You might also like: The Controversies Surrounding Stardom Entertainment In this article, we are going to provide you with detailed information about a member of EvoL who is still actively working in the entertainment industry. Even though the girl group that succeeded in making her name popular and experience promotions as an idol is declared disbanded, there are still various open venues for her to try and take new opportunities for a career in the future. Well, if you don’t know who is EvoL’s visual named Hayana, let’s take a look at EvoL’s Hayana’s full profile, fun facts, her career journey, and her latest news in this article below!

Full Profile of EvoL’s Hayana

Real Name: Kristine Yoon Stage Name: Hayana (Hangul: 하야나) Birthday: October 11th, 1993 Star Sign: Libra Height: 169cm Blood Type: A Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual Official Sites:

Instagram: hayanamusic Twitter: krisssyoon YouTube channel: hayana 하야나

Fun Facts about EvoL’s Hayana

EvoL’s Hayana’s Visual

The visuals possessed by one of the former members of EvoL, Hayana, are believed to have natural beauty because she debuted at a very young age and there was a phase where Evol’s Hayana’s puberty brought her to change with a natural glow up process. If you are curious about how EvoL’s Hayana’s face changed naturally and got even prettier over time, let’s take a look at her visual starting from her appearance as a member of a girl group and moving to her latest appearance to date! When she debuted as a member of EvoL, Hayana was 19 years old. A very young age for an idol to debut and try their best to start a career in the entertainment industry. The photo above shows EvoL’s Hayana during her promotion era with the group. Even though it’s just a selca that is made into a one image collage, EvoL’s Hayana has natural beauty even with the expressions she makes on the selca. EvoL’s Hayana also looks very unique with her appearance when undergoing her schedule as a K-Pop idol. She appeared with a hairstyle in two different colors, which are blonde and brown on the other side. Even though she was still a young idol when she debuted as a member of EvoL, Hayana has a tall body and also looks mature for idols her age. Even when she was promoting as a member of EvoL, her face seemed to have a glimpse of similarities to A-Pink’s Naeun. Because she was still a teenager, EvoL’s Hayana had baby fat in her face area which made her look a bit chubby. But that is one of EvoL’s Hayana’s charms because she can look sexy but also cute at the same time. What still had to be honed when she debuted first was her confidence to appear in public with a different and unique girl group concept. While EvoL were still busy performing and promoting their songs, EvoL’s Hayana who had the position as the visual of the group, certainly had the responsibility to be the member who is most often in the middle and shows the image and concept of the group. With a unique appearance and also a strong appearance on the stage, EvoL’s Hayana looks very confident with the concept presented. She is also one of the members most often seen posting selcas to social media to just interact with fans. The member, whose real name is Kristine Yoon, does look like a K-Pop idol from another country because she has facial features like a half Asian half American. If we look at the old selcas uploaded by EvoL’s Hayana, maybe her face is a bit like Yoon Mirae. Even when her pre-debut photo could be seen on the internet, EvoL’s Hayana showed her innocent and beautiful visuals since she was a teenager. With the bangs covering her forehead, she looks like a normal kid and looked very cute when she was little and had not yet made her debut as an idol. One of the selcas she has uploaded to social media also shows the natural beauty of EvoL’s Hayana. On the other hand, everyone who sees this photo must be reminded of a member of A-Pink, which is Naeun. From certain angles, EvoL’s Hayana does look similar to some K-Pop idols and it is proven that she has a natural beauty and has always been attractive. EvoL’s Hayana’s current appearance has also changed drastically since she made her debut as a K-Pop idol. Hayana, who is currently active as a solo artist and is still making several songs that will be released later, also turns out to be a more mature appearance and looks different from her promotion era back when she was a member of a girl group. Hayana looks more beautiful and also attractive with her current appearance.

EvoL’s Hayana’s Focus Fancam

  In this section, we are going to present you with EvoL’s Hayana’s focus fancam that was successfully uploaded! In 2015, Hayana was seen in the David 5th fan meeting which was held in French by an indie solo artist from South Korea, and incidentally, at that time, Hayana was present as a guest star and did an acoustic performance delivering one of the singles popularized by Rihanna, which is “Umbrella”. With a casual outfit, she sang the song with her sweet voice.

Still at the same event, Hayana showed her singing skills as a former idol and also a member of EvoL. This time, accompanied by the piano, she sang a song that had been popularized by Ariana Grande, which is “Almost”.

On September 12th, 2012, Hayana, who was at the time undergoing one of her schedules with EvoL, appeared to be present with the other members to do a performance at Lotte World. With her unique appearance, because in that era she had two different hair colors, she looked confident with her look and sang beautifully. Well, that’s all the information that we have prepared for you about EvoL’s Hayana, and also her activities while promoting as a member of an idol group in South Korea. Even though she is currently on hiatus from the entertainment industry, fans can still see new updates on her social media, especially on Instagram (hayanamusic) because she is active there uploading her daily activities in pictures and videos. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned on Channel-Korea for more interesting articles from the entertainment industry!

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