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Full Profile of X1’s Song Hyeong-jun

Stage Name: Hyeongjun (형준) Birth Name: Song Hyeong-jun (송형준) Position: X1 – Rapper and Dancer; Cravity – Vocal Birthday: November 30th, 2002 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Chinese Sign: Horse Nationality: Korean Height: 174 cm (5’9″) Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs) Blood Type: A


Interesting Facts about X1’s Song Hyeong-jun

Gyeongnam, Tongyeong, South Korea, is his hometown His parents are from Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam After his debut, a banner was hung to celebrate his debut in Goseong Hwadang Village (his father’s hometown) He has two siblings (older sisters) He studied at Yeongdeungpo High School On the day he transferred from Yeongdeungpo High School to Hallym High School, he hugged his classmates He used to cover a lot of his face in school, but when he got used to it, he led many group activities in school He boasted of receiving an Achievement Award at the graduation ceremony of Hallym High School When he was younger, he used to be chubby and played soccer His training period is a year and three months Dancing is his specialty He’d want to improve his freestyle dance His current hobby is learning a dialect Starship trainee Ham Wonjin is his closest friend When he was a trainee, he often slept at Wonjin’s house He participated in Mnet’s Produce 101 and finished at 4th place, with a total of 1,049,222 votes and a total amount of votes 3,735,217 During the early Mnet Produce X 101, he received a letter grade of X and then moved to D class He became the leader of X class in Mnet’s Produce X 101 where he helped teach dance MONSTA X‘s Jooheon is his role model and he loves how Jooheon dominates the stage when he raps He debuted in X1 on August 27th, 2019 He was the vitamin of X1 He was the roomate of Minhee and Junho in X1’s dorm After X1 disbanded, he re-debuted in a group called Cravity on April 14th, 2020 He is in charge of aegyo and dialect at Cravity His nicknames are Hyung-Ging, Songstar, Jun-Bly, Tongyeong Honey Bread, Black Sorbet, Tongyeong’s Pride, Tamama, Vitamin, Chuni His favorite part of his face is the eyes because they resemble his mother’s He passed the final audition of Starship Entertainment and SM Entertainment, but he chose Starship in the end During Produce X 101, he had cute teeth at the beginning of the broadcast, but it seems like he used veneers after His favorite food is Kimchi Stew made by his mother He doesn’t like too sweet, spicy, and salty food, but he likes mint chocolate The snacks that he wants to eat in winter are fish cakes and taiyaki He doesn’t eat stuffy food such as eggplant His favorite colors are green and yellow His favorite seasons are fall and winter He has a cute sleeping habit of apologizing to Minhee during his sleep talk His favorite songs are Taeyeon’s “I”, DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful”, and IU’s “Dear Name” When he laughs, he laughs well, making a “pu-ha-hang” sound If he has to express himself in one word, he’d pick “precious” He doesn’t know how to handle electronic devices well


Song Hyeong-jun’s Pre-debut Appearance in Produce X 101

Hyeong-jun began his career by appearing on Mnet’s Produce X 101 to represent Starship Entertainment. Even during the first broadcast, his cute visuals were noticeable by the judges and participants. He performed “Oh Little Girl” with other Starship Entertainment trainees and he showcased good expression and danceability. After the performance, he got the opportunity to dance separately, but he asked what song he should dance to. He didn’t know how to do freestyle dance at that time, and he got X from the judges.

At first, he thought he was going home after getting an X grade, but instead of going home, he got X grade training at a gym. Since then, he becomes the leader of the X class and he even taught dance to his peers. During the early evaluations, he was ranked 9th and 10th. In the 4th episode, he was very surprised to see Jooheon who came out as a rap trainer. Seeing Jooheon’s cool charisma on stage, he said that his role model was Monsta X’s Jooheon (xD). His rank began to improve after he performed Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” dance performance. After this performance, he finished second place in the group.

In the final episode, he finished at 4th place, with a total of 1,049,222 votes and a total amount of votes 3,735,217. Thus, he was proudly selected as a member of X1. He impressed the judges and viewers with his leadership, especially as a leader of the X class.