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Pakistani singer Born: February 2, 1974 (age 46 years), Lahore, Pakistan Spouse: Nouman Javaid (m. 2016–2016) TV shows: Ainak Wala Jin Albums: Abhi Abhi, Taskeen Ko Hum Na Royen, O Vela Yaad Kar Record labels: T-Series, Digital Entertainment World Fariha Pervez is arguably one of the best female singers Pakistan got in last decade. She has evolved her self from a simple play back singer to a singer who tried experimentation & got new heights of musical success. Her switch-over from acting to singing, proved to be a fortunate and well calculated step for her career and she worked darn hard to get where she is today! Fariha enjoys being experimental and working with all types of music. “I want to be known as versatile singer, a delight for all. My music caters to a large group of audience from teenagers to the old, and I feel that it is extremely important for an artiste to be accepted by everyone. Across the border, it has always been Asha Bhoslay who inspired her to sing. Fariha has been very moved by the versatility of Asha since her child hood and has grown up listening to her. When asked about her local favourites she says, “Mehnaz and Nayyara Noor are singers I love to listen to. As far as skill is concerned I feel nobody compares to Sajjad Ali. He is simply too good at everything he chooses to create.” Up until the 90’s our film industry was doing well and so was playback singing. But today our regional and national cinema is in a state of decline and Fariha feels that play back singing no longer has a future in Pakistan. “I have sung for very few movies and fortunately they all proved unprecedented hits. I sang around twenty songs for Urdu movies including Chief Saab, Shararat, Inteha and worked with many composers including, Amjad Boby. From classical to pop Fariha has tried everything and refuses to have a fixed image. If at one channel you find her singing a classical note like “yaad piya ki” then on the on the other channel you would find her wearing some western ensemble singing a pop number “hai thora thro piyaar thora thora darr”. But wouldn’t it be more convenient for her to be either a pop or a classical or just a play back singer. Fariha has been awarded Best pop singer award 2006, by Indus Television. Another award she is quite excited about is Best Singer Award for the ballads. “The reason I’m ecstatic about receiving this particular award is that the jury was comprised of the living legends of our music industry namely, Arshad Mehmood, Nayyara Noor and Alamgir. For me getting my work acknowledged as the best, by these three, is a great honour.

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Fariha Pervez was born in Lahore, Pakistan on 2 February 1974. She claims to have inherited her singing talent from her father. In 1995, Pervez joined Master Feroze Gill for classical training in music. She belongs to an artist family of Pakistani showbiz. She is the only sister of two brothers and likes to spend her spare time with her family.

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