Allen Kim’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Kim Kibum (김기범) Stage Name: Allen Kibum Date of Birth: December 29, 1990 Age: 29 years old Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Height: 179 cm Weight: 65 kg Blood Type: O Years Active: 2006 – Present Label: XING Entertainment, NH Media, IQg Music, Universal Music Japan, SH Entertainment Associated With: U-KISS, XING Position in U-KISS: Vocalist Occupation: Singer, Actor, TV Host Instagram: allen_kibum Twitter: 90KKB

Allen Kim’s Fun & Interesting Facts

Allen Kim started his music career by becoming a member of the K-pop group XING in 2006, but he left a year later He debuted with U-KISS in 2008 Kim Hyung-jun from SS501 is Allen Kim’s brother, and both of them set up the company HnB in 2010 together He was the MC for K-Pop Music Festival 2011 in Kagoshima, Japan In 2013, he debuted as a solo singer under the stage name Allen Kibum / Allen Kim, his English name He owned a restaurant named MYSTIC MAJESTY in 2017 Allen Kim can speak Japanese His ideal type is a girl who is friendly, can prepare foods for him, and can control him whenever he gets mad He once revealed that actress Kim Tae-hee was close to his ideal type Allen Kim was already married and became a father in January 2019 He is also known as an entrepreneur named Allen Kim

Allen Kim’s Discography

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Allen Kim’s Career Journey

Allen Kim started his music journey by debuting with K-pop group XING with the stage name Marumir in 2006 with three other members. A year after debuting, he decided to leave the group in order to pursue his music career under better circumstances. It happened eventually when he re-debuted with boy group U-KISS under NH Media in 2008 and released a debut mini album entitled N Generation with the lead single “Not Young.” After several years of success with U-KISS, his contract with NH Media ended and Allen Kim decided to leave the group in 2011. He continued his career as a solo singer and put even more effort into the company HnB, his startup company with his brother since 2010. Later on, Allen Kim was busy with his solo activities including holding his first fan meeting in Singapore, appearing in reality shows, becoming a cameo in a Japanese drama, and more. His solo activities still continued, and they were mostly done in Japan. Although he hadn’t debuted yet, Allen Kim’s popularity in Japan increased rapidly! 2012 marked Allen Kim’s Japanese debut by releasing a CD entitled Dream. Then, it was followed by his debut in South Korea in 2013 by releasing a solo album entitled Longing under Professional Entertainment.

Allen Kim’s Visual

Allen Kim definitely has a gorgeous visual appearance. From his debut appearance until now, he has always looked extremely charming. Here are Allen Kim’s visual appearance details: At a young age, Allen Kim looked like a common boy group member, especially with his image while active in XING as well as U-KISS. He had long hair, and he brought such a youthful and pure charm! Mostly, his visual features were almost perfect with his whole appearance as well. Allen Kim left his teenage boy image for something more masculine! With a shorter haircut than his previous hairstyle, Allen Kim looked even more stunning. It also emphasized his visual features such as glowing skin, thin lips, pointed nose, and those beautiful puppy eyes! Currently, Allen Kim appeared with such a manly and mature visual as a middle-aged man! He also looked more fit than his thin body in the past which made his visual appearance become even fresher.

Allen Kim’s Instagram Account

Allen Kim has an Instagram account under the name @allen_kibum! Through his account, Allen Kim shared a bunch of his daily activities, mostly all about his occupation activities. Since he is currently known as an entrepreneur and managed a company named SKDB, people could have seen his updates about that on his Instagram as well! Even though Allen Kim rarely made updates, people were still looking forward to his latest news. That is all of the information about Allen Kim! He has been through a lot during his career journey before he eventually made it. Let us know what’s your favorite song from him through the comment section!

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