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Pakistani actor Born: December 18, 1959 (age 60 years), Lahore, Pakistan Spouse: Irfan Jamil Rahman Siblings: Madeeha Gauhar, Amir Ali Gauhar Niece: Savera Nadeem TV shows: Chaandni Raatain Nephews: Nirvaan Nadeem, Sarang Nadeem Faryal Gohar, Actresses (TV) is famous for Acting, Pakistani celebrity. Faryal Gohar is an acclaimed Pakistani actress, television writer, human right activist from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Faryal Gohar was married to artist Jamal Shah; the couple is now divorced. Daughter of well known social scientist and enthropologist Khadija Ali Gohar, younger sister of Madiha Gohar and Amir Ali gohar, Faryal studied in American International School, Kinnaird College Lahore and McGill University Canada. Her contributions to poverty alleviation were appreciated by the Planning Commission of Pakistan. Feryal is the youngest child of dynamic, accomplished parents. Her late mother, Khadija Gauhar, was a leading intellectual in Lahore who came to the city from South Africa after marrying her father, Sayyid was a military man from the NWFP who later retired from the army and took to farming. Her elder sister, Madiha Gauhar, is a talented theatre personality who founded the Ajoka theatre group and has managed it for over two decades. Feryal was initially associated with Ajoka as its first female actor. The sisters also have an older brother, Aamir, an industrial engineer who operates a business in alternative energy products. As a young woman Feryal attended the Lahore American School. Her experiences there included a reaction to the school’s requirement that all students, regardless of nationality, pledge allegiance to the United States. In response to this practice, the eight year old Feryal insisted that the Pakistani national anthem be played for the entire school as well. Later, Feryal was the first Pakistani and first female to head the school’s Students Council. She was an honour role student and captain of several sports teams. Several scions of leading feudal families at Aitchison College at that time remember Feryal leading her team into the school grounds to play soccer. What they especially remember is the soccer team uniform which revealed a rather shapely pair of legs. “Some have never forgotten that sight,” she chuckles. Feryal followed her college years with a brief stint at Kinnaird, where she played basketball and acted. She then studied political economy at McGill University and was trained in documentary film production in Europe and later at the University of Southern California. Upon her return to Pakistan, Feryal married artist and sculptor, Jamal Shah. In 1984 Feryal moved with Jamal to Quetta where she braved a conservatism that required her to veil herself and threatened physical harm if she appeared on television. This was not an easy phase in Feryal’s life. She explains the end of her first marriage saying, “Jamal had aspirations which did not include me.” It was Feryal’s commitment to her marriage and her politics that enabled her to cope with life in the most remote neglected part of Baluchistan. Thus, she found it ironic that her husband took the first opportunity he had to get out of the marriage “and never looked back.”

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After her split from Jamal Shah, Gauhar married a successful Pakistani doctor practicing in California. Feryal divided her time in those years between America and Pakistan. Her experience in California was bittersweet, ending with her second divorce. It was in California that Feryal became a serious writer. The isolation she felt there, while painful, sparked her career. Feeling isolated in small town America, Feryal turned to writing for remedy and release. Writing at this time meant salvation. “Words, for me, are a balm. They soothe me when the anguish is too deep,” she explained in an interview given last year. In addition to her fiction work, Gauhar has been a magazine writer and newspaper columnist for twenty six years.

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