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Real Name: 劉以豪 / Liu Yi Hao English Name: Jasper Liu / Ryu ( Japanese stage name) Previously Known As: Max Birthdate: August 12, 1986 Birthplace: Taiwan Height: 180 cm Weight: 68 kg Profession: Actor, Model, and Musician / Guitarist. Years Active: 2008 – present. Star sign: Leo Blood Type: A Family: Cousin/actor Xie Cheng Jun Talent Agency: Eelin Modeling Agency Ltd. Instagram: @ryu19860812


  1. He changed his first name to Jasper when he found out that Max is a common name for a dog
  2. Because of his cute smile, he gets called “Taiwan’s Most Adorable Boyfriend”.
  3. Liu’s signature hair is known as “Broccoli hair”. It started after his role in 2011’s idol drama “In Time With You” and he kept it a long time. He’s even been given the nickname “Village Chief of Broccoli Village”.
  4. He is known for his role in the SETTV original series Pleasantly Surprised, as Louis Fu Zi Jie. He’s also known for his roles in the feature films Take Me to the Moon and More than Blue.
  5. He can speak Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, and minimal Japanese 6.  Liu started to learn Korean because he wants to appear in Korean shows.

Jasper Liu’s Modeling Path

He first started his career as a model in 2008 when he was in his senior years in University.  He won 3rd place in the “2008 Eelin Male Model Search” contest. But, sadly, his father was highly against him entering showbiz because Liu was unfamiliar with the entertainment industry. Because he doesn’t want to be overshadowed by his father, Liu pleaded to his father, who finally agreed to give him a 2-year time period in the industry. After Liu signed to his agency, in his first three years as a model, he earned an average monthly salary of NT $20,000 (estimated USD $658.00). He started to become more and more famous after he began acting.

Jasper Liu’s Blooming Era As An Actor

He started to be known to people in 2011 after his role as “Mei Nam” in the popular GTV drama In Time With You. His character was known as the handsome male student, but he has curly hair. After the drama, Liu decided to keep the curly hair and the hairstyle became his signature look. After the drama, he kept appearing in other dramas as supporting roles, such as Once Upon A Love and Confucius. In 2013, Liu finally got his first male leading role in Amour Et Patisserie, or The Patisserie With No Name, as Allen. After this drama was finished, he also starred another drama, called IUUI, as Luo Jiahe. In 2014 his popularity started increasing in Japan after he starred as a foreign exchange high school student in one episode of NTV’s franchised mystery drama, Kindaichi Case Files. His career as a leading man keep rising. He starred in the romantic comedy Pleasantly Surprised. He even get a “Best Kiss” award in the 2014 Sanlih Drama Awards because of the scene in the drama that he played with Puff Kuo. Another achievement that he received that year was his theatrical film released in October, 2014, with his first leading role in the film called Once Upon a Love. In November, his second movie, Second Chance, in which he had a supporting role, started playing. Liu’s career kept picking up speed in 2015. He played in I Am Sorry, I Love You, as a ghost. His second drama was When I See You Again, a romantic comedy. The first half in 2016 was a quiet period for Liu, but he kept working on short projects, such as commercial films. Then he got a role in the drama Lost? Me Too: Chloe. In 2017, his film, a nostalgic high school musical romance, Take Me to the Moon, was released in Taiwan. He also filmed a web series in China, Mary Sue and Jack Sue. In 2018 he played in the film More than Blue, which was a remake of the Korean drama by the same name. He also played a role in the drama My Goddess. His latest dramas in 2019 are Before We Get Married and Triad Princess, which are airing on Netflix. Other than just being an actor, Liu is also a guitarist for the Taiwanese indie band Morning Call. He’s featured in films and short films and appears as a model for music videos. In 2018, Samsung collaborated with Liu for the Samsung Galaxy A8. He’s also done shoots and several CFs with other brands and did some dubbing in Chibi Maruko-chan: Italia Kara Kita Shounen.

Jasper Liu and Yoona’s Relationship

When Yoona held a fan meeting on November 11, 2018, in Taipei, she was asked which Taiwanese actors she would love to work with. Yoona responded that she thinks that Jasper Liu was the one on her mind at the time. He then thanked her in hangul and mentioned Yoona (@yoona__lim) in his Instagram story, and started to follow Yoona’s Instagram. Not long after this short interaction, they met each other at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards on November 28, 2018. Yoona helped with translating Korean to Chinese to him, since she’s known for her fluency in Chinese. on November 30, 2018, Liu uploaded a selfie with her. In his caption he wrote, “I’m so grateful to YoonA. While the ceremony was going on, she knew that there was a lot that I couldn’t understand, and she so kindly explained it in Chinese for me. She’s really great at Chinese and so amazing! Thank you for taking care of me. Please give a lot of love to our projects. YoonA’s film ‘Exit’ is coming out!”  he also added a hashtag which translated as  “I’m on ‘study Korean hard’ mode now.” https://www.instagram.com/p/BqzPiaiAfY7/   Liu was asked by AsiaOne, after the 2018 AAA, “How was meeting Yoona ?” and he answered that when he first met Yoona he was already in awe, because she is really beautiful and he never imagined meeting her in real life. He hoped he can work with her in the future. The latest update about Jasper Liu is these photoshoots that he updated on his Instagram

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Jasper Liu and Lee Seung-gi to as MC in New Korean TV Show

Liu has gained many fans because of his movie’s success in South Korea. That popularity has given him the chance to collaborate with Lee Seung-gi, an actor, MC, and musician in a new variety show. The theme of the show is  “Your Star Visiting Your World”. This show will take both of them traveling around South Korea to meet their fans. Their fans will serve as their tour guides and show the stars all their favorite places. Based on OSES statement, the show would be produced by the creators of SBS’s Running Man and Netflix’s Busted!!. The preliminary name of the show is T(W)ogether. Lee Seung-gi and Jaspe Liu’s respective agencies have agreed to work together in this show, based on Hook Entertainment’s (Lee Seung-gi’s Agency) clarification, but the details have not been decided yet. There’s a rumor that the show will air on Netflix, but neither Lee Seung-gi’s Agency nor Netflix confirmed or denied whether that’s true. This was all about the amazing Jasper Liu. Don’t forget to share!

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