In 2021, along with the release of the Perfect World album, “Fanfare” was also included on the album as the fourth track.

Background of “Fanfare”

The announcement of “Fanfare” was first announced by TWICE through their SNS. In the message video by TWICE, it was announced about “Fanfare” being released on July 8th, 2020. On May 22nd, 2020, TWICE released the four cover albums along with the tracklist of the Fanfare single. After the release of the album cover image, TWICE then released a solo dance of the “Fanfare” dance through their Tiktok and Twitter accounts. The solo dance was uploaded from June 17th, 2020, through June 25th, 2020, with a solo dance from each member every day in age order. Before the release of Fanfare as a single, the song and music video were first released on June 18th, 2020, and on June 27th, 2020, the views of the music video had reached 10 million views. On June 29th, 2020, TWICE then released a teaser for Fanfare in gif format showing the members posing with colorful backgrounds.

Story of “Fanfare”

“Fanfare” is a song about youth and the appreciation of the steps they have taken so far. When the day starts and the world starts to move, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the day ahead. In youth that are full of hustle, there’s a time when we need to stop to take a look at the things we might miss when we go in a hurry. Youth is short, but it’s always memorable. And, sometimes, when we are young, we will force ourselves to do the things that feel tough for us. But, when things get too tough, it’s actually okay to stop for a while and not force ourselves because after the rain, there’s always a rainbow, and it’s okay to shed tears when things get tough. Sometimes, we feel that it’s too late to start over, but it’s actually alright to start over no matter how many times it has been. When we burning with passion, our wish might become true only when we throw away our indecision. Youth is short, but it’s always memorable. So, throw fanfare over it. “Fanfare” has beautiful lyrics that were written by Chiemi and the music composers for “Fanfare” are Louise Frick Sveen, Atsushi Shimada, and Kenichi Samuro.

MV of “Fanfare”

The “Fanfare” music video was released at the same time as the song on June 18th, 2020. In the “Fanfare” MV, TWICE is seen dancing on a stage that looks like a ceremony. “Fanfare” is a song about youth and is an appreciation for the steps they have taken so far. In the “Fanfare” MV, aside from dancing on the stage, the members can be seen doing different activities. Nayeon can be seen standing in the garden and it seems like she became a florist. Jeongyeon is standing around the room looking at the interior of the room as if she is an interior designer Momo and Jihyo are seen sitting on a pile of laundry, and Sana is looking like an influencer. Mina is doing makeup like she is preparing to go to an office. Then, Dahyun and Chaeyoung are commentators while Tzuyu is standing on the stage and can be assumed to be a singer. The “Fanfare” MV is about what TWICE will become after their time with TWICE. Jihyo singing “It’s time to say goodbye” can be interpreted as their time as TWICE being almost over. But, Jihyo also sings the line “Always by your side” which indicates that their song will always be by ONCE’s side. Though it sounds sad, towards the end of the MV, there’s a butterfly that is flying around TWICE, and TWICE watches it with reminiscing smiles. A butterfly’s life is short, but it’s colorful and meaningful, and looking at the butterfly reminds them of when they shared memories together.

“Fanfare” Performance

“Fanfare” is a triumphant song, and luckily there’s a special performance for “Fanfare.” The special stage for “Fanfare” was uploaded by TWICE JAPAN’s official YouTube channel and has 11 million views up to now.

“Fanfare” Achievement

Being released as a digital single didn’t hinder “Fanfare” from reaching commercial success. Fanfare is certified as Platinum by RIAJ for the album, and for streaming, Fanfare is certified Gold by RIAJ after being streamed 50 million times. On the weekly chart Oricon, Fanfare topped the position for the weekly singles and also reach a top position on the Japan Hot 100 chart.  

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