If so, let’s find out more about one of the DreamNote members in this article. One of them is the Lead Rapper of DreamNote who is now inactive because she decided to leave the group. Want to know who she is? Well, she is DreamNote’s Habin! Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about DreamNote’s Habin by scrolling down below!

DreamNote’s Habin’s Full Profile

Real Name: Yoo Habin (Hangul: 유하빈) Stage Name: Habin (Hangul: 하빈) Place and Date of Birth: Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, March 10th, 2002 Star Sign: Pisces Blood Type: O Height: 165 cm (5’5″) Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs) Family Members: Parents and Sister Education:

Anhwa Middle School Anhwa High School Baekje University of the Arts (Department of Practical Dance/Bachelor’s Degree)

Active Period: DreamNote (November 7th, 2018–September 6th, 2019) Position in the group: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist Official Site: Instagram (y._.ooha)

DreamNote’s Habin’s Fun Facts

DreamNote’s Habin’s Visual

Surely some of you are already familiar with DreamNote, right? Yes, the girl group that debuted in 2018 has indeed started to experience an increase in popularity from their career. Beside that, DreamNote are also known as a girl group that has members with beautiful visuals. To get to know one of the former members of DreamNote who also has beautiful visuals, let’s check out the details of DreamNote’s Habin’s visual in the section below! DreamNote’s Habin is a member who was born in 2002 and is also the youngest member. With a fresh and cute appearance, it would be appropriate if DreamNote’s Habin gave an image of a cute and funny young person. Moreover, with looks like the picture above, DreamNote’s Habin looks cheerful with a shoulder-length haircut and bangs that cover her forehead. She looks like a big smile like choding, Korean slang which means an adult who looks childish, right? The former member who used to have a position as the lead rapper also naturally has her own aegyo. At a fan meeting, DreamNote’s Habin looks very cute by posing with v-shaped fingers and smiling widely while her eyes are closed. She looked very cute with the all-blue outfit that she wore when she came to the fan meeting. Who doesn’t melt seeing the cuteness of DreamNote’s Habin in this picture? Beside that, DreamNote’s Habin has the characteristics of a small face and also a charming wide smile that captivates the heart. From the photo above, you must be captivated by the smile of DreamNote’s Habin, right? She seemed to be holding a heart-shaped lollipop while smiling broadly, showing a row of teeth. DreamNote’s Habin also has a very beautiful eye smile which seems to be one of her charms. DreamNote’s Habin also has a normal body proportion, not too thin and not too fat. She has a stable weight and is also healthy. Therefore, she always looks cheerful and shining because she is happy with her ideal weight. In the picture above, we can see DreamNote’s Habin who still looks cute while wearing an outfit that seems like a high school uniform and also has a cute hairstyle. This iconic hairstyle that she has seems to match her image that looks cute and fresh as always. The high bangs that cover half her forehead seem to be boosting her idol-self out and make her shine. DreamNote’s Habin also has a smile that can easily steal the attention of many people and it looks addictive when you see DreamNote’s Habin’s bright smile, right? What do you think about DreamNote’s Habin’s visuals?

DreamNote’s Habin’s Focus Fancam

A focus fancam is usually a collection of videos recorded by K-Pop fans when they attend certain events, such as a fan signing event, a busking, a concert, or many others as their support when their favorite K-Pop group performs. To get to know DreamNote’s Habin more closely, let’s check out DreamNote’s Habin’s focus fancams in the section below! On July 28th, 2018, DreamNote had a busking performance located at Konkuk University Lotte Department Store by bringing a dance cover of “Playing With Fire” from BLACKPINK. In this focus fancam, we can see DreamNote’s Habin who is still promoting with her group and wearing a casual streetwear outfit with a white crop top, black short pants, and boots which made her appearance looks very cool!

On April 7th, 2019, DreamNote attended Guro’s fan signing event and interacted directly with fans who were there. Beside interacting with their fans, DreamNote also had the opportunity to promote their latest comeback and get various cute gifts from fans. It can be seen from the focus of the fancam, DreamNote’s Habin also looks very cute when playing with the toys she received from her fans.

On June 11th, 2019, DreamNote came and did a performance for tbs’ anniversary with one of their songs titled “My Hobby is You”. In this performance, DreamNote’s Habin looks cheerful and also has longer hair than before. If previously she was seen with shoulder-length hair and bangs half-covering her forehead, now she seems to have long hair and she is slightly similar to Oh My Girl’s Seunghee who always looks cheerful and bright!

On June 17th, 2018, iMe KOREA held a showcase by presenting members of DreamNote to perform at the event. You can also watch DreamNote’s Habin singing “Who am I” with a performance that amazed many people with the girl group that was about to debut at that time. DreamNote’s Habin also looks very cool with a casual outfit while wearing a blue denim jacket and a black crop top.

On April 20th, 2019, DreamNote held a Mokdong Fan Signing Event and DreamNote’s Habin was also seen there while joking with the fans. The interaction between fans and K-Pop idols is certainly one of the most awaited things. Especially when your favorite K-Pop idol is very playful and also good like DreamNote’s Habin. What do you think about DreamNote’s Habin’s focus fancams?

DreamNote’s Habin Left The Group

On September 6th, 2019, iMe Korea as the agency that oversees DreamNote reported that Habin and Hanbyeol decided to leave the group due to personal reasons. Not long ago, Habin had just resumed her activities after taking a short break due to an ankle injury. This shocking news came from the Korean music industry. Two girl group members were simultaneously announced to have officially left the group, namely Habin and Hanbyeol who left DreamNote. However, the pain in her ankle did not go away, so she could not keep up with the work until she was fully recovered. After a long discussion, it was decided that Habin would completely leave DreamNote for the sake of recovery. “We’re sorry to announce the sad news to fans who have been looking forward to DreamNote. Please keep your support and enthusiasm for the future of DreamNnote, as well as Habin and Hanbyeol,” iMe Korea said. DreamNote officially debuted on November 7th, 2018, with a song titled “Dream Note”. Then they made a comeback in 2019 with the song “Hakuna Matata”. Now DreamNote only consists of Boni, Youi, Lara, Miso, Sumin, and Eunjo.

DreamNote’s Habin’s Latest News

After Habin decided to leave the group, she is reportedly now focusing on living her days as an ordinary person and also taking the university entrance exam. At a young age, former DreamNote member Habin began to enter a new chapter as a student. If you look on Yoo Habin’s Instagram, then you will get some photos or videos of her latest daily activities. Yoo Habin who started her career as a K-Pop idol also takes her time to do hobbies, such as dancing in a studio with her fellow friends. Currently, Yoo Habin is living her days as a non-celebrity and focusing on studying as a student of Baekje University of the Arts. Even though she has decided to temporarily postpone her career as a K-Pop idol, let’s support Yoo Habin in her current activities, and hopefully, she can return to the entertainment industry as soon as possible! Well, that was all the information about DreamNote’s Habin who is now a former member. We were able to get to know DreamNote’s Habin from her profile, fun facts, visuals, focus fancams, to her career journey. Let’s give support to Yoo Habin, hope she stays happy with what she is doing now, and if we are lucky, we’ll be able to see her appearance as a K-Pop idol again in the future. If you like this article, please don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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