And so does Lee Chang-seon who is better known by his stage name, Lee Joon. This former member of MBLAQ, Lee Chang-seon, was born on February 7th, 1988, in Seoul, South Korea. His career was no doubt pretty successful from a K-pop artist, to an actor in some commercial films including Ninja Assassin. But, are you curious about his love life? According to some information available online, Lee Joon, after deciding to end up his relationship with his former girlfriend, is now still single. Probably, because of his busy schedule starring in the upcoming Netflix original Sea of Silence, along with Gong Yoo and Kingdom actress Bae Doo Na.

Lee Joon’s Dating Rumors

Being an artist means getting ready to have a life exposed to the media. And the love life of an artist is surely always interesting to be exposed. Not only because we are curious but also because we care for our idols. And such is the case with Lee Joon, right? Lee Joon has been involved in several dating rumors. Some of them involved common people. According to the press, in January of 2015, Lee Joon started dating a girl who had been one of his classmates for more than two years. Because she is an ordinary girl, he and those around him are trying not to reveal information about her or their relationship, and they are very careful when dating and hanging out. Meanwhile, at the same time, his agency said that he had a lot of “girl” friends because he majored in dance when he was in high school, and he might want to tell his fans about it and share it with them if he should have a girlfriend. Lee Joon also talked about his former girlfriends when he appeared in a variety show in 2011. He said that he had two girlfriends so far, however, Go Young-wook, a member of Roora, took them. Both of his girlfriends were in contact with Go Young-wook when they were with Lee Joon, which is why he stopped having any contact with those women. Go Young-wook who also appeared on the show could only give a smile. Yet still, Go Young-wook did not deny it.

Lee Joon Talked about His Ex-Girlfriends

In a recent interview, actor Lee Joon talked about being in love, marriage, and meeting his longstanding ideal type, Kim Yu-na. The actor talked about his own love life in a frank manner and said, “I’m 30 and, although I have had girlfriends, I regret not having dated anyone in a deep and meaningful way. When I was a student, I had a lot of emotional ups and downs because of love and cried a lot because of love; however, as I got older and became an adult, my emotions became more subdued and now I don’t really react too much. I think I’ve become that much more sensitive.” He continued, “Besides when I act, I have not cried [since becoming an adult]. Life in the public social sphere is very fierce and, in order to survive, there are rules that need to be adhered to. I think being in that sort of space has made me very sensitive.” Regarding love, Lee Joon admitted, “I don’t think I’ve ever truly been in love before. Marriage seems like a very vague thing to me. I’ve always thought that I would marry someone that I would take a bullet for, but I have yet to feel that, which is why I’m trying to cultivate those kinds of emotions.” Lee Joon’s longstanding ideal type has been former professional figure skater Kim Yu-na and the actor shared an amusing story about a time when he actually met her. He said, “During the Olympics a while ago, I ran into her and I realized how small I could become around people I truly like. At the time, I was with Jeong Jin-woon and [former] SISTAR member Bora. The two of them greeted [Kim Yu-na] while I hid, but then Jeong Jin-woon called me out, so I reluctantly greeted her and told her I was a fan before running away.” He continued, “That was the first time I felt myself become so small. I liked her as a fan but I couldn’t control my own emotions. I would like to become as cool and levelheaded as her. I think that it’s best to have a levelheaded mindset in any and all situations… She’s younger than me but I think I have a lot to learn from her. I respect her greatly.” Meanwhile, Lee Joon also talked about why he has avoided romantic projects and how he’s open to pursuing other career paths after completing his military service.

MBLAQ Members Know the Identity of Lee Joon’s Former Girlfriend?

MBLAQ member Lee Joon confessed that his fellow members know the identity of his ex-girlfriend. When MC Kim Gu-ra asked about his dating history on JTBC’s Idols Premiere, Lee Joon answered his questions honestly. The actor looked as though he had nothing to hide, and confessed that he had dated a girl in the past and that his fellow group members know everything about her. He seemed to be telling the truth, as none of the other MBLAQ members looked surprised upon hearing the news. But different from Lee Joon, ‘farmer idol’ Mir and fellow member Thunder, who are known for their innocent appeal, admitted that they had never been in a relationship. MBLAQ proved that they were rather ‘innocent idols’ with their honest talk with Kim Gu-ra.

