Almost every K-pop listener knows TWICE‘s name, and one of their renowned songs is “Signal.” “Signal” is the main track of the EP with the same name, Signal. This EP was released on May 15th, 2017. The EP has six tracks, and all six tracks have different genres like hip hop, pop dance, and even jazz and moombahton. While “Signal” is the main title of the EP and is an addictive song, the other five tracks are definitely worth listening to and even can become more addictive. One of the TWICE songs from the Signal EP that is also worth listening to is “Eye Eye Eyes.” While hesitating about whether the song is going to get you hooked or not, try listening to a snippet of the song that was released by JYP Entertainment along with other songs.

Background of “Eye Eye Eyes”

TWICE is undeniably one of the biggest girl groups in South Korea, so when the news reported that TWICE was going to release a full album, it got attention. The news was denied by JYP Entertainment. Instead, JYP Entertainment confirmed on April 18th, 2017, that the group was going to make a comeback in May 2017. The comeback started with the release of TWICE’s member pictures through their SNS. They were uploaded on May 1st, 2017, with the members wearing school uniforms. Several member photo teasers were then released along with the full tracklist that was revealed on May 3rd, 2017, showing that the members participated in writing the album. It credited Jihyo and Chaeyoung as writing for the track titled “Eye Eye Eyes.”

Story of “Eye Eye Eyes”

It is the first time Jihyo and Chaeyoung participated in writing the lyrics for a TWICE song. “Eye Eye Eyes” has an upbeat sound with jazz breaking in the middle of the song while the lyrics talk about someone falling in love for the first time. It shows how cute Jihyo and Chaeyoung describe falling in love for the first time. Jihyo and Chaeyoung said that they were shocked when the lyrics that they wrote for the first time passed without revisions at the first attempt. When you hear the song, it makes sense because not only does the song have an upbeat tempo but the lyrics are also adorable and cute. It shows how someone who is falling in love for the first time hesitates to admit their feelings. The title “Eye” also was specifically chosen because the song talks about their crush who has a pretty eye smile like the ocean. But, unlike the eye, somehow, the heart of that crush is described like ice so they want to melt it. But, the hesitation comes because their friends keep telling them that their crush is looking at them, but they are pretending to ignore it. The highlight of the song, of course, comes when the part “Eye Eye Eyes” is sung, and the catchy first verse also can hook listeners at their first listening. This addictive song was musically composed by Lise Kristin Kvenseth, Erlend Elvesveen, Jo Sverre Sande, Tone Ravna Bjornstad, Rune Helmersen, and Elizaveta Vassilieva. And, not only as music composers, but they also produced this song.

“Eye Eye Eyes” Performance

This song is addictive and suits a performance at a concert. This song was part of the setlist for the Twiceland Tour.

Eye Eye Eyes  2017  by TWICE - 98