In the midst of many groups that started their careers and invited fans, there is a female duo that made their debut in 2016 with a very unique concept: they are CocoSori. Just hearing the name really attracts attention because it sounds different from the common K-Pop groups, right? If you don’t know about CocoSori, the members, songs, and their career journey, let’s check out the detailed information provided in this article below!

CocoSori’s Group Profile

CocoSori (Hangul: 코코 소리) is a Korean female duo that debuted on January 5th, 2016, under MOLE Entertainment with a single titled “Dark Circle” (Hangul: 다크 서클). CocoSori is arguably one of the duos that debuted in Korea and tried to be different from the others with their unique concept. Debuting as a duo in the midst of a fierce music competition that mostly comes from boy groups and girl groups, made CocoSori have to put in some extra efforts to invite fans. Over the past two years, CocoSori have released several singles, such as “Dark Circle” (Hangul: 다크 서클), “Exquisite!” (Hangul: 절묘 해), “Mi Amor”, and even a Japanese single titled “Itoshi no Māmeido” (愛 し の マ ー メ イ ド). CocoSori also have various social media to keep in touch and upload some of the latest content for fans, such as a YouTube channel (CoCoSoRi 코코소리), Daum Café (cocosori), and Twitter (@cocosori22). To get to know CocoSori better, let’s take a look at the information below about the members’ full profiles! CocoSori’s Coco’s Full Profile Real Name: Lee Coco (Hangul: 이코코) Stage Name: Coco (Hangul: 코코) Place and Date of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA, March 25th, 1991 Star Sign: Aries Height: 163 cm (5’4″) Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs) Blood Type: A Position in the group: Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae Official Sites:

Instagram (@rilaccoco) Twitter (@rilaccoco_) YouTube (Rilaccoco) tv (rilaccoco)

CocoSori’s Sori’s Full Profile Real Name: Kim So-ri (Hangul: 김소리) Stage Name: Sori (Hangul: 김소리) Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, July 21st, 1990 Star Sign: Cancer Height: 163 cm (5’4″) Blood Type: O Position in the group: Vocalist Education: Sangmyung University (Dance major) Official Sites:

Twitter (@bonosorii) Instagram (@lovesori_) YouTube Channel (Sori not Sorry!)

After undergoing a career as a female duo for 2 years, MOLE Entertainment announced the disbandment of duo group CocoSori. Through the group’s official Facebook, Mole Entertainment gave news about CocoSori’s disbandment. They also explained details about their conflict with Coco Lee. Coco is known to make false statements and slander the agency and Sori on her personal Instagram. The agency finally sent a document to Coco that contained a breach of contract for slandering the agency and asked Coco to openly apologize. But a while ago, through her attorney, Coco actually said that she didn’t want to apologize. The agency hopes that this conflict can be resolved amicably, and Coco can terminate her contract without getting caught up in the law. However, because Coco’s post has been widely spread and discussed on media portals, many fans have written hateful comments against the agency. Therefore, the agency cannot resolve this conflict amicably by simply deleting posts and videos on Coco’s account without an apology. Even though they are a small agency, they are not “bankrupt” like Coco said. Although they have not been successful financially like other agencies, the agency is aware of the obligations under the contract. They supported Coco beyond what other Korean agencies should have done. The agency has given various lessons to Coco as a singer at agency fees, and also provided accommodation when Coco was not in promotion. The agency also provided a monthly salary until the agency felt that Coco can support herself with activities outside the agency. The agency did not even ask to share the profits from Coco’s outside agency activities. The agency supported Coco’s solo debut by providing the composer and music video maker she wanted even though it cost a lot of money and was also considered less profitable because of the genre of the song. The agency also supported Coco’s independence with her YouTube channel. Even though the company did not receive financial benefits, the agency still celebrated the success of the channel. The case of violating Coco’s contract has created a conflict between the agency and TV station. Coco preferred her YouTube channel over the scheduled TV broadcasts, and that broke the contract. As a result, the agency had to apologize repeatedly. When Coco asked CocoSori for a comeback, the agency was put in a rather difficult financial situation. The agency then started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the single “Mi Amor”. However, after promotional activities ended, Coco stated that she did not want to be a professional singer anymore, and the agency respected this decision. But a few months later, Coco reported that she had a good song and wanted a solo comeback. Again, the agency respected her and complied with her wish to record despite knowing that this would not be a financial success. Suddenly, Coco changed the song to another song when the recording was almost finished. The agency continued to appreciate and support Coco by recording another song and delaying the release of her previous song.

Coco’s statements about Twitch and other media are untrue. She and her friends argue that she finished “Sugar Cake” without agency support. Coco wanted everything according to her wishes and the agency paid what she wanted. It was sad to hear Coco state that the agency chose Sori for her love after everything the agency had done for Coco. The agency did not reveal Coco’s solo debut to Sori, and vice versa. The agency was not obliged to disclose each artist’s plans to anyone other than the artist herself. Therefore, Coco’s protest against this was absurd. It’s disappointing that Coco feels regret about Sori’s professional career decision. Coco also made claims about the agency’s poor management of the “Sugar Cake” CD problem while she did a good job. In fact, the real conflict was because Coco always postponed fanservice, one of which was Skype with fans that hadn’t been implemented yet. Coco seemed to have no time for fans, while she did fan meetings overseas and sold CDs without the agency knowing and did not disclose the profit. Recently, she also conducted an interview without giving notice. Over the past 4 months, she has repeatedly been involved in slander, giving a negative image and tarnishing Sori’s reputation. To put it simply, Coco’s problems were already numerous, but the agency still supported her despite business losses. Not wanting to hurt fans, the agency wanted to resolve the conflict on the condition that Coco would reflect, correct her statement and apologize. If Coco posts her apology on her private social message, the two parties will reconcile without going to court. If you go to court, the agency can get large compensation through breach of contract. But they think that the reputation of their agency and artists is more important. For those who have posted articles about Coco slandering the agency and Sori, the agency requested that they remove or correct the content in the next 14 days. The agency will take legal action against those who choose to continue their actions. The agency also apologized for the conflict that has disappointed fans. From now on, there are no future CocoSori activities. As Coco said, the agency will do its best until justice is served.

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