EvoL comprised 5 talented members, such as Jucy, Say, Yull, Hayana, and J-Da. In this article, Channel-Korea has prepared some detailed information about one of the EvoL members, which is Kim Yeon-joo or also known as EvoL’s J-Da: from her full profile, to fun facts, to taking a closer look at EvoL’s J- Da’s visual, focus fancams, re-debut as an Oh!Bliss member, and her latest news. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about EvoL’s J-Da in this article below!

EvoL’s J-Da’s Full Profile

Real Name: Kim Yeon-joo (Hangul: 김연주) Stage Name: J-Da (Hangul: 제이다) Birthday: January 11th, 1994 Star Sign: Capricorn Height: 167 cm (5’5″) Blood Type: O Position in the group: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae Official Sites:

Instagram (NiceYJ_) Twitter (kkkkkimyeonjoo)

EvoL’s J-Da’s Fun Facts

EvoL’s J-Da’s Visual

EvoL’s J-Da who was the youngest member of the group, had her own unique charm which was easily visible in her strong image while she was performed on stage. Like in one of the photos above, which shows EvoL’s J-Da performing in the “We Are A Bit Different” era. In this performance, EvoL’s J-Da wore the same outfit as in the music video. Appearing different and unique from other girl group concepts, EvoL’s J-Da has curly hair and bold makeup with eyeliner that makes a strong impact on her visuals. If you look at the photo above, of course, there are some changes in EvoL’s J-Da’s appearance in this picture. EvoL’s J-Da is promoting their next comeback with “Get Up”. Still having a strong and fierce concept as a girl group, EvoL’s J-Da wears streetwear that fits perfectly with her image with a white jacket and also a black inner shirt and pants. Unlike other girl groups, EvoL can be said to be one of the girl groups that debuted in 2012 with a boyish concept. EvoL’s J-Da also has a new hair color, blonde, which makes her appearance look more sexy and mature at the same time. The picture above shows another EvoL’s J-Da performance on stage. While most girl groups usually wear skirts, EvoL’s J-Da has been seen performing several times in trousers or shorts, like in the photo above. However, the photo above shows EvoL’s J-Da’s performance with a more feminine concept because she wears white high heels and a transparent black outfit with a ribbon accent on the front of her body. EvoL’s J-Da also has a different hair color in this photo by having a natural-looking black hair color. EvoL never disappointed their fans when they were performing on stage. EvoL’s J-Da also has her own charisma that seems strong, she also has a very ideal proportional body with a tall and slim body. In the photo above, we can see EvoL’s J-Da wearing another piece of streetwear with jogging pants and a black tank top, and accessories like a half-blazer covering the shoulders. Not only that, EvoL’s J-Da’s look is very attractive because her accessories from head to toe look suitable and give a feminine and boyish impression at the same time. Since no longer actively working as a K-Pop idol, we can see some changes in EvoL’s J-Da’s visual. One of the members who held the position of maknae in EvoL has her own charisma since she debuted as a K-Pop idol. Maybe some people will think it’s a shame that she doesn’t use her abilities as an entertainer. However, currently, EvoL’s J-Da is still actively using her social media to interact with fans and upload her newest pictures. Do you still recognize EvoL’s J-Da’s visual in her newest selca above? What do you think about EvoL’s J-Da’s visuals?

EvoL’s J-Da’s Focus Fancams

Many focus fancams can be found on YouTube, which are usually fans who upload videos where their favorite K-Pop idol is performing on stage. Focus fancams have been widely known by K-Pop fans and usually, they watch the focus fancams from the performances held, such as busking, concerts, comeback stages, or any other event that invites the K-Pop group. You have to watch EvoL’s J-Da’s focus fancams to see her performances while promoting with the group.

On September 8th, 2012, EvoL performed at Lotte World with their debut single “We Are A Bit Different”. In the performance recorded as EvoL’s J-Da’s focus fancam, we can see the youngest member of the group performing optimally on stage. Even though she was only 18 years old at the time, she had already ventured to appear strong on stage. The outfit she wears also shows her good body proportion and maybe many have been interested in EvoL’s J-Da since her debut with this appearance.

On January 13th, 2013, EvoL again attended another event and performed by bringing another single titled “Magnet”. Previously, the members were seen wearing the same costumes during the music video, but in this performance, the EvoL members looked more relaxed by wearing casual outfits, which the members might have chosen themselves. EvoL’s J-Da also looks very beautiful with her medium blonde hair and also the outfit worn in this performance with a t-shirt, black trousers, and an army jacket, again showing her boyish yet feminine appearance. What do you think of EvoL’s J-Da’s focus fancams?

EvoL’s J-Da’s Re-debut As a Member of Oh!Bliss

After promoting and debuting as a member of EvoL, J-Da re-started her career and re-debuted as a member of a girl group named Oh!Bliss. This girl group has 5 members including J-Da who re-debuted, but decided to use her real name Yeon-joo when promoting as a member of Oh!Bliss. This girl group debuted on October 17th, 2016, under JT Corea Entertainment and is best known for their single titled “Bunny Bunny”. Oh!Bliss (Hangul: 오블리스) has a mission as a girl group that will bring happiness in the future through their music. Oh! Bliss’s Yeon-joo of course also has good hopes for starting her new career in this girl group. But sadly, Oh!Bliss has not continued any activities since 2017 and every promotion stopped suddenly as if this girl group just disappeared from circulation without any official statement given by their management.

EvoL’s J-Da’s Latest News

After debuting as an EvoL member and continuing her career as a member of Oh!Bliss, there has been no further news or further updates about J-Da or also known as Kim Yeon-joo. The last activity or promotion she did as a K-Pop idol was when she debuted with Oh!Bliss, but according to previous information, the girl group that debuted with a single titled “Bunny Bunny” just stopped all activities in 2017. It can be assumed that Kim Yeon-joo is now living her life as a non-celebrity and she is also still frequently updating her daily activities on Instagram. Don’t forget to follow her social media to keep up with Kim Yeon-joo’s latest news! Well, that was all the information about EvoL’s J-Da that you should know. Even though EvoL’s J-Da or known as Kim Yeon-joo is no longer active as a K-Pop idol anymore, let’s give support and love to Kim Yeon-joo so she can live her days happily. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for more upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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