Jisun’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Hwang Ji-sun (황지선) Stage Name: Jisun (지선) Date of Birth: October 17, 1989 Age: 30 years old Zodiac Sign: Libra Height: 165 cm Weight: 45 kg Blood Type: A Position: Vocalist Years Active: 2010 – Present Label: Dream T Entertainment, Enterarts Global, VINE Entertainment, 6Theory Associated With: GIRL’S DAY, New F.O, S#aFLA Instagram: @jiseoniya

Jisun’s Facts

She went to Keukdong College She loves to read, dance, and stretch Jisun can do calligraphy and freestyle dance She doesn’t like hot or cold temperatures Jisun appeared on MBC’s Bouquet Variety Show and Kim Jeong-hoon’s Voice Call Jisun left GIRL’S DAY in September 2010 After re-debuting in another girl group called N.FO, her stage name was changed to JN

Debuting in GIRL’S DAY

Jisun made her debut in the K-pop music industry as a GIRL’S DAY member in July 2010. It also marked the group’s first single “Tilt My Head” that was released with a music video. The single was included on their mini album Girl’s Day Party #1. Other than that, the group also released another single titled “How About Me.” You might like to check out: 9 Years In the K-Pop Industry, What Happened to Girls Day? Unfortunately, Jisun decided to leave GIRL’S DAY in September 2010. One of her reasons was that she wanted to pursue studying music even more and find her musical character. It was also revealed later by Jisun that she thought the music that she was making was more suitable for N.FO’s concept.

Re-Debut With Another Girl Group

After Jisun left GIRL’S DAY, she continued her career in the entertainment industry by re-debuting with another girl group! In 2011, Jisun made her re-debut with a girl group named N.FO (New Five Order) under 6Theory and Enterarts Global agency, and she used JN as her stage name. They released their debut single titled “Bounce” in November 2011. However, the group disbanded in 2012 shortly after their debut due to a lack of commercial success.

Several years later, she became known as Jisun from the group S#aFLA (also styled as ShaFLA) which formed under VINE Entertainment. The group consisted of four members including Jisun, Soohyeon, Yoojin, and Seulki. In S#aFLA, Jisun was the group leader, lead vocalist, main dancer, and rapper.

The group debuted on October 18, 2018, by releasing the album titled S#aFLA NO. 1 with “Ddu-Ru-Ddu-Ppa-Ra-Ppa” as its lead single. The group released their second single “You’ve Changed” in 2019. However, it seems like S#aFLA was disbanded in late 2019 after people noticed that the official account of VINE Entertainment had unfollowed each of the members as well as stopped celebrating their birthdays on social media.

Jisun’s Discography

Jisung’s discography with GIRL’S DAY: Albums

Girl’s Day Mini Album – Girl’s Day Party #1 Girl’s Day – Summer Special Edition


Tilt My Head How Do I Look

Jisun’s discography with N.FO: Singles


Jisun’s discography with S#aFLA: Albums



Ddu-Ru-Ddu-Ppa-Ra-Ppa A Rainy Night You’ve Changed

Jisun’s Latest News

It’s been a while since Jisun was active as a K-pop idol. After S#aFLA disbanded, she hasn’t been involved in other entertainment activities. However, people still believe that Jisun will make another public appearance as an artist sometime in the future. And, don’t worry, you can stay updated on Jisun’s recent activity through her personal Instagram account, @jiseoniya!   Let’s always support Jisun and hope to see another breakthrough project from her in the future! Don’t forget to tell us your favorite era from Jisun through the comment section!

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