Again and again, Twice never stops spreading their wings to gain more popularity in Japan. Two years after debuting in Japan and releasing some albums and singles, Twice released another Japanese maxi single called Breakthrough with 3 tracks on it. The song that we will talk about and discuss in this article is the b-side as well as the second track entitled “Fancy (Japanese Ver.).” This song was released by Warner Music Japan on July 24, 2019. Let’s keep reading this article to find more details about this song. Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” that was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account:

Background of “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)”

There is not much detail about the background of Fancy “(Japanese Ver.)” by Twice. The news of the release of this song was announced on April 6, 2019, for their 5th Japanese maxi single called Breakthrough with “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” as a b-side track. The physical version of “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice was officially released on July 24, 2019, as well as the digital download version on different online music platforms in Japan. The audio version of “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account by Warner Music Japan on July 23, 2019. And, since its first upload on YouTube, the video has gained 1,002,096 views and 18,146 likes. Here are some of the photo teasers from Twice’s 5th Japanese maxi single called Breakthrough where “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” is included.

The Group Photo Teaser










Story of “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)”

The lyrics of “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice were written by Eri Osanai alongside Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Gun who had written some of the previous songs for Twice. Both of them also worked to compose the music for “Fancy (Japanese Ver.).” The arranger for this song was Rado. The genre of this song is J-pop. Just like the title “Fancy” which, when taken literally, means “liking,” the lyrics of this song describe the state of a girl who is in love and adores the person she likes very much. No matter how many obstacles and difficulties come her way, she does not care because that is how much she likes him, so it does not become a problem for her. The only thing she wants is him, nothing else.

MV of “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)”

The official MV of “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice was released and uploaded by Warner Music Japan through Twice Japan’s official YouTube channel on August 27, 2020, 1 year after the official audio and physical version was released on July 24, 2019. And, since its first release, the video has gained 11,374,870 views and 361,059 likes. In the MV, Twice’s members wearing very fancy and luxurious outfits in various colors. The makeup they use is kind of bold with a sexy concept. The MV also shows a lot of the song’s choreography, especially for the chorus part. Overall, all of them look so beautiful and elegant. They also seem to be having fun while riding a rollercoaster and swinging in the MV. You can watch the full MV of “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice down here! Here is the full MV of “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice:

“Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” Performance

Unfortunately, there is only one live performance video of “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice that we can find. You can watch the video here! “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” by Twice Live Stage

“Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” Achievements

As expected from Twice again and again, even though “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” was only released as a b-side track for their 5th Japanese maxi single, this song still achieved many things on music charts. Here are the details of the “Fancy (Japanese Ver.)” achievements on song charts: Song Charts

Fancy  Japanese ver   by Twice - 3Fancy  Japanese ver   by Twice - 26Fancy  Japanese ver   by Twice - 55Fancy  Japanese ver   by Twice - 40Fancy  Japanese ver   by Twice - 82Fancy  Japanese ver   by Twice - 95Fancy  Japanese ver   by Twice - 88Fancy  Japanese ver   by Twice - 43Fancy  Japanese ver   by Twice - 62Fancy  Japanese ver   by Twice - 7Fancy  Japanese ver   by Twice - 8Fancy  Japanese ver   by Twice - 41