Throughout Red Velvet’s career, they have several times moved into different dorms which has made people curious, about what’s inside, where it is, what are the rules, etc. Check out all the information about the Red Velvet dorm and personal rooms in this Channel-Korea article below. Stay tuned!

Red Velvet’s Dorm Located in Seoul Forest Hillstate

Red Velvet members live in a dorm similar to an apartment in Seoul. Most idols from South Korea live together in a standard apartment. According to a source, in 2019, Red Velvet members have possibly already moved two times in terms of dorm location. Red Velvet’s past dorm was in Seoul Forest Hillstate apartment which is near Seoul Forest. This apartment is known as an elite apartment where many other idols have also lived, such as BLACKPINK, BTOB’s Sungjae, etc. The location of Red Velvet’s old dorm is mesmerizing, they could see the beautiful Han river from the balcony. Check the area of Red Velvet dorm in Seoul Forest Hillstate, here:

Now, they have already moved to another dorm which is still located in Seoul. Of course, it’s because they are still attached to working as a group under SM Entertainment.

Fun Facts About Red Velvet Members Living Together in a Dorm

To improve and deepen the teamwork of the members, Red Velvet should live in a dorm together some time after debut because this is the way SM Entertainment treats their idols. All of the accommodation is usually paid for by the company. If you are wondering what Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri are doing in the dorm after or in between their schedules, check out the fun facts, here:

  1. They did sweepstakes to choose who will take which room so it will be fair.
  2. Each room in their first dorm came in different sizes.
  3. Wendy happened to get the smallest room with mini space to walk. In her room, there was only a bed, a mini keyboard desk, and a small iron wardrobe.
  4. In their new dorm, Seulgi decorated her room with Pinterest ideas like putting a plant, setting up lighting, etc.
  5. On the other hand, Joy said that Wendy’s room is luxurious because of the queen-size bed, which Joy claimed caused Wendy’s room spaciousness.
  6. Joy’s room is the largest one which all the other members envy; members said her room is easy to breathe in compared to the others.
  7. Seulgi’s room is modest but comfortable: the size is quite small compared to some of the other members’ rooms.
  8. The comfort of Seulgi’s room causes Wendy to always text her asking what’s she doing and visiting her room.

The Red Velvet Dorm Rules Bring Them Peace

Five girls living together under the same roof is probably a recipe for disaster if there are no agreements or rules. So they decided to make dormitory rules, among which is one that says no outside members can enter the dorm without permission. Apparently, in KBS’s Happy Together, Joy admitted that she has broken the regulation. Well, she brought her younger sister to Red Velvet’s dorm without any approval. Then, this caused the other members to complain and she apologized for breaking the rule. However, these strict rules are reasonable since they make it easier to manage privacy and reduce friction among the members since they’re living together for a long time.

Red Velvet Dorm Layout

Speaking about dorm layout, Joy explained briefly what the dorm looks like on Happy Together 4. In the beginning, the Red Velvet members suggested to the company to live separately with three members in one dorm and the remaining in a second dorm. As matter of fact, SM Entertainment refused it and wanted to have them all in the same dorm. The dorm has four nice rooms and one small extra room that serves as a utility room. Then, Seulgi decided to use the utility room under one condition, where she was allowed to use the hallway for her dressing room. So smart of Seulgi! Here’s what the Red Velvet dorm layout looks like:

Seulgi Alone Moved From Red Velvet’s Dorm in 2021

In February 2021, Seulgi shared that she has already moved from the Red Velvet dorm to her own apartment. She expressed that her stuff can’t fit anymore in her room so she decided to move out of the dorm. The girl group already passed the seven-year career mark as an idol group, which usually brings some benefits or options for the members to get their own apartments. This made Seulgi the first member of Red Velvet who decided to move out. Get a glimpse of Seulgi’s apartment when she vlogs for her birthday below! Even though she moved out of the dorm, she convinced her fans to not be upset since it won’t break the Red Velvet bond. She just wants to have her own space to put all her stuff and has her own design interior. Seulgi admitted that her apartment is not far from Red Velvet’s original dorm so, it doesn’t cause any problems during their activities. All the members have already visited Seulgi’s apartment several times and they even prepared a housewarming party to welcome her home. If you don’t want to miss any of the Red Velvet activities, follow them on their official Instagram. That’s all about Red Velvet’s dorm. So, which member is your bias? Write your comment in the section below and don’t forget to kindly share this article on Twitter, too. Let’s celebrate Red Velvet’s long-time career and activity!

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