Well, let’s check out the detailed rundown of everything about former DreamNote member Hanbyeol to get to know her better!

Full Profile of Ex-DreamNote’s Hanbyeol

Real Name: Ahn Han-byeol (Hangul: 안한별) Stage Name: Hanbyeol (Hangul: 한별) Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae Place and Date of Birth: Saha District, Busan, October 13th, 2003 Star Sign: Libra Height: 164 cm (5’4″) Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs) Blood Type: A Family Members: Parents and a younger brother Education:

Janglim Girls’ Middle School → Seongseo Middle School Seoul Performing Arts High School Practical Dance Department (withdrawal)

Fun Facts about Ex-DreamNote’s Hanbyeol

DreamNote’s Hanbyeol’s Visual

As the youngest member of DreamNote, Hanbyeol managed to steal the attention of fans with her natural beauty. Beside that, she also looks very cute with her proportional face shape and can be said to be very small. Let’s take a look at the section below to see the beauty of DreamNote’s Hanbyeol as the maknae of the group! DreamNote’s Hanbyeol always looks cheerful wherever she is. Even at the fan signing event that was held on December 9th, 2018, she was seen giving a smile to the fans who came to the event and interacted directly with her. Even though they were still a rookie group at the time, DreamNote’s Hanbyeol arguably already had the talent for aegyo and was cute most of the time. The stylist of DreamNote also provides an appearance concept that is very suitable for Hanbyeol when she has to promote with the group and introduce herself to the public as a K-Pop idol. From the photo above we can see her very cute appearance with a beret hat and a hairstyle that gives her an innocent impression. The make-up worn by DreamNote’s Hanbyeol is always natural and not excessive so it can show the charm of her visual to her fans well. Not only appearing with one hair color, but DreamNote’s Hanbyeol has also appeared with a new, very light hair color, which is purple. Her long hair looks really cool and looks different than usual which makes her appearance even more outstanding. Not many K-Pop idols have ever had purple hair, but you can see that DreamNote’s Hanbyeol’s appearance with this hair color looks very cool. With a small face and often seen with a charming smile, of course, girls will envy the visuals of DreamNote’s Hanbyeol. The member who was born in 2003 and is only 18 years old does have the talent and satisfies the beauty standards for a K-Pop idol because she looks cute and is also beautiful. Even so, unfortunately, she had to stop her career as an idol because there were many concerns she had to face at a young age, especially when she had to work in the entertainment industry.

DreamNore’s Hanbyul’s Focus Fancam

DreamNote’s Hanbyeol has more or less promoted with her group for 1 year since she debuted and managed to captivate fans with her looks and professionalism while working as a K-Pop idol. During her career, she also received positive attention and response from fans who managed to capture the moments when she performed through focus fancams. Let’s take a look at more of DreamNote’s Hanbyeol focused fancam collection in the section below! DreamNote’s Hanbyeol has the nickname Maknae On Top because she had good talents and skills even though she is very young. The focus fancam above shows one of her performances with the group when promoting their debut single titled “Dream Note” which was broadcast on MBC’s Show Champion in November 2018. DreamNote’s Hanbyeol looks energetic and cheerful with a sporty look themed outfit in white. On April 7th, 2019, DreamNote’s Hanbyeol was present at a fan signing event during her comeback era with the group. Unlike the previous appearance concept, DreamNote’s Hanbyeol is seen with the hair color changed to ashy purple. She also shows her charming side in the focus fancam above. When receiving gifts and also interacting with fans who brought cameras, DreamNote’s Hanbyeol showed her aegyo and was not shy about smiling as a form of the fanservice she provided.

On October 9th, 2018, DreamNote attended a busking held in Myeongdong, during which the girl group that debuted with 7 members delivered a cover dance performance of  BLACKPINK. With the streetwear outfit she wore, DreamNote’s Hanbyeol seemed to really enjoy her performance with the other members when she danced the choreography to BLACKPINK‘s “As If It’s Your Last” and switched to the next performance by bringing “Boombayah” with a modified choreography. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IlrRPsFKgI On November 24th, in the focus fancam above, we can see DreamNote’s Hanbyeol and the other members doing a busking performance with their debut single “Dream Note” in Hongdae looking very cheerful. The maknae, who is now a former member, also shows a smile every time which becomes her charming point.

DreamNote’s Hanbyeol Left The Group

DreamNote members Habin and Hanbyeol decided to leave the group. On September 6th, 2019, iMe KOREA as the agency of DreamNote announced, “Habin and Hanbyeol will end their activities as DreamNote members for personal reasons.” Hanbyeol, who joined the entertainment industry at a young age, has continued to share various thoughts with the agency regarding her future. The agency determined that Hanbyeol needs time with her family to think about her future in various directions rather than participating in activities in the entertainment industry. Therefore, the final decision was reached that Hanbyeol would end her activities with DreamNote and return to everyday life to rest. iMe KOREA also explained Habin and Hanbyeol’s decision to leave the girl group at the same time as well as the fans who supported them, “We are sorry to announce the sad news to the fans who have been waiting [for DreamNote]. Please show lots of encouragement and support for DreamNote’s future activities, as well as the future of Habin and Hanbyeol as they prepare for new beginnings.”

Where is Ex-DreamNote’s Hanbyeol Now?

After she officially left the group in 2019, the former member of DreamNote Hanbyeol has been out of the eyes of the public and there are no news about her. It can be assumed that when idol members decide to leave their group, they usually return home with their families and live their daily lives as non-celebrities. Then, she won’t be able to use the stage name like before and will be better known as Ahn Han-byeol in the future. Ahn Han-byeol was active as a member of DreamNote from November 7th, 2018, and quit her career in the entertainment industry on September 6th, 2019.

Before deciding to end her career as a member of DreamNote, Ahn Han-byeol completed her studies in middle school and graduated when she also debuted as a K-Pop idol. The moment when Ahn Han-byeol graduated from school in February 2019 was successfully recorded by her agency. Beside that, the members who are her sisters in the group sent messages and videos when Ahn Han-byeol graduated and bought flowers for her. DreamNote members also took the time to come to Han-byeol’s school and celebrate her graduation together. Well, that’s all the information that we have provided for you about the former member of DreamNote—Hanbyeol. The youngest member of the girl group is a brave girl who made her debut in the entertainment industry when she was still in school. Even though there are many challenges and concerns that must be overcome, of course, there are many experiences that can be taken by Ahn Han-byeol in the future and return to live her daily life as an ordinary citizen. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more of the Channel-Korea upcoming articles!

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