That way, Girl’s Day has a lot of history about their career journey together and of course, some members who have been trainees with other fixed members. Many fans regret that Girl’s Day had to undergo so many line-up changes, even though the other former members also have the ability and talent to debut as K-Pop idols, part of girl groups. Former members of Girl’s Day such as Jisun and Jihae have experienced preparations for their debut and have certainly experienced early progress in their careers in the entertainment industry as members of Girl’s Day. However, there is one former member of Girl’s Day, Lee Jiin, whose existence and career as a former member of Girl’s Day might not have been exposed. In this article, we are going to provide you with a detailed rundown of former Girl’s Day member Lee Jiin: full profile, her career journey, and also the latest news. Well, what are you waiting for? Start scrolling down to find out more about Lee Jiin!

Full Profile

Real Name: Lee Jiin (Hangul: 이지인) Stage Name: Jiin (Hangul: 지인) Date of Birth: March 13th, 1992 Star Sign:  Pisces Height: 167 cm Weight: 45 kg Blood Type: O Position: Main Vocalist Education: Anyang Art High School major in Theater and Music Department Official Sites: Instagram (@s2._.hyerii)


Debut as a Member of GIRL’S DAY

Girl’s Day debuted under T Entertainment in 2010 with an initial line-up of five members, including Jihae, Jisun, Jiin, Sojin, and Minah. The five of them made their debut promotions by releasing a single titled “Tilt My Head” (Hangul: 갸우뚱) on July 7th, 2010. However, after two months of promoting and debuting as Girl’s Day members, Jisun and Jiin decided to leave the group to continue achieving their individual dreams.

Just like the promotion schedule for the debut of South Korean girl groups or boy groups in general, Girl’s Day also had the opportunity to promote on music programs broadcast on television and show their talents to the public as well as fans. On July 20th, 2010, Girl’s Day who just made their debut and promotions with “Tilt My Head” conducted an interview with a media outlet. At the beginning of the introduction, this girl group that had an initial formation of five members introduced themselves by, “Hello, this is the rookie girl group Girl’s Day. Would you like to meet us?” The five members of Girl’s Day who entered the girl group competition in the second half of 2010 with their debut song “Tilt My Head,” had been communicating with the public on Twitter since before their debut. Girl’s Day also performed guerrilla performances in front of Hongdae before their debut, and the process of preparing for the debut in a short sentence. They also have been working on making and uploading videos. “What a way to promote only for us. First, I wanted to come up and talk a little more closely. Twitter’s exactly right.” Obviously, the promoting methods of Girl’s Day was a little strange. At first, some people showed reluctance. “There were some people who thought they were weird, and there were a lot of people who just ignored them. Some people looked a little pitiful. But in the end, they started to think like a daughter, like a younger brother, like a friend,” Sojin explained. At first, they were puzzled. The followers who were cold and distant began to cheer for Girl’s Day, and Girl’s Day also continued to increase the number of followers. Just before their stage debut, the number of followers of the five members of Girl’s Day reached a total of 20,000. Most of them were counter-armed opponents. After the first stage of Girl’s Day, followers’ cheers and pungent advice lined up. “The first stage had a lot of deficiencies. There are people who monitor closely and most of them support me, so I quickly robbed myself. I was able to comfort myself, saying, ‘It’s okay because it’s the first time.’ But the second broadcast was really nervous. I wanted to show a better image to those who believed in and cheered me on,” Jiin also shared her debut experience. On the other hand, Girl’s Day’s debut song “Tilt My Head” is a typical electro synth-pop, and was completed in collaboration with Ashtray, a composition combination that participated in the albums of singers Lee Soo-young and Lee Jeong-hyun, Yoo Yeo-hoon and new composer Tommy J. The lyrics expressing the regret of having to tilt their head to an indecisive lover who can’t come close to her even though he likes it, and only looks far and far away, and the aggressive rhythm and harsh synth sound are impressive. Not only that, a month before Girl’s Day debuted, one of the videos uploaded on YouTube showed the appearance of Girl’s Day with five members: Jiin, Jisun, Jihae, Sojin, and Minah, who were busking at Myeondong Palace by performing choreography in the form of a flash mob with one of Lady Gaga’s famous songs titled “Poker Face.” Until now, the video has received 39,284 views on YouTube.

If you’ve never watched Girl’s Day’s debut and seen how the former member of Girl’s Day Jiin was, let’s find out more about their debut stage performance by bringing their debut single, “Tilt My Head.” Play the videos below!


Appearance on tvN’s I Can See Your Voice

Lee Jiin, a former member of Girl’s Day made a surprise appearance in Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice 5. The episode of Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice 5 aired on April 6th, 2018; singers Ha Dong-gyun and Wheesung began to search for the pitch. Ha Dong-gyun and Wheesung pointed out the 2nd mystery singer as a first-year member of the popular girl group as a pitch.

Mystery Singer No. 2 on the stage proved that she is a talented person with solid singing skills and stage manners. Mystery Singer No. 2 was surprised to be revealed as Lee Ji-in, who was a member of ht original line-up of the girl group Girl’s Day. After the stage, Lee Jiin said, “I left Girl’s Day and wandered a lot.” Following this, Lee Jiin said, “I ran hard to became a favorite actress,” and said, “I will become Lee Jiin who does everything hard without forgetting this feeling.” Through her appearance on the show, Lee Jiin said that she did a part-time job at the convenience store and pc room to start over her career from being a K-Pop idol to an actress. Lee Jiin said on Instagram the next day, “#I can see your voice #2 I was so nervous throughout the episode #2, but thank you for editing it beautifully.” Then, “♡ Thank you for making good memories, ICSYV5 Team!”

