He’s none other than Stray Kids’ Han Ji-sung. Han Ji-sung or we can just call him by his stage name, Han, was born on September 14th, 2000, in Incheon. He is one of the four members of Stray Kids who was born in the year 2000 along with Felix, Hyun-jin, and Seung-min. As we said before, Han is such a multi-talented idol in Stray Kids. His main position is rapper, but he can also sing, and recently he got to sing parts in Stray Kids songs. Han also writes lyrics for his rap, and composes songs from before he had debuted with Stray Kids, where he and two other members, Chan and Chang-bin, formed a rap trio called 3RACHA. Han used the name J.One, the J represents his name Jisung and One represents the meaning of his family name, Han, which means “one” in Korean. Even after he debuted with Stray Kids, he continued developing his skills even more and never fails to amaze us. Let’s get to know Han from Stray Kids better!

Han’s Profile

Name: Han Full name: Han Ji-sung English name: Peter Han Date of Birth: September 14th, 2000 Birthplace: Incheon Position: Main Rapper Height: 169 cm Blood Type: B MBTI: ISTP-T Agency: JYP Entertainment

Han’s Pre-Debut Story

Han was born and raised in Incheon until his family moved to Malaysia and he spent his childhood and teenage years there. In Malaysia, he used the name Peter as his English name. He also learned English, thus becoming the one member of the four Stray Kids members who can speak English. In some of the reality shows where Stray Kids are invited as guests, or when Stray Kids post video content on their official YouTube Channel, Han sometimes talks about his experiences in Malaysia. Like how he likes Bak Kut Teh, how he had a scary moment with his dad on a jungle tour, or the fact that he likes Malaysian street food. After living in Malaysia for four years, Han came back to Korea for an exam. He actually didn’t want to go back to Malaysia because his dream was to become a singer. So he made a deal with his parents: if he didn’t make it he would go back to Malaysia and study. In the end, Han passed the audition at JYP and impressed them with his rapping. In 2014, Han officially joined JYP Entertainment as a trainee and trained for around three years. In 2017, he had a group or subunit with Chan and Changbin called 3RACHA, and became one of the contestants of Stray Kids.

Han’s Debut with Stray Kids

Han was revealed as one of the nine participants of the Stray Kids survival show in 2017 that was aired on Mnet. Before that, he was one of the members of the rapper group 3RACHA along with Bang Chan and Changbin. During the Stray Kids reality-show era, Han was showing hist best to perform as a rapper. He teamed up with different members for each mission but he managed to come out with a great performance. As a result, Han could finally debut as a Stray Kids member. Stray Kids made an official debut on March 25th, 2018, with the title track “District 9” part of the mini-album titled I AM NOT. Let’s take a look at the MV of “District 9”!

The live performance is also something that you shouldn’t miss!

Han, along with other Stray Kids members, received the first win a year after their debut with the song titled “Miroh”!

Han with other Stray Kids members

As a social butterfly person, Han is close to the other Stray Kids members. Especially to those who were born in 2000, the same year as him, which are Hyun-jin, Seung-min, and Felix. Han is also close to Chan and Changbin since they were teamed up as 3RACHA from their pre-debut days. Minho once said that Han is the closest member to him since Han knows him very well. Han is also close to I.N, the youngest member of Stray Kids and treats him like a little brother. Stray Kids’ YouTube Channel shared the content “Two Kids Room” where two members of Stray Kids talk about a story they share together. From that, we have learned that Han and Hyun-jin didn’t have a good relationship in the past. Even during the Stray Kids reality-show era, the two still didn’t like each other! Let’s take a look at some of Han’s interactions with the other Stray Kids members!



Just knowing the fact that Han is so friendly towards other Stray Kids members really touches our hearts, right?

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