In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about F.Cuz’s LeeU, or M.Pire’s Lumin. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of LeeU

Name: Lee Seunghyun Stage Name: LeeU Date of Birth: March 20th, 1990 Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea Height: 179 cm Weight: 65 kg Blood Type: A Zodiac: Aries Religion: Buddhist Position: Main vocalist Education: East Seoul University, Applied Music Department Twitter: @Lusyndrome Instagram: @lumin_official

Facts about LeeU

-LeeU is the oldest son of Seol Woondo, one of the four Kings of Trot -His mother is Lee Soo-jin, a Korean movie star -LeeU has one younger sister and younger brother -He decided to pursue a solo career in 2011 and later joined M.Pire by the name of Lumin -His nicknames are Lumini and BossLu -He was famous for his good looks even before debuting with F.CUZ -Japanese pop singer Takeru is his close friend -He participated in a hidden camera program as one of the accomplices in pranking his famous father -LeeU and his father sang at Legendary Mask Singer 2 in 2015 – LeeU was often bullied by schoolmates because of his weight. At the time, he weighed 98 kg and his height was 150 cm – He endured grueling diet programs and shed 36 kg. After losing weight, he has never been bullied again -He went to the United States to learn about songwriting when he was a junior high school student

Pre-Debut Story

LeeU’s interest in music came from his father, Seol Wondo. He used to be bullied by his schoolmates because he was overweight. He lost weight after only one month of diet. Due to his love for music, at a very young age of around 15 years old, he gained permission from his father to study songwriting in the United States. He left Korea when he was studying in Junior High school and returned when he was a senior high school student. He followed his father’s activities and learned from him about being an artist and musician. Before debuting with F.Cuz, LeeU was active as a singer under the name of U.

Debut with F.Cuz

F.CUZ’s debut was announced on December 6th, 2009. CAN&J Entertainment released the individual profiles of each member through short videos. In the videos, each member showed their strongest individual talent as an idol. The much-anticipated debut came after the videos of all the members were introduced to the public. On December 15th, 2009, F.CUZ debuted with the single album Jiggy. Jiggy was officially released on January 8th, 2010. F.CUZ performed “Jiggy” for the first time on KBS’ Music Bank. In early 2011, F.CUZ embarked on promotional events in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Solo Activity

LeeU was the first FCUZ member to terminate his contract with F.CUZ. CAN&J Entertainment announced the departure of LeeU on May 21st, 2011. F.CUZ stated that LeeU and F.CUZ had different musical styles and LeeU had decided to pursue an individual career. Although the official departure was announced in May, LeeU stopped his activity after promoting Never Let You Go in Japan. After leaving F.CUZ, LeeU participated in musical concerts and wrote songs as he started his solo career.

Re-debut with M.Pire

LeeU joined another idol group, M.Pire and changed his stage name to Lumin. M.Pire was a seven-member idol boy group under the management of CMG Entertainment. M.Pire debuted with the single album Vampire on August 1st, 2013. He collaborated with Sinsadong Tiger and wrote several songs that became popular. Unfortunately, due to mandatory military enlistment, leader Taehee and member Yooseung stopped their activities with M.Pire. Due to their enlistment, several events were canceled. In 2015, another member, Haru also joined the military service. Tio joined a new group and had his stage name changed. At this stage, it became clear that although there was no official announcement, it seemed that M.Pire was disbanded.

My Ugly Duckling

In August 2019, M.Pire’s Lumin appeared on SBS’ My Ugly Duckling. At the time, Lumin and his father Seol Wondo appeared in an episode with Hong Jin-young’s sister. Seol Wondo introduced his YouTube channel which was operated by his son, Lumin. In the episode, Lumin, his father, and Hong’s sister held a special mukbang episode. Lumin measured the loudness of each mukbang participant when eating spicy food. Seol Wondo playfully threatened Lumin: “The number of subscribers should increase after this mukbang, otherwise, I will cut you from my channel.” Hong’s sister laughed at his comment and praised the father and son chemistry. M.Pire’s Lumin and Seol Wondo performed a live duet on the SBS TV program God Of Trot. The program was broadcast in July 2020. Before the actual performance, God of Trot, Seol Wondo gave a strict and intense training session. He also taught M.Pire’s Lumin about manners during the interview and self-introduction. On the stage, the father and son duet performed “Purple Postcard.” The audience praised the similarity of M.Pire’s Lumin’s vocal character with his father’s voice. That was all the information about F.Cuz’s LeeU, or M.Pire’s Lumin. Find out more information about other F.Cuz members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles.

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