Gayoon’s Profile

Name: Heo Ga-yoon (허가윤) Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, May 18th, 1990 Year Active: 2009–present Labels: Cube Entertainment, Yuleum Entertainment, BS Company Associated With: 4Minute, 2yoon, Mystic White Instagram: @gayoon_heo


In 2yoon, she was the main vocalist. Gayoon has been taking vocal lessons since her second year in middle school. She loves writing lyrics, singing, and watching movies. Gayoon has made several TV appearances such as Light and Shadow (2012), Me Too, Flower! (2011), My Friend Is Still Alive (2013), and Let’s Eat 2 (2015). Gayoon participated in SM’s 9th Best Singer Contest and won second place. She was also involved in the group project Mystic White with SISTAR’s Bora, KARA’s Jiyoung, Secret’s Sunhwa, and After School’s Lizy.

Jiyoon’s Profile

Name: Jeon Ji-yoon (전지윤) Place and Date of Birth: Suwon, South Korea, October 15th, 1990 Year Active: 2009–present Labels: Cube Entertainment, JS E&M, Jenyer Production, Drift Entertainment Associated With: 4Minute, 2yoon Instagram: @jenyerjiyoon


In 2yoon, she was the lead vocalist. Jiyoon is afraid of heights. She always wakes up early and does yoga to take care of her body. She can speak basic English and Japanese. Jiyoon attended Byeongjeom High School. When she became a solo artist, she started using JENYER as her stage name.

2yoon’s Official Debut

Basically, 2yoon was formed under Cube Entertainment as the first subunit of 4Minute and they are also known as the one and only. The members of the subunit include Gayoon and Jiyoon who are famously known for their amazing vocal skills, according to their position as lead vocalists of 4Minute. 2yoon made their debut on January 17th, 2013, with the release of the hit mini-album Harvest Moon, as well as the lead single “24/7.” The idea for creating 2yoon came up after Gayoon and Jiyoon appeared together in the 2011 United Cube in London. At that time, the fans also thought that the two of them looked like twins, not to mention that their names were similar, as well as their matching abilities in singing. Meanwhile, the group made their debut performance through M! Countdown on January 18th, 2013. Not only that, but the mini-album includes five tracks such as “Nightmare,” “Why Not,” “Black Swan,” “SeSeSe,” and “24/7.” 2yoon successfully made their debut and emphasized their vocal skills, which also gained them a lot of compliments from the fans. The group was active from 2013 to 2016. Music Video Debut

Debut Stage

Live Performance

Where Are They Now?

  Unfortunately, 2yoon only lasted for three years. 4Minute’s disbandment in 2016 also marked the ending of 2yoon. Both Gayoon and Jiyoon separated, taking different paths in the entertainment industry, as well as moving to different agencies. Currently, Jiyoon is known as a solo artist with the stage name JENYER signed under the label JS E&JM. For her solo debut, Jiyoon released the single “Day and Night,” followed by her collaboration single “Cliché” with Samuel Kim. And also, her latest mini-album was released in May 2019 with the title The Moment I Loved. Then recently, she was constantly uploading content through her YouTube Channel with the name Magazine: Yoon Project! Watch the latest video, here:

  Meanwhile, Gayoon has been pursuing her acting career after changing several agencies. Currently, she is with Yuleum Entertainment. She has appeared in several dramas after becoming an actress such as Daddy You, Daughter Me, Too Hot to Die, The Drug King, and the latest was Search Out! Even though people have known her as an idol-turned-actress, Gayoon has proven her acting skills nicely since she also dreamt of being an actor in the first place. Please, kindly comment on your favorite era of 2yoon in the comment section below!

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