Dating issues often keep many people and fans curious. Some dating among idols is considered a scandal when in fact it’s just normal human life. Some labels in South Korea even have contracts to avoid their idols being involved in dating issues. However, JYP Entertainment’s founder, J.Y. Park, swayed this event. He even stated that their idols are allowed to date. Some artists under their label have been confirmed dating officially in the past, like Suzy. Let’s check Dahyun’s dating rumors along with her career! Keep reading!

TWICE’s Dahyun’s Has Never Dated Publicly

JYP Entertainment initially prohibited their artists from dating in their early careers, but some of them keep breaking the rule. So, JYP discounted the dating ban from the first five years to only the first three years. TWICE debuted in 2015, which means their careers are more than three years old already, so dating for TWICE’s members isn’t banned anymore. Jihyo, the lead vocalist of TWICE, also confirmed a relationship before. However, Dahyun is not yet looking to date in public and has not confirmed any relationship.

TWICE’s Dahyun’s Dating Rumor With Cha Eun-woo

Rumors between Dahyun and Cha Eun-woo started when they were paired in MBC’S The Imaginarium- Replies That Make Us Flutter. Cha Eun-woo is a member of the idol group Astro and is also an actor. He is also popular with a charming, good-looking, and warm personality. So, many people ship this duo as a cute couple. During the clip’s shooting, Dahyun and Cha Eun-woo made adorable and natural interactions, so many fans saw that they could be interesting couples. On the show, Dahyun and Cha Eun-woo also found out that they came from the same high school, Hanlim Multi Art School. Then, Cha Eun-woo initiated to speak with each other casually. So, Cha Eun-woo called Dahyun by her name while Dahyun called him oppa (brother). In response, Cha Eun-woo blushed and Dahyun couldn’t look him in the eyes. They were both looking cute and laughing together. Since this episode of MBC’s The Imaginarium- Replies That Make Us Flutter, people kept imagining them being together because their chemistry made people smile. However, there’s no proof about their real relationship, and both of their labels have no official statement about this. It looks like that their relationship is just business and of casual friends until now. You might also like: Are TWICE’s Dahyun and ASTRO’s Eunwoo Dating? Here Is What You Need To Know About Their Relationship!

TWICE’s Dahyun’s Ideal Type

Dahyun’s ideal type is someone that has similarities with her father, is reliable, loves her parents, and also loves her. Moreover, she stated that the character Yoo Jung in the webtoon Cheese in the Trap is possibly close to her ideal type. The character is portrayed as a caring person and is affectionate.

Male Idols That Are Shipped With Dahyun by Fans

Dahyun is possibly single and not in a relationship, but fans keep shipping her with male idols that match their perspective. Some idols like BTS’ Jimin somehow always appear and are mentioned by people or their fans. Both TWICE and BTS are popular groups that make people happy when they think of the members getting together. However, it’s just fan-made. Related to male idols, Dahyun even became one of the broadcasters for MBC’s Idol Star Athletics where idols join athletic championship games like SEVENTEEN, iKON, ASTRO, The Boyz, and NCT 127. Dahyun was spotted cutely controlling the male idols without realizing it. She said, “The athletes are warming up at the moment” while the male idols were only standing in a row. However, all of the male idols saved Dahyun from embarrassment by doing exactly what she said. They started stretching and moving their bodies. It was also found out that Dahyun didn’t see what was happening and was only reading the transcript she had at the time. Adorable Dahyun! That is all about Dahyun’s dating history. Do you think Dahyun is single or in a relationship right now? Put your comment below and share it on Twitter, too. Don’t forget to always support Dahyun and TWICE along with her career.

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