The fans’ wait for Twice’s comeback finally ended. After choosing to remain silent about Twice’s comeback, finally, on April 8th, 2019, JYP Entertainment spoke up. One of the Big Three agencies confirmed that Twice will release a mini-album titled Fancy You on April 22nd, 2019, at 6 PM KST. Fancy You is Twice’s seventh mini-album. Fancy You has six songs with “Fancy” serving as the lead single. “Fancy” is an electro-pop genre song that tells about a girl’s attraction to a guy. A girl who finally expresses her admiration and love for the man.

Background of “Fancy” From the EP Fancy You by Twice

On April 8th, 2019, JYP released the first group teaser photo for the mini-album Fancy You. And starting the next day, until April 11th, JYP released teaser posters for each member. On April 12th, the second group photo teaser was released and the following day a teaser video titled Twice Fancy Teaser SET was also released on JYP Entertainment’s YouTube channel. The teaser video only shows the background of the “Fancy” retro-themed music video. On April 14th, a teaser was published with the teaser title PRELUDE. This 22-second teaser shows Jeongyeon looking at a rose and touching it. Then on April 18th, JYP Entertainment released the third teaser titled CHOREOGRAPHY. All the members dance in all-black costumes in the 20-second teaser. The last teaser titled POST HOOK was released just a day before the “Fancy” MV was published. Sadly, many fans think the teaser is bad. Not because of the costumes, music, or setting, but because JYP Entertainment featured the chorus of the song in the teaser. Netters and fans think that it would have been better if the agency showed another small part of the song rather than the chorus of “Fancy”.

On April 22nd, at 6 PM KST, the “Fancy” MV was released and it immediately trended in various countries and received quite a positive response from fans.

The Story of “Fancy”: A Dynamic and Dramatic Song

Black Eyed Pilseung co-write this song. He also has written many of Twice’s songs such as  TWICE’s debut single “Like Ooh-Ahh”, “TT”, and “Likey”. The title track “Fancy” is a dynamic, dramatic song with a lively tone that is the hallmark of Twice’s songs. This song tells the story of a love full of emotions that are clearly depicted in some of the lyrics. Like in the line, “I won’t let you go,” and, “it doesn’t matter who liked who first.”

The Seventh Biggest Debut On YouTube

Getting a warm response from fans, the “Fancy” MV became the seventh biggest debut music video on YouTube that day. Within 24 hours, the music video had been watched by more than 42.1 million YouTube viewers. On top of that, “Fancy” also ranked third on YouTube’s 2019 Most Popular Music Videos in South Korea. To date, the “Fancy” MV has been watched more than 436 million times.

Retro Theme

With an electro-pop genre, Twice used a retro theme for their costumes and setting in their music video. Unlike in other music videos that look cheerful and cute, Twice members look more mature and elegant with a retro 80s or 90s theme. The retro theme of the “Fancy” music video was seen when Chaeyoung appeared in a plaid costume with pastel pink hair. The setting and background also made the “Fancy” MV even more interesting.

Live Performance

To promote their new single, Twice appeared on various Korean music programs, such as M Countdown, Music Bank, Inkigayo, Show Champion, and others. The most-watched live performance was their performance on M Countdown on April 25th, 2019. The live performance was watched by more than 22.3 million viewers.

Best Dance Performance

Twice won an award at the 2019 MAMA for the Best Dance Performance – Female Group category with the song “Fancy”. The Fancy You album also dominated the Japanese Album chart on Oricon. The EP Fancy You also achieved commercial success with the highest sales record for the first week for a Korean girl group album, until it was finally surpassed by Twice‘s next album, Feel Special.

Negative Reviews

The hit-song “Fancy” turned out to not only get praise, but also criticism by Cho Ji-hyun from IZM. He gave a rating 2 out of 5 for “Fancy”. Cho Ji-hyun gave the opinion that the group’s efforts to make their music more mature were unsuccessful with the release of the EP Fancy You. Cho said instead of completely changing the music style it would have been much better to highlight the skills and abilities of the members.

Achievements of “Fancy”

Despite getting some negative comments, “Fancy” is still one of Twice’s hit singles. Many fans love Twice’s new musical style. Love and support from Once members continue to flow for Twice. Check out the tables below to find out more about the achievements of Twice’s “Fancy”!

First Place at Music Shows


Music Charts


Fancy  2019  by Twice - 12Fancy  2019  by Twice - 9Fancy  2019  by Twice - 46