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Full Profile of EvoL’s Jucy

Real Name : Kim Joon-hee (Hangul: 김준희) Stage Name : Jucy (Hangul: 쥬시) Birth : Incheon, South Korea, April 24, 1992 Star Sign : Taurus Height : 167cm Blood Type : O Position : Main Rapper Official Site :

Instagram ( jucysofresh ) Twitter ( jucy_kim ) YouTube ( xX쥬시Xx )

Fun Facts about EvoL’s Jucy

EvoL’s Jucy’s Visual

Being a member of EvoL, Jucy also has visuals that can be said to be very good and within the criteria for an idol. To get to know more about EvoL’s Jucy as the most talented rapper in the group, let’s take a look at EvoL’s Jucy’s visual in the session below! EvoL’s Jucy is known as a member who has good potential as a member of an idol group. With her pre-debut achievements, she was also featured in a project on Sudden Attack which is an online game released in South Korea. The appearance or visuals of EvoL’s Jucy from the past also look very eye-catching. This member who was born in 1992 has a small body posture and is also a standard height, but her appearance also looks mostly fierce. Known as a member who has the position as the main rapper of the group, she is usually very synonymous with a fierce appearance and often wears an all-black outfit to present an image with a music genre usually known as hip hop or RnB. However, EvoL’s Jucy also has another personality as a woman who can also look cute and innocent. In the selca she took in the photo above, EvoL’s Jucy looks very cute with her hair tied in two, bangs on her forehead, and also a duck-face facial expression. EvoL’s Jucy is also known as one of the members who has short hair. She has changed her hair color several times, but blonde is one of those eras where EvoL’s Jucy looked completely identical to her look. At first glance, EvoL’s Jucy also has a face or appearance that is somewhat similar to After School’s Rania. But, still, they are different idols and also have different identities. EvoL’s member, whose real name is Kim Joon-hee, is also seen often taking selfies and showing her visuals for fans to interact through the selca posts she uploads. Wearing a white sweater and natural make-up, EvoL’s Jucy looks cute and innocent from the selcas she uploaded for her fans. It is very different from the image when she has to perform in public with her group, but on average, the selcas she uploads have the image of a female idol who is innocent and seems cute. From the appearance of EvoL’s Jucy who is usually seen on stage, many think that the member who plays the rapper of the group has a friendly personality and can also distinguish her identity when she has to appear on stage for performances with songs from EvoL and also when she is interacting with her fans. EvoL’s Jucy is able to put on a spectacular performance as an idol. Not only promoting with one concept but EvoL’s Jucy has also been seen several times with her latest appearance with a hairstyle and outfit that she must wear when performing on stage. If seen from the photo above, EvoL’s Jucy is doing a comeback stage which was held at MBC’s Show Champion which was broadcasted in 2013 along with her girl group. From the captured photo, EvoL’s Jucy appears with a catchy outfit with a blonde hairstyle and red ombre at the ends of her hair, showing the cheerful and active side of the member who has the name Kim Joon-hee. Her current appearance can also make other people not realize that she has grown into a more mature woman who has transformed into a different Jucy from when she debuted with EvoL. Even though she is currently undergoing a solo career with various activities on social media, Jucy still provides the latest updates for her fans through every content she uploads on her official accounts such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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