In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a run-through of everything about Suho and Krystal’s relationship. Are they truly dating? Well, if you want to find out – keep reading!

Uploading the same photo on their Instagrams, are Krystal and Suho dating?

After a splash of EXO’s Kai and BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s dating news, K-Pop fans began to be careful with the lovestagram uploaded by idols on their personal social media accounts. As is known, long before it was revealed to the media, on January 1st, 2019, Kai and Jennie had often been uploading photos and videos indicating that they were dating. The relationship between Kai and Jennie also dragged the name of f(x)’s Krystal who is none other than EXO’s Kai’s ex-girlfriend. This time the upload that made K-Pop fans wonder is Krystal’s and EXO’s leader Suho’s post. Both Krystal and Suho compactly uploaded pictures of the same type of mask. Krystal uploaded her post first on January 1st, 2019. From Krystal’s post, this younger sister of Jessica Jung is wearing a white mask to cover her face. In her statement, Krystal also wants to wish her a happy new year. While Suho uploaded a white mask image a few days after Krystal’s upload, which was on January 5th, 2019. Other than Krystal who wears the mask, Suho just took a photo taken with his hand. In his statement, Suho only wrote a short sentence describing simplicity.

A post shared by SUHO (@kimjuncotton) on Jan 5, 2019 at 12:41am PST It was this post of the two idols from SM Entertainment that was later attributed as a lovestagram of the idols by fans. As if traumatized by lovestagrams and couple’s items that were actually uploaded by idol couples before their date was revealed, fans suspected Suho and Krystal had a specific intention by uploading the same photo. Even so, the perception of the fans was taken seriously neither by the idols nor the agency.

Suho and Krystal Jung’s Facts

Suho and Krystal both like purple, sushi, and rock genre music. During the Romantic Fantasy rehearsal, there is a photo of Suho entering the fanbase of F(x). As we know, the F(x) member who participated in the Romantic Fantasy event was only Krystal and in the photo, only half of the face of the woman could be seen as Suho’s body was covering it. Suho’s favorite members from F(x) are Krystal and Victoria. In SMTOWN LA they had eye contact and laughed together. There was a pre-debut photo of Suho with a woman whose face was blurred. There have been many confirmations from several fanbases that the woman is Krystal. Krystal once mentioned “Joonmyun Oppa” when she gave her thanks for the Pinocchio album. They had a lot of moments at the SMTown LA Press Conference. Krystal also raised her eyebrows while looking at Suho. In SMTOWN Seoul their elbows touch and Suho smiles broadly while watching his and hers elbows. They once met at the SM building together and after that Krystal updated the status on a social network with the words, “Thank you, my guardian.” Remember something? Suho means “Guardian” in Korean. They have also been to a cafe together, there are Sulli, Baekhyun, Amber, and also Kris.

Krystal’s Past Relationship with EXO’s Kai

On February 17th, 2016, Dispatch finally revealed the secret date of Kai and Krystal, who were both in the shade of SM Entertainment. “The two were close friends and began having feelings for each other this year,” said SM Entertainment’s representative at the time. The local media also went on to review Kai and Krystal’s romance. Both of them were born in 1994. They have known each other for about 10 years, after meeting in 2007 as a trainee. Their relationship began to erupt in February, when Kai was in Korea on February 16th, after returning from Los Angeles. Ahead of EXO’s concert in Chicago on February 19th, Kai met Krystal on February 17th. They met at a lobster restaurant in Gangbuk. Krystal and her sister, Jessica Jung’s favorite restaurant. Kai and Krystal really avoid famous eating places, such as those in the Gangnam area. They also like to ski together with clothes that cover their identity. According to Dispatch, that’s how Kai and Krystal are dating. Trying to find time between the busy schedules of those who have to travel the world. They also met on March 1st, after Kai returned from Jakarta, and Krystal returned from Nagoya, Japan. Kai is described as a polite man when dating. While Krystal is a funny figure. Even though their facial expressions were known to be cold, each other’s gazes were so warm. The pair’s popularity caused fans to even make fan fiction known as Kaistal (Kai-Krystal). Their close source said, “Both of them know that they are similar (in something) appearance, personality, musical tastes, fashion tastes, and hobbies. It is inevitable that they become lovers.” Unfortunately, Kai and Krystal’s romance ended in mid-2017. About one and a half year they survived in a relationship. SM Entertainment’s representative confirmed their relationship had ended at that time, “It’s true that they’ve decided to part ways.” The source, a person close to them, revealed the reason Kai and Krystal broke up. It was none other than the density of the schedule that they have to do. They have very little time to meet and spend time together. “They can’t meet often because they are busy. I don’t know for sure what their reasons for breaking up are, but I think they both want to focus on careers,” said the source.

Dating Rumor of Suho and Krystal

Several times, the two artists from SM Entertainment were hit by the issue of dating, but both them and the agency remained silent because according to them it was an unfounded and unreasonable rumor. Both of them have known each other for more than 10 years, ever since they became trainees at SM Entertainment. Suho and Krystal assume that they are just a brother and sister.

Their Relationship Now

The relationship between the two is still fine. But because of their busy schedules, they are rarely seen interacting in the media or the public.

Krystal’s Latest News

F(x)’s Krystal Confirmed Taking Part in an Upcoming Independent Film

F(x)’s Krystal will be starring in an independent film! On July 11th, it was confirmed that Krystal will be appearing in rookie director Choi Ha-na’s debut film Shouts of a Father (literal translation) as the lead character To Il. This will be Krystal’s first time acting in an independent film since her debut. Shouts of a Father will tell the dramatic story of To Il, a college student who gets pregnant after being involved in a passionate romance, and her search for her biological father ahead of her wedding. The film will be Korean production company ATO’s sixth project, following other works, such as The World of Us, Yongsoon, Last Child, and more. In the film, To Il is a reckless, aggressive, and brave character who does what she wants without being easily intimidated by anyone. She will be a character who grows after facing the greatest challenges in her life: pregnancy and marriage. After debuting as a member of f(x), Krystal appeared in various projects, such as More Charming by the Day, High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged, Heirs, Bride of the Water God, Prison Playbook, and The Player. Shouts of a Father will begin shooting in August.

Suho’s Latest News

Currently, Suho and EXO’s members are busy with EXO’s opening concert schedule for six days starting from July 19th to 21st and continuing on July 26th to July 28th at KSPO DOME, Seoul, South Korea. Furthermore, Suho, along with the other EXO members, will continue the concert tour to Japan and other countries.   That was all the information about Suho and Krystal’s relationship. Please, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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