In Lee Jiin’s performance, she sang one of the songs that were popularized by Chungha, “Why Don’t You Know.” The judges who attended Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice 5 initially guessed who she was and what her job was. The options mentioned included that she is a former member of a K-Pop girl group or sports player. However, there was also a judge who didn’t know her at all. One of the answers from Lee Jiin as a contestant there provided evidence that she was a former idol who was about to re-debut. And after seeing Lee Jiin’s live performance, all the judges and the audience were surprised by her dancing and singing skills. Lee Jiin said, “It’s been 13 years since our debut on the broadcast,” and said that she is a former Girl’s Day member. She debuted with Girl’s Day in 2010 and was active with her debut song “Tilt My Head” and the digital single “How About Me,” but withdrew before the release of their 2nd single. The cast members of Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice 5 were surprised, “Is Girl’s Day a five-member group?” In fact, Girl’s Day debuted as a five-member group, and three others, including Lee Jiin, withdrew. Yura and Hye-ri are members recruited after Lee Jiin left.

Where is She Now?

On August 11th, 2020, Jang Hye-ri, a new stage name for Lee Jiin, held an interview with a source media while they were talking about her future career planning and re-debut as a singer. There is no case without a story for a singer who has experienced ‘re-debut’, but Jang Hye-ri is big enough to fit the expression that the story of her career is well-known. First of all, starting with her career winning 1st place in the 8th SM Youth Best-Visual Contest as a child, she appeared on SBS’ Truth Game in 2003 and appeared as her cousin’s younger brother, and in 2005 she made her face an MC of Ongamenet’s Live Broadcast Hubigo. After that, she made her debut as a member of Girl’s Day in 2010, but soon withdrew. However, even her re-debut with Bebop became uncomfortable, and Jang Hye-ri has been active as an actress and solo singer since 2015 and has been active in various fields, such as K-Drama soundtracks, game broadcasts, web entertainment, and modeling. The place where Jang Hye-ri, who has been through such a long career, finally settled with a new title is a trot singer. The CEO of the company accidentally saw the video of busking while holding the bass again as an accidental opportunity, and Jang Hye-ri was accidentally looking for a new trot singer to sing a new song. Lee Jiin, who appeared in Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice 5 as an expert, and gained a lot of attention with her outstanding singing skills and dance, signed an exclusive contract with Will Entertainment. As a result, Lee Jiin, who has become a member of the family with Jeon Soo-gyeong, Lee Jung-eun, Kim Jae-won, Joo Sang-wook, On Joo-wan, Kim So-eun, and Shin Hyun-soo, who are attracting attention for their strong acting skills, is expected to show off a new leap forward as an actress and a versatile charm. On April 10th, 2018, Will Entertainment, an agency in South Korea signed an exclusive contract with Lee Jiin, they said, “After debuting as a member of Girl’s Day, we raised the efforts and sincerity of Lee Jiin, who has steadily raised her dream by challenging various fields such as band activities, game broadcast MC, and African TV BJ. We plan to provide generous support and encouragement so that our versatility can shine even more so that the time so far is not wasted, and a new leap forward as an actress can be strengthened. Please look forward to seeing Lee Jiin’s actions in the future.” Meanwhile, Will Entertainment includes Jeon Soo-kyung, Lee Jung-eun, Kim Jae-won, Joo Sang-wook, On Joo-wan, Kim So-eun, and Shin Hyun-soo. On February 18th, 2014, Bebop who just made their debut introduced their title song “I’m The Best” of the first mini-album that was released through the music story of Melon, an online music site, and netizens’ attention was focused on them. One of their members, Lee Jiin, who is a former member of Girl’s Day, also re-debuted and joined the three-member pop-rock girl band. As a newcomer in the entertainment industry, Bebop members shared their experience in front of each other and gave obvious praise for each other, but in the middle of the time when they were alone, they were amazed by those who showed their true inner feelings without filtering.

They also shared the lyrics meaning of Bebop’s debut song “I’m The Best.” Members who pretend to be humble and not on the outside reveal their honest inner feelings that, in fact, they think ‘I can’t be without myself’. It arouses their laughter and empathy. An official of Bebop’s agency, HMI Entertainment, said, “We were worried that the group will actually be too exposed to revealing their passion, but we are just grateful for the support in response that it was surprisingly fun. We hope that you will continue to watch with affectionate eyes so that we can grow into a band that communicates with fans in an honest manner in the future,” the agency said. “We will greet you through various stages so that we can show the charm of the pretty band Bebop.” Bebop members’ candid interview video broadcast immediately after the release, was quickly retweeted and shared through various social networks, thus becoming a big issue among netizens who said, “It’s an interview with a shy girl group Bebop!“ “It’s an interview with a girl group called Bebop, and I’m completely honest. It’s fun, so the bread bursts!” “Bebop~! I saw the honest interview well.” “They’re the main ones~ They’re honest, so it’s fun.” Let’s watch Lee Jiin’s performance as the bassist of Bebop as they make their debut stage, with ‘I’m The Best,” on a music program broadcast on television!

Well, that is all the detailed and complete information about Lee Jiin, who many don’t know is a former member of Girl’s Day, a girl group that is famous for the cute concept at the beginning of their debut era until the transformation into a girl group full of sensual and sexy concepts. Lee Jiin has proved to everyone that she is slowly moving through her career as an idol in the entertainment industry by continuing to step steadily on her journey by debuting in a new group and finally getting another chance to start her solo career in 2020. Let’s keep giving lots of love and support to Lee Jiin, who is now becoming famous with her new stage name Jang Hye-ri so that she can be even more successful in the future!

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