Lee Joon’s Current Girlfriend, Jung So-min

Lee Joon and Jung So-min, known as a couple in the drama Father Is Strange (2017), are now a real-life couple! Their agencies gave an official statement about the relationship between the two. Jellyfish Entertainment, the agency that houses Jung So-min, released an official statement regarding the relationship between Lee Joon and Jung So-min, which began in October 2017. “Jung So-min first met Lee Joon as the main cast of the Father is Strange drama, and they started dating in October. We will be grateful if everyone supports their relationship,” Jellyfish Entertainment released. While Prain TPC, Lee Joon’s agency, said, “Lee Joon is currently in a relationship with Jung So-min, whom he met through the Father is Strange drama. They started dating in October 2017, and now they are very supportive of each other.” Some time ago, Lee Joon and Jung So-min were caught on camera shopping at one of the department stores in Pangyo, South Korea, before continuing with dinner together. Lee Joon even reportedly spent five days during his compulsory military service with Jung So-min. Jung So-min and Lee Joon met on the set of Father Is Strange, which ended in August 2017. Through the drama, Jung So-min is known as “Romantic Comedy Queen.”

However, after 3 years of dating, both of them decided to split up and to remain to support each other. As the news spread, since both of them have conflicting schedules they spent a lot of time apart. Well, because of that, they became drifted aways. Thus, they chose to focus on their own careers. Lee Joon will star in the upcoming Netflix drama Sea of Silence, along with Gong Yoo and Kingdom actress Bae Doo Na. Meanwhile, for Jung So-min, as her drama Soul Mechanic has just finished, she is preparing for her next project.

Lee Joon With Hyuna

On June 22nd, 2011, Lee Joon’s name was mentioned in a dating rumor with the female idol who is also a member of 4 Minute, Hyuna. This dating rumor started to spread around the time of HyunA’s solo release “Bubble Pop.” It was reported that during these two idols’ trip from Okinawa, Japan to South Korea using airplanes in a business class, the two of them looked very close to each other. The flight attendant even said that they were engaged in a skinship (Korean expression for a public display of affection or any other intimate touching between two people). A witness on the flight even claimed that HyunA and Lee Joon acted like a college couple. They seemed to enjoy the trip as they were teasing each other, holding hands and leaning on each other’s shoulders. They indeed looked like a cute couple. Regarding this dating rumor, Cube Entertainment stated firmly that they were filming for a scene not dating. Even Lee Joon’s agency confirmed that they were just close friends. However, as the statement from both agencies published no airplane scene ever appeared in the “Bubble Pop” music video. The rumor between Lee Joon and Hyuna is believed to be true because HyunA and Lee Joon had both previously referred to each other as their ideal match through radio and show programs. They even danced as a couple during the 2010 SBS Music Festival, took a wedding photoshoot together, and hosted the show ‘Remote’. Lee Joon who has a reputation for being an honest idol explained that he does not want to date a female idol. And he also stated that he and Hyuna are only friends. Following his explanation, many people started to believe that this is only a rumor. What do you think? Is there something more than just a friend or a business matter?

Lee Joon Completed His Military Obligation!

Lee Joon returned to fans on September 25th, 2019. After completing five weeks of basic military training with high honors, he was assigned to the 8th Battalion. He received the highest results during training among 183 other recruits. Lee Joon has served as a public service worker instead of an active soldier since March 2018, due to his panic disorder.

Is Lee Joon Already Married? Who is His Wife?

Seeing his love life and looking at his last relationship with Jung So-min that lasted for a rather long time, people come to guess and wonder whether they have married or not. This question about Lee Joon‘s marriage is spread also because there are some artists and actors who decide to tie the knot with their partner before they join the military obligation. Further, the celebrities are also cautious about going public if their wives are not celebrities and are unaccustomed to opening up about themselves. But the biggest reason is also the fear of damaging popularity. Numerous celebrities even believe that revealing their marriage means losing their fans. But what about Lee Joon? Well, according to various information provided online, Lee Joon’s marital status is unmarried. He and his former girlfriend were not involved in married life. That was all for the information about Lee Joon‘s love life. If you know any more recent news about Lee Joon’s current girlfriend and maybe his marital status please leave your comments below! Find another interesting story about how Lee Joon and get his toned abs that will make your day hotter, here on Channel-Korea.

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