But, in this article, we are going to discuss details about the previous generation of K-pop. It’s a boy group called Shu-I and their history in the entertainment industry in South Korea. They were known as the boy group that can promote well in South Korea and Japan during their promotion era. Beside that, SHU-I members are also considered to be talented idols who have worked hard since debut until now. Without waiting any longer, let’s take a more complete look at the SHU-I group profile, activities and promotions, as well as the latest news. Let’s scroll down this article below and check out the detailed information about SHU-I!

Shu-I’s Group Profile

Many girl groups with the Flower Beauty concept are still strong, and a group with the Beautiful Boys concept made their debut in 2009 and started attracting attention from the public. The boy group is SHU-I, a 5-member boy group that debuted under Yejeon Media on September 11th, 2009. SHU-I stands for ‘So Hot Union of Idols’ in English. In addition, SHU-I in Chinese words contains meanings such as handsome and smart. However, the music of SHU-I is strong and tough, unlike the sweet team name and the soft team members’ appearances. The title songs of the single album, “Bomb Bomb Bomb” and “Save Me”, have repetitive rhymes and powerful rhythms overlaid on the chords of the 2009 music industry trend hook song. And as the appearance and music colors are clear, the five members also boast the personality of ‘5 people 5 colors.’ SHU-I’s line-up consists of Inseok, who is a rapper and team leader, Hyungjun, a beautiful male presence who appeared in some K-Dramas as cameo, Minho and Changhyun who are powerful vocals, and Jinseok, the youngest and dancer. After 8 months of practice, SHU-I finally made their debut performance on the stage. While most singers are overly nervous and ruin their first stage, SHU-I were said to be relatively good at showing what they want to show.

A few years later, SHU-I stepped into a new game and became a fearless group that refused to do domestic activities and chose to conquer the Japanese music industry. It’s been the 4th year of the group after debuting in the Korean music industry in 2009 with “Bomb Bomb Bomb”. Those who may be somewhat unfamiliar to Korean music fans have announced a domestic comeback after 3 years and 10 months. In their comeback interview, SHU-I said, “We are grateful for being able to work in Korea and heard about the recent status and comeback news.” Unlike the domestic system, the Japanese music industry starts with local broadcasting stations and comes up to Tokyo. Without the so-called recognition, entering Tokyo is like picking the stars in the sky. SHU-I also started step by step from the bottom, taking not only local performances, but also makeup and clothes. “At first it was very difficult. I couldn’t speak, I didn’t have any friends. I was homesick. I was sick of homesickness. It wasn’t wrong to say I thought I was going crazy,” Hyungjun shared. SHU-I, who were signed under AVEX TRAX (Japan) to show their efforts gradually succeeded in entering the Top 10 in the Oricon Chart. SHU-I, who were proud of being ranked 4th on the Oricon chart in Japan, finally visited domestic fans in South Korea after 3 years and 10 months after completing their activities in Japan. It’s a group in the 4th year of their debut, but as they return to Korea after a long time, they are strengthening their determination as a newcomer group. SHU-I released 6 singles in Japan, 1 regular, and 1 indie album, all of which have been successful. All of the albums were in the top 10 of the Oricon weekly charts. The highest grade rose to fifth place. In 2012, SHU-I met 13,000 fans while on tour. “We think we really went up from the bottom, it’s different from our friends who came to Japan because we were successful in Korea. When we got the first 10th place, we all gathered and cried together.” SHU-I, who built up their work outside and not inside, were now aiming at the domestic market. “We don’t have the ‘authority consciousness’ of being a real celebrity. In Japan, we had no choice but to take our clothes and makeup ourselves. That’s why those actions are embedded in our bodies. It’s a comeback, and we are thinking of starting with the mind of a rookie,” they said. The members of SHU-I spurred a day and a half to prepare for their comeback. The mini-album released on the 10th included 9 various songs, including the title “Don’t Be Down” and the debut song “Bomb Bomb Bomb”. In particular, this album also contains a surprise gift and the song was titled “Forever With You” written by all the members for the fans.

“A lot of fans left after taking a break from domestic activities for 3 years. The writings in the fan café are almost all such as “Are You Alive?” and “Where Are You?” Now, we also held fan meetings or high-touch events shaking hands with fans), etc. I will try my best to visit the fans as often as possible,” Minho stated.

