Full Profile of Nayeon

Birth Name: Kim Na-yeon (김나연) Stage Name: Nayeon (나연) Date of Birth: May 15, 1996 Age: 24 years old Zodiac Sign: Taurus Height: 161 cm Weight: 42 kg Blood Type: B Occupation: Singer Years Active: 2014 – present Label: Asia Bridge Entertainment, CJ E&M Music Associated With: Berry Good Instagram: nayeonk96 YouTube: Nayeon’s Channel

Fun Facts About Nayeon That You Need To Know

Nayeon attended Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA) In January 2015, Nayeon left the group to finish her studies She loves to watch movies One of her specialties is writing lyrics Nayeon’s ideal type is someone who gets close to her first and someone who can give her an infinite love In 2017, Nayeon appeared on Idol School, a talent show aired by Mnet

About Berry Good’s Nayeon’s Personality

Nayeon was known as someone who loved to work hard and focus on her goals. This is also proven through her big decision to leave Berry Good in order to finish her studies. Eventually, Nayeon returned to pursue her dream as a singer by participating in Idol School as well as making a bunch of music content on her YouTube channel!

Ex-Berry Good’s Nayeon’s Focus Fancam

Although Nayeon’s focus fancam while she was in Berry Good is quite hard to find, we can see other performances by her through a singing compilation! Mostly, her performances were recorded during Berry Good’s “Love Letter” era. With her iconic ponytail hairstyle and adorable appearance, Nayeon definitely looked stunning!

Ex-Berry Good’s Nayeon’s YouTube Channel

Nayeon opened up her YouTube channel in 2018! Her first video was uploaded in October 2018, and it was a song cover performance. Basically, her channel is mostly filled with song cover videos, but there are also other videos such as challenges, daily vlogs, and many more! Let’s take a look at Nayeon’s latest content from her YouTube channel here:

Nayeon showed off her adorable charms through her song cover performance of Red Velvet’s “Rookie!” With the upbeat and cheerful music, Nayeon expressed her delight during the singing performance which also reminded us of her appearance on Idol School! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GquN62xbAcE Nayeon made a song cover performance for “Two Words” which was originally performed by Red Velvet’s Wendy! It is also a part of the soundtrack for the K-drama Start-Up as well. The ballad song suited Nayeon’s soft voice really well, especially when she made it to the high notes!

Next, Nayeon amazed us with her soft angelic voice through a song cover of BLACKPINK‘s “Lovesick Girls!” She made a kind of acoustic version with a slow beat. Nayeon also looked passionate during her performance which made the viewers enjoy her video even more!

Nayeon’s Activities After Berry Good

After her departure from Berry Good, Nayeon focused on finishing her studies. A few years later, she surprised people with her appearance on the talent show Idol School in 2017. Even though she didn’t become the first winner, Nayeon gained the final rank of #20. Later on, she opened up a YouTube channel as her platform to show off a bunch of great vocal performances!

That is all of the information about Nayeon! Although her journey with Berry Good was cut short, people could still listen to her angelic voice in her videos on YouTube. Let’s always support her and look forward to her future career!

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