Sometimes, we only see the good things in K-pop. The glam, the fame, the glamour life. As a fan, or at least for the viewers out there, it’s almost hard to see the real thing behind all the beautiful pictures that are shown in public. What we know is this K-pop group is making a debut or having a comeback, but we don’t know how much they sacrificed for that. That’s why some K-pop groups don’t last long. There are some K-pop groups that don’t pass more than their 7-year anniversary, making the term “7 years jinx” in K-pop somewhat real. There are also some K-pop groups that are left by one or some of their members after 7 years. That’s because the agency offered a contract for 7 years when they made their debut. But in some cases, there’s a K-pop group that doesn’t even last that long. For example, X1 from the Produce 101 series, Gugudan from Jellyfish Entertainment, and this former K-pop group that we’re going to talk about, Pristin. Pristin made their official debut under Pledis Entertainment, the same agency as Seventeen, in 2017. The group had ten pretty and talented members. However, they only lasted for around two years. What a shame for Pledis Entertainment for not keeping them that long. But we’re going to see how good one of the members is, Yehana. Let’s get to know her better by checking out her full story down below!

Ex-Pristin Yehana’s Profile

Full name: Kim Yewon Korean Name: 김예원 Chinese Name: 金譽媛 Stage Name: Yehana Nicknames: Oni, Hanya, Yeoni, Bbangsili (bread’s room), positive girl Birthplace: Ilsan-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Nationality: Korean Education:

Yujin Kindergarten -> Bits Kindergarten Munchon Elementary School Hansu Middle School School of Performing Arts, Seoul

Religion: Catholicism Baptism name: Angela Birthday: February 22nd, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Position: Main vocalist, lead dancer Occupation: Singer, idol Blood type: A Height: 164 cm Weight: 46 kg Family: Parents, an older brother Debut year with Pristin: 2017 Agency: Pledis Entertainment Instagram: @official_pledisgirlz

Ex-Pristin Yehana’s Facts

Let’s see some interesting facts about Yehana down below!

Yehana was the stage name given by the agency, Pledis Entertainment, which means to make everyone as one. Yehana was known as sunshine or the positive girl because she was always smiling and was a happy virus to everyone around her. Yehana was in charge of vocal in Pristin, her vocal range is wide from low to high. Yehana was called the bread’s room because she likes bread and had a baking experience before. Yehana’s English pronunciation is good to the point that people think she is from overseas or has lived abroad before. This is because Yehana really liked English and she studied really hard during school. Besides English, she likes maths and physical education too. Yehana was close to WJSN’s Dayoung, Arin from Oh My Girl, and Idol School participant Cynthia. Yehana didn’t take the 2018 SAT. Yehana has a lot of fear, she was scared when she was at the ghost house of the amusement park. Along with Xiyeon, Yehana was a member who attended SOPA. She was one year above Xiyeon in school. Yehana became a backup dancer for the solo stage of Seventeen’s Hoshi in 2016. Besides liking bread, Yehana said that she doesn’t like milk. The members of Pristin called her Hana for short. Hana means one in Korean and is pronounces as won. So it could be the wordplay of Yehana’s real name, Yewon.

Ex-Pristin Yehana’s Pre-Debut

Yehana—or we can just call her by her real name, Yewon—was just a little girl from Ilsan before she made her first appearance on TV and debuted in Pristin. Yehana or Yewon was born in Ilsan on February 22nd, 1999. She lived and spent her childhood there, along with her family which consists of her parents and her older brother. When she was fourteen years old in an international age, or fifteen years old in the Korean age, Yehana or Yewon’s talent in singing was discovered by Pledis Entertainment, the agency that later debuted her in a K-pop girl group. The only daughter in her family then decided to leave her hometown and went to Seoul to pursue her dream. Then again, her vocal is too good to just be kept for herself. Yewon was so young at that time, she even left her school and attended a high school in Seoul, SOPA, or the Seoul School of Performing Arts. That is the preferred school for trainees, idols, or students who love and want to study the performing arts. Thanks to that, Yewon’s talent in singing has been even better because she was not just training in Pledis Entertainment, but also in school. But things weren’t that easy for her at first. Yehana became a trainee in 2013. But she needed to wait and explore more of her talent for years. In 2014, Yehana got the opportunity to appear in public by becoming the backup dancer for the music video of Orange Caramel, her senior, in a song titled “My Copycat”. In 2016, when some of the trainees of Pledis Entertainment joined the survival program Produce 101 Season 1, Yehana didn’t join due to a teeth correction. But gladly, she was included in the line-up for the new girl group. Although she hadn’t debuted yet, she joined one of the concerts of Pledis Girlz in 2016. Luckily, Pledis Entertainment didn’t waste and hide her talent from the public. In July 2016, a video of Yehana’s performance was uploaded to Pledis Entertainment’s channel.

They also released another song cover by Yehana, “When We Were Young”.

What do you think of Yehana’s performance as a trainee back then? She looked so ready to rock the stage even when she hadn’t debuted yet at that time. Can you imagine she hit the high note even when she was 17 years old at that time? What a talent!

Yehana’s Debut with Pristin

After a long period of trainee life, for more than three years to be exact, the opportunity finally came to her. Yehana made her official debut with Pristin along with the release of Pristin’s new single. Although before the official debut Yehana and other members were shown to the public by performing in concerts of Pledis Girlz, they hadn’t officially debuted yet at that time. On January 6th, 2017, Yehana and other girls who were known as Pledis Girls that whole time, finally got their own name. They announced their official name as Pristin and officially announced the members too. When they first appeared on debut, there were Nayoung, Eunwoo, Jieqiong or Kyulkyung, Kyungwon, Sungyeon, Kyla, Rena, RoA, Xiyeon, and Yehana. The girls released their debut song titled “Wee Woo” on March 14th, 2017. Let’s see the music video of Pristin’s “Wee Woo”!

Not only they released the music video, but Pristin also shared a dance version of their performance. Let’s see some of the dance versions of Pristin’s “Wee Woo” so we can focus better on their dancing!

On March 21st, 2017, Pristin showed their live performance on stage for the first time. They did a performance on Mnet.

Not only they performed “Wee Woo”, but Pirstin also performed their other song titled “Black Widow” on Mnet for their debut stage.

What a brilliant performance from Pristin. Can you believe that they held a showcase on the same day of their debut stage on Mnet too? They were really amazing even when they were rookies.

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