The new mini-album titled Don’t Be Down is a collaboration between 4Minute, CNBLUE, FT Island, and other producers and composer Lee Sang-ho and songwriter Seo Yong-bae, who is gaining popularity recently and made this song stand out in style. Hwang Seong-jin as the famous lyricist and rapper Mario co-wrote the lyrics to add strength. In particular, the song has a meaning “when things don’t work as expected, when your wallet is empty, when you become shabby from others” all combined together, it gives a unique meaning. It’s a song that tells you not to give up easily on yourself. It can be said that it is a message of support to ourselves. Even if you don’t have to be number one, it’s a song that conveys the meaning of whether it would be good if you were only one. It is a domestic comeback album that keeps the sweat shed so far. What if they were to be ranked 1st with the title “Don’t Be Down”? They contemplated for a moment in their happy imaginations, and soon they began to pounce on their pledges. “I’ll make an authentic pledge to be # 1, rather than being bored. If we are # 1, we will shave. After selecting a member who shaved by doing ‘rock paper scissors,’ we will disclose all the process on YouTube,” Inseok shared. In addition, they confessed their different dreams as well as their album activities, revealing their aspirations for the future: “I’m from the theater and film department, so I’m very interested in acting. If I have the opportunity, I want to challenge myself,” Changhyun said. “I’ve been wanting to challenge musicals since before. I want to watch musical auditions and try out as many activities as possible,” Minho also shared. On the other hand, there were members who showed interest in different fields. Inseok as the leader said, “I like the program 3 Days Of Documentary and it’s my dream to narrate this program.” In addition, Hyung-jun said, “I want to become an entertainer who is active in various fields.” Finally, Jinseok, the youngest, revealed his dream of becoming a record producer. “I have seen and felt a lot while working in Japan. I thought, I want to make a group I want, but I have to work hard to do that. Ha ha ha.” SHU-I, in the 4th year of their debut during the interview conveyed a simple impression of, “I hope you can see us with a warm look,” after their domestic comeback after a long time since they held promotions in Japan for a while. When asked about the strengths of the team, SHU-I said, “We have a close feeling. We climbed on the permanent stage of a department store in Japan and sang in front of 20 to 30 audiences. It was humility that we learned while expanding our fans little by little.” SHU-I looked forward to being the group with a brighter side in one, two, and three years later than now. In the same year, SHU-I again carried out their comeback promotion by releasing a single titled “So In Love” which was released on November 25th, 2013. Like any comeback in general, SHU-I also got the opportunity to promote by doing their performances on the music programs that aired in South Korea.

Shu-I’s Discography

SHU-I have been known for having a very good career in the entertainment industry, including reaching the Japanese market to introduce their music. The group famous for one of their singles, “Don’t Be Down”, have also managed to release several songs, mini-albums, and more throughout their career in the music industry. In this section, we are going to check out the discography of SHU-I, from their debut to their last release! Singles

Mirai e (未来へ) released on December 12th, 2015 Kon’nani kimi o sukinanoni dōshite? (こんなに君を好きなのにどうして?) released on June 30th, 2014 So In Luv released on November 25th, 2013 Achakocha Sorry (あちゃこちゃSorry) released on March 13th, 2013 Daigyakuten (大逆転) released on November 21st, 2012 Don’t Be Down released on April 11th, 2012 Never Give Up Yeah! (ネバギバ Yeah!) released on December 7th, 2011 Summer Sweet/Kizuna (キズナ) releaed on 2011 17th, August Smile For Me released on May 4th, 2011


Mini Album Vol.1 released on June 25th, 2013 Star Light (indies) released on January 26th, 2011


I-Dream released on March 25th, 2015 Nextage released on July 15th, 2012

Digital Singles

Bomb Bomb Bomb released on September 11th, 2009

Shu-I’s Music Videos

SHU-I are well known as a boy group promoting in 2 countries, South Korea and Japan. Therefore, the singles they released also have 2 versions, South Korean and Japanese. For more details, let’s take a closer look at SHU-I’s music videos and their concepts in the section below! On March 21st, 2012, SHU-I released their Japanese single titled “Hitorijime” along with the music video which was uploaded on the official YouTube channel, Avex. Each member wore a matching black and polka-dotted suit and danced in a white hall with wing filter effects flying there.

In 2011, SHU-I released one of their Japanese singles titled “Smile For Me”. The music video was taken outdoors in a large park with some cute dogs playing with each member there. Not only that, every member wearing a casual outfit looks very cheerful by doing cheerful choreography according to the upbeat song. The “Smile For Me” music video also looks very cute because each member plays with the little dog.

In July 2013, SHU-I came up with one of their Korean singles with the title “Don’t Be Down”. The song is one of SHU-I’s comeback singles and is promoting again in South Korea. In the music video, SHU-I members look very energetic with upbeat music and make their performance even more powerful. Besides that, their costumes in this music video also look fierce and manly.

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