HONEYST’s Dongsung’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Seo Dong-sung (서동성) Stage Name: Dongsung (서동성) Date of Birth: April 9, 1996 Age: 24 years old Zodiac Sign: Aries Height: 175 cm Weight: 57 kg Blood Type: AB Position: Leader, Vocalist, Bassist Years Active: 2017 – Present Label: FNC Entertainment Associated With: HONEYST, N.Flying Instagram: @9_6_meng22

HONEYST’s Dongsung’s Fun Facts

Dongsung loves to work out. He also loves to play craft games such as puzzles, board games, and more. He went to N audition in 2011 and became a trainee for six years. HONEYST members thought that Dongsung was a different person every time he smiled. Dongsung thought that his ears are good-looking. He loves Legos and other figures as well. Dongsung was introduced for the first time as a trainee on FNC’s NEOZ SCHOOL program. He used to appear in the reality show Cheongdam-dong 111. Currently, he’s an N.Flying member. N.Flying’s Hoon is Dongsung’s older brother.

Dongsung’s Career Journey

Dongsung started his career journey in 2011 when he went to an audition for FNC Entertainment. He was accepted and continued his journey as a trainee for six years. In 2017, FNC Entertainment introduced him as a NEOZ BAND member which was a project team of FNC Entertainment’s program NEOZ SCHOOL. In NEOZ BAND, Dongsung was the leader and bassist. Later on, NEOZ BAND competed with another project team called NEOZ Dance Team through the survival show named d.o.b (Dance or Band). However, his journey as a NEOZ BAND member didn’t last long since the group disbanded. But, Dongsung’s career didn’t stop there because he and the other NEOZ BAND members made their debut as HONEYST in May 2017! They released their first debut single album titled Like You. The band was quite popular and released another single album Someone to Love in November 2017 as well as several OST appearances. Unfortunately, Dongsung’s golden era with HONEYST ended in 2019. FNC Entertainment confirmed that the band disbanded in April 2019 after two years of activity. The agency also revealed that it was due to creative differences. All of the members separated down their own paths, including Dongsung. After the disbandment of HONEYST, Dongsung’s fans became excited after he was reported to have joined a new group! And, it occurred in January 2020 when Lee Seung-hyub became an N.Flying member. Both HONEYST and N.Flying were raised under the same label, and the members used to train together in the agency which made them good friends. Dongsung made his first debut as an N.Flying member in June 2020 through their sixth album So, Communication. Just like the old times in HONEYST, Dongsung became the bassist in N.Flying!

Dongsung’s Latest News

It’s been several months since Dongsung’s debut as an N.Flying member, and he is still working hard in the group! After releasing their latest album in June 2020, Dongsung and other N.Flying members continued to entertain their fans through song covers, content videos on YouTube, and more!

On Dongsung’s Instagram account, he often updates his recent news so his fans can communicate with him! And, here’s some of Dongsung’s latest updates: Dongsung was being very considerate of his fans by asking them to take good care of their health!

A post shared by 서동성 (@9_6_meng22) on Sep 6, 2020 at 1:56am PDT All of Dongsung’s fangirls out there might become really excited after seeing a bunch of Dongsung’s adorable selcas!

A post shared by 서동성 (@9_6_meng22) on Aug 24, 2020 at 8:24am PDT Dongsung also posted his song cover on IGTV and his amazing talent with musical instruments! Let’s keep cheering for our beloved Dongsung and hope to see a brighter career in his future! Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about him through the comments below!

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