theo was still nervous and didn’t expect it. How cute is he! So, that’s all the information about P1Harmony’s Theo: from his profile, his debut, to his interactions with N.Flying members. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section, also follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial, and stay tuned to our website for more articles!

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