In 2011, Coed School was divided into two subunits, F-ve Dolls and SPEED. SPEED debuted with a single titled “Homage to Lovey Dovey,” a remake of the popular song by T’ara. One of the SPEED members, Kwanghaeng stood out from the other members due to his handsome look and tall figure. Most importantly, Kwanghaeng was famous for his rapping skills. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about SPEED lead rapper Kwanghaeng. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile

Name: Lee Kwang-haeng Stage Name: Kwanghaeng Date of Birth: January 20th, 1990 Height: 186 cm Weight: 70 kg Education: Baekseok Arts University Blood Type: AB Zodiac: Aquarius Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Snake Twitter: ccmkwang Position: vocalist, rapper


Kwanghaeng’s favorite sport is Basketball He loves exercising, reading, and watching movies One of his unique hobbies is imitating other people Halo’s Inhaeng is his younger brother Kwanghaeng terminated his contract with SPEED in 2012 He was one of the original members of Coed School Before debuting as an idol, Kwanghaeng already performed as a dorky young barista in the 2010 SBS drama Coffee House

Debut with Coed School

Kwanghaeng debuted with Coed School alongside nine other members. Coed School debuted with “Too Late” in September 2010. Coed School was a dance-pop group under the management of Core Contents Media that also managed popular groups such as T’ara and Davichi. Coed School consisted of ten idol members: four female and six male members.

Active as a SPEED Member

After debuting with Coed School, Jungwoo continued his activity as a SPEED member alongside the other male members: Kangho, Kwanghaeng, Taewoon, Noori, and Sungmin. SPEED performed live for the first time when promoting T’ara’s hit single “Lovey Dovey” in February 2012. SPEED had several formation changes until their disbandment. Kwanghaeng was the first SPEED member to leave and chose to pursue an individual career. MBK Entertainment removed the SPEED official profile page from their website and apparently, it marked the official disbandment of SPEED.

Disbandment and Future Activity

In 2011, two subunits of Coed School were formed. Each group consisted of only male members, SPEED, and female members, F-ve Dolls. SPEED released their debut album which was a remake version of T’ara’s popular single, Lovey Dovey. SPEED held their first stage performance when promoting “Lovey Dovey-Plus” on the KBS2 Music Bank. SPEED was lucky because of the support of senior artists of their label company. SPEED made frequent line-up changes throughout their relatively short lifespan. Old members left while new members were swiftly recruited. Kwanghaeng left SPEED in September 2012. In November 2015, MBK Entertainment took down the official profile page of SPEED and F-ve Dolls. Even though there was no official announcement, fans realized that it was meant as SPEED’s disbandment. That was all the information about Kwanghaeng. Find out more, detailed information about other SPEED members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles.

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