On this occasion, Channel-Korea will introduce you to Hayoung’s full profile, visual, and even her latest news. So, stay tuned and keep reading!

BADKIZ’s Hayoung’s Full Profile

Name: Kim Hayoung (김하영) Stage Name: Hayoung (하영) Birthday: September 12th, 1996 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 170 cm Weight: 50 kg Zodiac: Virgo Chinese Zodiac: Rat Blood Type: – Nationality: Korean Occupation: Singer, Korean idol Genres: K-rap, K-Hip-Hop, Mannequin Years Active: 2018–present Agency: LOUDers Entertainment and ZOO Entertainment (Left) Group: BADKIZ (Hot Place) Instagram: haha_o96 (inactive)

BADKIZ’s Hayoung’s Fun Facts

Hayoung is the only BADKIZ member who never participated in any single. Hayoung got a position as a sub-vocalist, Lead Dancer, and Main Rapper. Hayoung was revealed by the former agency of BADKIZ, which is ZOO Entertainment, on September 20th, 2018, by a post containing Hayoung’s handwritten letter. Before joining ZOO Entertainment, Kim Hayoung was the artist under HEM Entertainment in 2018.

About BADKIZ’s Hayoung’s Personality

Hayoung was a member of BADKIZ who seems to have a fierce personality even more so as she was the rapper of the group. But behind it all, Hayoung is a good person who has a good and cheerful personality.

BADKIZ’s Hayoung’s Focus Fancam

The term Fancam is already known pretty well among K-Pop fans. Fancam itself stands for Fans Camera, where K-Pop fans record performances of their favorite idols and groups. K-Pop fans record their idols’ performances at music shows or music festivals, and they record them by using their own cellphones or cameras in standard or high quality. After making the recording, they usually share the video by uploading it on YouTube. Usually, if their favorite idol is a group, they would record it in two parts. First, they will record it with full fancam special for the group, and then they would make a video or a fancam focused on one of their favorite members. And of course, BADKIZ are no exception to this fancam phenomenon, where the fans upload each member’s appearance, for example, Hayoung. Her fans recorded her performances and then shared the videos on YouTube, like some of the fancams below!

BADKIZ’s Hayoung’s Visual

Despite being the rapper and the main dancer, Hayoung also has a beautiful face and a unique visual. Hayoung has small eyes and sexy lips, especially when she’s on stage she looks more appealing. She also has chubby cheeks and a cute face. So, here are some of her photos that show her amazing visuals! The photo above is taken by one of her fans. In the photo above, Hayoung is on the stage holding a mic. She looks even cuter in that photo! The photo above is a photo taken by fans when BADKIZ were busking in Hongdae. Hayoung wears an eye patch on one eye and she looks like a fierce pirate! This last photo was taken when Hayoung was at the airport wearing a thick purple sweater. Hayoung’s face looks fresher and more natural.

BADKIZ’s Hayoung’s Latest News

Hayoung joined BADKIZ after Monika’s departure. On April 6th, 2018, BADKIZ released their new single titled “Just One Day” with a change in the lineup of members that are always changing because some of the members had decided to leave. A few months after the release of the single or when BADKIZ were promoting, Hayoung reportedly joined the group and this was announced directly by the agency through an upload containing Hayoung’s handwritten letter. This is what the letter looks like: Before BADKIZ changed their name to Hot Place and released a single album in March 2019, it was already confirmed that Hayoung had decided to leave the group for reasons that remained explained. After her decision to leave the group was revealed, until now, there haven’t been any news updates regarding Hayoung’s new schedule or projects, even her Instagram account seems to be inactive. That’s all about a former BADKIZ member Hayoung. Please, don’t forget to kindly drop a line with your thoughts about this article in the comment section below!

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