TXT members have also been living together since pre-debut. Previously, in the “Runaway” era, they used to live in a three-room dorm, so two members shared one room and one member got to have his own room. But after debuting, they have been sleeping in one room using three bunk beds. Taehyun said that the bottom bunk bed is rarely used so they use it to place clothes or other things. While the hyung line sleep in the bottom bed, the maknae line sleep in the top bunk bed. Yeonjun jokingly said that the reason the hyung line sleep in the bottom bed is because they can’t climb up to the top every night. Sometimes, when TXT go overseas or have a schedule in another city, even though they have their own room, they would crash into one member’s room and sleep together, they have become inseparable even when they sleep. Are you curious about TXT members’ lives when they are in their dorm? Let’s find out in this Channel-Korea article.

TXT Choose Dorm Arrangement By Ladder Games

If earlier, before they had debuted, TXT members slept in one room with three bunk beds, in 2021, TXT got a new dorm and now each member has his own room, except for two members. Soobin said that the room arrangement was determined through a ladder game they played. From that game, it was then decided that the three members who get to have their own rooms are Soobin, Yeonjun, and Beomgyu, while the maknae line Taehyun and Huening Kai have to share the same room. But, after having his own room for a while, and of course, with his hedgehog Odi, Soobin admitted that having his own room was kinda boring and lonely, and hearing Beomgyu asking if he should move into his room since Soobin’s bed is big, Soobin just hesitantly answered with no after stuttered, saying it’s true that Beomgyu is fun but being roommates again with him is…, and didn’t finish his sentence. We sure wonder what the reason for this is. But Beomgyu’s excitement about being roommates with Soobin is undeniable, he even shared it when TXT camped together.

Beomgyu Often Accidentally Locked Soobin Out of His Room

Before Soobin got his own room with Odi, Beomgyu and he shared a room together, and there’s a funny story of the time they shared a room together. Sometimes, because Beomgyu is a heavy sleeper, he would accidentally lock Soobin out of his room so Soobin couldn’t get in the room. It’s because the door locks when he presses the door handle so he must have accidentally locked the door. Because of this, Soobin had to sleep in the maknae room often. Soobin also said that he even knocks on the door but Beomgyu just wouldn’t wake up, which is why he had to go to the maknae room to sleep. And the kindhearted Huening Kai who is a light sleeper always shared his pillow and blanket with Soobin whenever Soobin was locked out of his room and had to sleep in the maknae room.

TXT’s Dorm Rule

Living with other people is surely not an easy thing to do, especially, if you have different personalities and habits, which is why there have to be rules that keep the harmony in the dorm. There’s an interesting rule in the TXT dorm that has even been passed on to their juniors ENHYPEN. Taehyun said that in the TXT dorm, since there’s only one bathroom, TXT members have to take a bath within three songs and finish it when the songs end. ENHYPEN found the idea interesting because they still struggle with sharing bath time among the members. But since TXT have moved to a new dorm and now have two bathrooms, the rule of them taking a bath for the duration of three songs is now obsolete.

TXT’s Dorm Live is Lively and Full of Laugher

TXT are a fun group and always full of laughter, especially, whenever they are all together. This also applies to their dorm life, they even have an inside way of joking with each other. From switching off the bathroom light with a nerf gun when one of the members is showering to Huening Kai experimenting to know how long it takes for an ice cube to melt at room temperature. Huening Kai’s experiment was so interesting that it left Beomgyu in awe. Korea also has plenty of snow days and on such days, the members, led by Huening Kai, decided to play outside the dorm in the snow. Then Taehyun entered Soobin’s room in order to throw a snowball at him, but when he saw Soobin chilling peacefully in bed he took pity on him and decided to just place the snow on Soobin’s leg. Soobin then posted a picture of the snow on Weverse and fans were adamant that Taehyun clarifies his action. Not stopping playing with each other, TXT members also have a competition in the dorm. But this time it’s about who showers faster between Huening Kain and Beomgyu. And of course, the winner of the shower competition was Beomgyu who able to shower in two minutes. The battle also continued between Taehyun and Huening Kai who, according to them, likes to wrestle in the dorm and often manages to convince other members to wrestle. With the number of jokes they make, there is no time for boredom in TXT’s dorm. From joking with each other and taking care of each other when they are sick, TXT members are surely living as an inseparable group in the dorm. Their bond is growing each year and makes them even more comfortable with each other. So what do you think about TXT’s dorm live? Are you curious about other TXT information? Don’t worry, because Channel-Korea got you covered with all the information about TXT that you need to know. If you like our article, don’t forget to kindly share it on Twitter.

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