Though the group made several lineup changes along the way, they finally decided to keep the name BADKIZ in 2020. Let’s get to know BADKIZ’s Taeri in this Channel-Korea article below! Keep scrolling down and continue reading!

HOT PLACE’s Taeri’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Taeri (Hangeul: 태리) Birth Name: Im Yeonji (Hangeul: 임연지) Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae Birthday: March 16th, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: Dragon Height:163 cm (5’4″) Blood Type: A Instagram: @ful.llll Twitter: @mirio0o

HOT PLACE’s Taeri’s Fun Facts

– Taeri joined BADKIZ (which at the time was named HOT PLACE) in February 2019. – Taeri has several different nicknames: Imperial, Chinchilla, and Youngest Child. – Taeri’s hobbies are listening to exciting songs, shopping, and watching YouTube. – Taeri doesn’t like flying bugs, surprises, and being nagged. – She is a fan of Mamamoo and considers the group members as her role models. – Taeri left the group in 2020.

About Taeri’s Personality

Taeri is cool and has a confident personality, BADKIZ or HOT PLACE oozes a strong, sexy persona which is different from most of the other girl groups. Taeri can portray the persona in a way that BADKIZ or HOT PLACE whats. Her confidence in dancing through simple yet energetic choreography is quite mesmerizing. Besides, her alluring face really matches the branding of BADKIZ or HOT PLACE that sends cool, sexy in a way, and untouchable vibes. What do you think?

Taeri’s Focus Fancam

Taeri has a strong move, sharp dancing, and also on-point choreography. She has an understanding of how to look good and looks perfect from a stage perspective. Nice and flowy! Don’t you agree? Take a look at the video above!

Taeri’s Visual

Taeri is also part of the visual line of BADKIZ or HOT PLACE which focuses on her ability to draw people’s attention and attract the audience’s eyes to her. Her smile is unbeatable and so gazing. Her posture is also amazing with a well fit and healthy body. What do you think?

Taeri’s Latest News

Taeri decided to leave BADKIZ or HOT PLACE in 2020 along with Sihyun. For almost a year, she had been working as a member of this girl group with Jeje. Rozi, Semi, Hanbit, and Rawhi. BADKIZ had been raising funds through their comeback with the Makestar campaign. Yet in August, their Makestar campaign went down. On October 14th, 2020, they confirmed that the group would disband by writing a letter to fans. Now Taeri is active as a golf professional that works at the Plaza Golf in Sinsa-dong, Seoul, and Busan Myeongji International New Town Seorin Golf on weekdays. She has been uploading many of her activities in playing golf recently. That’s all about BADKIZ’s Taeri and her journey in the entertainment industry. Keep sending positives and support for whatever she is pursuing now! Don’t forget to kindly leave a comment and share your thoughts in the section below!

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