BOL4’s Ji-yoon’s Profile

Stage Name: Jiyoon (지윤) Birth Name: Woo Ji-yoon (우지윤) Position: Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Guitarist, Maknae Date of Birth: January 6th, 1996 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Nationality: Korean Height: 160 cm (5’2″) Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs) Blood Type: A Instagram: @bssazzzn  

BOL4’s Ji-yoon’s Facts

Yeongju, South Korea is her hometown and the place she was raised As she is shy in real life, she represents the ‘blushing’ part of BOL4 Her rectangle smile is her trademark She can do a vocal mimicry of a woodpecker She is quite good at dancing, particularly at girl group dances Regarding her ideal type, she said, “I like a person who can cook well. I don’t care about his looks.” She was born in the Year of the Rat (1996) Her birth flower is Carnation and it symbolizes pride, beauty, admiration and gratitude, fascination, distinction, and divine love Her life path is number 5 and it represents ‘The Free Spirit’ and values adventure, movement, as well as changes Her birthstone is Garnet and it is a symbol of faith, love, and constancy Her zodiac sign is Capricorn


BOL4’s Ji-yoon’s Pre-debut Story

Ji-yoon, born in 1996, is one year younger than her former group-mate, Ahn Ji-young. She has a shy nature, but she is a naturally hard-working person and that is enough to steal the public’s attention. Ji-yoon and Ji-young are friends since childhood. They both grew up together and became friends in high school in Yeonju, Gyeongsangbuk-do. In 2014, with their special musical talents, they decided to team up as a band (with two other friends) and participated in the SBS singing competition show, Superstar K6.

Their neat medley performance and Ji-young’s soothing voice awed the judge including Davichi’s Kang Min-kyung that episode. They managed to pass the audition stage and move to the next room.

Their specialty is doing the cover and sometimes medley of famous songs from K-pop and international artists. They have special talents of making any song become their own.

They even made it to the big stage and lasted up to episode 13. Ji-yoon mostly took part in playing musical instruments and guitar in the show. She sometimes also filled the back-up vocals for Ji-young. Her versatile musical skills and talents have made her stood up amongst the other contestants. After the show, she along with Ji-young received contract offers from various agencies before settling with Shofar Music. Ji-yoon and Ji-young then decided to sign a contract as a duo with the same name their band used on the show.  

BOL4’s Ji-yoon’s Debut

Ji-yoon and Ji-young debuted under the name Bol4 or Bolbbalgan4 (pronounced Bolbbalgan Sachungi) which stands for Blushing Youth. They said that the name of the group stands for their desire to make the kind of pure, honest music that can only be found in adolescence. Ji-yoon represents the ‘blushing’ part of the name because she has a shy personality in reality, while Ji-young represents the ‘youth’ part because she acts like an adolescent girl. They debuted on April 22nd, 2016, with the release of the single “Fight Day.” The song is a reminiscence of a relationship that went on a rough patch.

The song received many compliments from the listeners and their fans. Many have praised their musical abilities: “This song makes me miss the ex-boyfriend that I never had…” a netizen commented. “I’m so addicted to them. I’m gonna buy her albums,” said another netizen. “I’m falling in love with their song and her voice oh my god I like their songs,” said another.

Their stage performance usually involves Ji-yoon sitting and playing the instruments while Ji-young is standing and singing.   Growing up together since childhood made Ji-yoon and Ji-young not feel awkward when working. They released songs that were both involved in producing and enjoyed musical recognition through their popular hits throughout the years before Ji-yoon decided to leave the duo and pursue a career on her own.

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