Are you familiar with one of the members who was born in 1992 and has the position of leader of Blady? If not, let’s check out the detailed information about Pyeon Kangyoon starting from her full profile, to her fun facts, visuals, career journey, and the latest news, in this article below.

Blady’s Kangyoon’s Full Profile

Real Name: Pyeon Kangyoon (Hangul: 편강윤) Stage Name: Kangyoon (Hangul: 강윤) Birthday: July 26th, 1992 Star Sign: Leo Height: 167.8 cm Weight: 50 kg Blood Type: B Position in the group: Leader, Vocalist Education:

Shinkwang Girls’ High School Shinhan University, Department of Performing Arts, Acting Major

Official Site: (@xoxok_kyoon)

Blady’s Kangyoon’s Fun Facts

Blady’s Pyeon Kangyoon’s Visual

K-Pop idols are famous for their amazing visuals and outstanding appearances. Mostly among K-Pop idols who have debuted with girl groups or boy groups, they do have visuals and appearances that are included in the quality of their respective agencies. Just like the demands of work, K-Pop idols must look fresh and also have a good body proportion in order to attract the public’s attention. Are you curious about Blady’s Kangyoon’s visual and appearance? Well, let’s find out more in this article below! Pyeon Kangyoon, who was a member of the original lineup of Blady, seems to represent the concept of the girl group from her visuals and looks at that time. You can see from the two photos above, Blady’s Kangyoon’s appearance while promoting with the group. She definitely looks really cute with a pink big ribbon on her hair wearing a casual dress and high heels that match well with the dress. You can also see from the photos above, when Blady’s Kangyoon was performing and her fans caught a photo of her on stage. She displays the idol aura well by dancing energetically. However, did you notice something? From the first and second photos, did you spot something different in Blady’s Kangyoon’s face? The photo above also shows the body proportions as well as the visual of Blady’s Kangyoon who was recently spotted in a photoshoot. By wearing a denim blouse and black short pants, she looks definitely stunning with this look. Especially with her new hairstyle that keeps changing, this hairstyle seems to suit her with a greenish ombre hair at the end and bangs. From the photo above, you can take a quick hint that it is Blady’s Kangyoon’s appearance in a music video. She looks naturally beautiful like Korean girls in general, she also has quite big eyes which make her look like a character from an anime, right? Blady’s Kangyoon is also very humble and she often shows a very sweet smile. Now, Blady’s Kangyoon’s recent appearance is just like this. She looks even so much younger than before, since her appearance with Blady, as she left the group in 2015. Let’s assume that Pyeon Kangyoon pays more attention to her looks and appearance even more since she works in the entertainment industry. Although there are some significant changes in appearance from the previous pictures, can you spot the differences in appearance that Kangyoon has made since her debut in Blady? What do you think about Blady’s Kangyoon’s visual?

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